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Is The Affiliate Program You Are Joining Multi-Tiered? | Affiliates Make Cash Here
Affiliates Make Cash can help your affiliate marketing become more profitable.
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Is The Affiliate Program You Are Joining Multi-Tiered?

Look For Affiliate Programs That Let You Recruit

As you become more active as an affiliate marketer, you will find that there are some affiliate marketing programs that not only allow for you to make money from your own affiliate sales, but they also allow you to profit from the sales of those whom you introduce to their affiliate marketing program.

So for instance, say that you join an affiliate program such as Commission River, and that you begin making big cash by selling cellular phones via their affiliate marketing program. As people visit your affiliate site (the site containing the cell phones) they will find a link that brings them to a landing page containing an offering for an opportunity to become an affiliate marketer (publisher) with Commission River. When people fill out the information form and thereby become affiliate marketers (publishers), their enrollment is credited to you as a referrer.

A Multi-Tiered Affiliate Program Is Like Your Own ATM Machine

A Multi-Tiered Affiliate Program Is Like Your Own ATM Machine

Once a new affiliate marketer is credited to you as the referrer, you will make a percentage of the commission that the new affiliate makes when he or she makes a sale. So essentially you will have two streams of income coming from Commission River; your sales stream and your referral’s sales stream. Therefore, as you introduce more people into their affiliate marketing program, you increase your income. This is a great way to become what they call a super affiliate.

But Wouldn’t I Create More Affiliate Competition?

Now, you must understand that whenever an affiliate marketer joins a particular affiliate marketing program, you have another online business or affiliate to compete with. Meaning then that when you bid for advertising, you could end up paying more for that advertising, and you decrease your chance of making a sale, since your market share is reduced with each new affiliate marketer that the company recruits.

However, you must also realize that if you do not recruit any of these affiliates you will not make one red cent from their sales. So it is better to actively recruit new affiliates for the products that you represent as an affiliate marketer, so that you can at least stand to make some money out of the affiliates that compete against you.

Now think about that for a moment. Where have you heard that you can profit from the money that your competition makes? If you sell pet supplies, for instance, and you are competing with one of the big pet supply chains out there, you make absolutely no money whatsoever from the millions in sales that they make. Of course, if you join their affiliate program, you will make some money from their sales, and if you recruit people to join their affiliate program, then you make money on that also. So essentially, you will make money from your own online pet store, and from your competitors’ online sales. This can be quite profitable, and could mean the difference between being competitive or not.

So What Are Some Good Multi-Tiered Programs Out There?

First let me tell you, that you should look for affiliate programs from products that are easy to sell. For instance, get involved with pet supplies; cell phones, telecommunications and software products are easy to sell. That is to say, as you travel the Internet and connect with other people, you will be able to find a high percentage of online surfers that have a need for the products that you are marketing. However, you should avoid products that are heavy or way to expensive. After all, chances are that you will not make sales on these products because of the high price of shipping, which motivates potential buyers to visit local retail sources in order to save money.

Also, beware of network marketing programs that masquerade as affiliate marketing programs. An affiliate program will never require you to invest any cash in order to participate. Network marketing programs will often present the proposition that they are in fact an affiliate program, but you can only make money from the program when you pay a fee, or your commission is a reduced amount until you join their program as a “paid associate”. So look out for that, and remember that true affiliate marketing programs do not require you to buy anything.

Some of the companies or markets out there that I would try out their affiliate marketing programs are: Commission River and just about any Pet Supplies Affiliate Program. If you are connected to a lot of entrepreneurs, you might try programs like JROX, Low Stress Income. The opportunities to make money from affiliate marketing are endless. Just make sure to bookmark this site for more affiliate marketing tips!

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