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Posted on November 2, 2007
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NB: please read these notes first, they will help you use and navigate the list!

If you don’t care who’s pregnant and want MPreg fiction in general, better use another version of this list where fics are sorted in alphabetical order.

This list is the same thing only sorted by pregnant person. I’ll be updating both versions simultaneously.

For those who are interested, here is the list of my favourite MPreg fics.

All the hard work of resorting the fics on this list is done by Dita P. She insisted that I informed you that all the possible mistakes in placing fics in a certain group are hers. OK, they are hers. But the credits are hers, too :)
What can I say? I’m immensely grateful! Thank you!

Lots and lots of fics were sent to me by Trax Knight. Thank you! I’m very grateful for your help! Also lots of thanks to scorpla for the help transferring the list here.

How the fics are sorted:

- Big bold underlined character e.g. Harry Potter indicates the pregnant person. They’re followed by e.g. + Severus Snape in italics indicating who impregnated him. The order inside the groups is alphabetic.

- If it’s a minor character and/or if a character only appears once under a person’s name, they are grouped under + other. Exceptions are if we assumed that there will be more future recs for that pairing.

Note that who’s impregnated by whom doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be the actual pairing. For example, in Nimori’s Happy Christmas, Harry Potter! Harry bears Draco’s child, while the pairing is Harry/Lucius. So, pay attention to the pairings.

- NB again - King Draco’s measures:
While sorting the fics, we found out that there is a big number of fics that don’t have any MPreg whatsoever in spite of the fact that the author in her summary stated her intention to write it. We threw them away. There are also fics that had been abandoned before they got to any MPreg, or, sometimes, even before they got to anything at all. We discarded them, too.

There were also fics that made us wail in misery. So we, Dita P. and pj, decided to create a Pit group where we’ll drop them. If you are so enamoured with the theme that you’re ready to read *anything*, you are invited to visit this section.

We send into the pit-exile the fics that are, in our opinion, claw your eyes out bad. We realise that how people evaluate written texts is the matter of one’s taste, education, or reading experience, and generally we don’t want to impose my views upon you. However there’s a small matter that this is my pj’s listing, and I feel bad that people might be led from my list to something quite incoherent. I won’t remove fics that I just didn’t like - I don’t like half of them but they are tolerable. I will remove the fics where after skimming through them we cried, “WTF??”
I am not nice. My site isn’t a fic-almshouse. Nor is it fic-hospis. The reasons why a certain fic is placed in this group are told in Italics after the fic summary (if it’s given). Those Italised comments are written by Dita P. or me, and we are fully responsible for them.
If you are the author of one of the removed fics or if you are a huge fan of this fic, well, keep it or a link to it in your web-place. I don’t want to advertise it from my page. The decision is final and not arguable.
When I did read something and liked it, I’ll mark it with # as usual.

What kind of fics are accepted:

- I accept nearly everything where there’s MPreg/ implied MPreg.
- Please don’t rec fics that you haven’t read.
- Please don’t rec fics that do not actually contain Mpreg, no matter what the author’s stated intentions may be.
- Please state who impregnates whom, unless the author has indicated that the pairing or paternity remain unspoiled.

As of February 2007, I’m not listing the fics written for Harry Potter MPREG FQF unless I’ve had an alternate link for them already. The fest keeps moving from place to place, and I’m sick and tired of recoding all those fics. If you want to read them, try to track the site on your own. Last time I’ve seen it, it was here.

I’m not copying the info on the fics stored in the Files sections in HP MPreg Yahoo!groups unless they exist in some archives. If you are interested, go join them and browse to your heart’s delight: - multifandom

Other places where to look for MPreg fics, the links from which I’m not systematically reposting here: Snape MPreg archive; HP MPreg archive, lj comm hp_mpreg.

For more H/D mpreg fics, please check H/D MPreg exchange.

MPreg in HP fiction, sorted by pregnant person

: : : : : Harry Potter : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Draco Malfoy : : : : :

: : : : : Severus Snape : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Others : : : : :

: : : : : Multiple : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Pit: : : : :

Harry Potter + Severus Snape : : : : : Harry Potter + Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter + Lucius Malfoy : : : : : Harry Potter + Tom Riddle / Voldemort
Harry Potter + Bill Weasley : : : : : Harry Potter + Ron Weasley
Harry Potter + Other : : : : : Harry Potter: Undisclosed Paternity
Harry Potter: Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

Harry Potter

+ Severus Snape

All I Am: Fading Violins, by Lady Shadow (or here)
Harry/Snape, Ron/Draco. PG-13 so far. WIP. Summary: “Harry’s stomach has been hurting for weeks, but he’s said nothing and has not sought medical attention. That is until he suddenly collapses in Potions…”

All Your Fault, by calixta9
Snape/Harry; G. Summary: “Silly little ficlet, Mpreg!”

Ambiguous Morality, by Jadzia7667
Harry/Snape; R, chaptered fic. Warnings: AU, Sirius is alive (I needed him) Mpreg. Summary: Postwar fic. On his twenty first birthday Harry discovers he owes a debt that must be repaid. He pays it, with mixed results.

Are You Worthy? by Bridget McKennitt
Harry/Snape; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 48: The Wizarding World discovers Harry is a ‘Bearer,’ an important and incredibly rare wizard that can bear ultra powerful magical children. (The last ‘beared’ child was Merlin.) Harry doesn’t want anything to do with it, so the Wizarding World holds a competition. The winner will impregnate an unwilling Harry. Summary: “As a Bearer, Harry Potter had no choice in who would impregnate him as that person would be whoever won the dueling competition. And there’s a lot of wizards competing who want to win.”

As You Wish outtakes, by Darth Stitch #
Snape/Harry; R, series of one-shot outtakes from the As You Wish universe: AU, As You Wish x-over; WIP. Both Harry and Severus are pregnant, so I’ll place this fic in both H and S’s groups.

At the Heart of Things, by Empathic Siren
Harry/Snape; Snape/Draco; R; one-shot. Summary: “After being forced to bond five years ago, domestic tranquility does not reign in the Potter-Snape household. Severus thinks he’s found something better, only to realize everything he’s lost. He decides to prove himself to Harry one day at a time.” Harry is pregnant but miscarries.
Sequel: The Thief and the Sorceress. The fic is told from Severus’ pov and conveys his feelings during Harry’s high-risk, unplanned pregnancy.

The Best Mistakes Last Forever, by lotrwariorgodss (locked)
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novelette. Warnings: non-graphic M-preg, student-teacher relationship (though Harry is a consenting adult), rough!sex and pregnant!sex. Summary: Severus and Harry find out that not all mistakes are bad, and perhaps a few are even worth treasuring. Author’s Notes: This is mostly Fluff with a capital ‘F’.

The Birth of a New Age, by Iulia Linnea
Snape/Harry, R, short. Snarry Games entry.Team: Postwar. Genres: Romance and Horror. Prompt: Safe Conduct. Summary: A great man learns from his mistakes.

Blue Paste, by me_midget
Snape/Harry, NC-17, ~13K words. Warnings: mpreg, ignores the events of HBP and DH completely. Summary: The Beltane celebrations have had a long tradition in Hogwarts and this year Harry is chosen to take part in the rites. When unfortunate events come together it is not only Harry’s life alone that will be turned upside down.

Bound, by lilyeyes (or on LJ)
Snape/Harry; NC-17, novel-length. Voldemort tries to force a slavery bond, but Harry and Severus change the nature of the bond by consenting to it. Their relationship grows, a prophecy is discovered, Harry becomes pregnant, Voldemort is defeated, and they get married.

Bound, by Mia Snape
Harry/Snape; R. Summary: “Ron accidentally binds Harry and Snape in a state of magical matrimony.”

The Bump, by Eriador117
Harry/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “For Red Dwarfer who wanted pregnant Snarry and belly worship. Written in just under two hours.”

Bundle of Joy, by AbstractConcept
Snape/Harry; PG-15, ficlet. Summary: “Based on the prompt: “Snarry, of course - top Snape, bottom Harry - but I’m too YOUNG to have a baby, Severus.” Romance/Humor.”

Calling in a Debt, by Cassandra Pierson
Harry/Snape, R, novella. Warnings: forced marriage, rape/non-con. Summary: “When a wizard’s life-debt is called in, Severus Snape is faced with a future he never imagined.”

Choices Not Made, by yiota (or here)
Harry/Snape. R. WIP. Summary: “Harry and Professor Snape find themselves mysteriously transported to an impossible future. Will they find a way back or will they learn to live in this strange future?” Not clear at this stage of WIP whether Harry is going to be the impregnated one.

Comfort, by Occasus (locked post, you need to be over 18 to read it)
Harry/Snape; R/NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “For Harry, there are little comforts, so he must take from them what he can.”

Corruption of Truth, by madameceleste70 (or here)
Harry/Snape. Summary: “The pursuit of truth comes at a very high cost.”

Darkness Shadows Light. Part 1, Part 2 , by Maddy (or here)
Harry/Snape; NC-17. Summary: “Harry and Snape’s son starts at Hogwarts.” Harry is in a spot of trouble. He’s pregnant and if Voldemort finds out who the father is Harry’s baby will only have one parent. In step Ron, Harry’s best (straight) friend, to play the father. Only the real father is jealous and Ron falls in love with Harry.

Dear Severus, by JE aka Yessina
Harry/Snape; R. Summary: “Harry joins Voldemort and writes a letter to Sev to tell him not to feel guilty. Not for Dumbledore lovers, mentions of MPreg…”

Don’t Rock the Cradle, by goldpemcorgi
At SS/HP fuh-q fest at For password join the Kardasi-security y!group
Harry/Snape; PG. Summary: “Severus must acknowledge that Harry and the child he carries are his before the Ministry tries to take him away.”

Double Your Surprise, by Amarin Rose (or here)
Harry/Snape; PG-13. Summary: “Severus is really surprised by what Harry has to tell him. Pregnancy is one thing, but if you’re *male* it’s a real shocker. Especially since it wasn’t planned. And then there’s the fact that Harry might be having *twins*…”

Entre Nous, by faire_weather (or here, locked) #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, short. Warnings: Slash (obviously) and one other which I won’t say because it will completely ruin the plot. It might be squicky to some, so I warn you in advance.
Sequel to Bête Noire (also here or here; locked)

Eternally Yours, by Blessing of Earendil
Harry/Snape; mild R. Summary: “Harry and Sev come together after both witnessing a traumatic memory Harry had repressed. Eventually leads to downfall of Voldemort.”

new Evernight, by lilrinnieb (password protected, but easy to join)
Snape/Harry, Sirius/OMC, WIP. Summary: It’s Harry’s seventh year at Hogwarts and the new strategy in the war against Voldemort is “Fight darkness with darkness.” Harry goes through a series of changes that has him questioning everything he thought he ever knew about magic, darkness, destiny … and a certain snarky Potions professor. (Creature!Fic, Possessive!Snape, Bottom!Harry … and OCs. Yes, that’s right. OCs. Well-developed ones, I promise.)

Everything’s Not Lost, by Eriador117
Harry/CD, Harry/Snape; NC-17, novel-length. Warnings: angst, child abuse, character death, non-con, chan, attempted suicide, MPreg. Summary: Harry takes Cedric’s death harder than anyone could have imagined.

Fixed, by bloodredend
Snape/Harry; PG-13, chaptered fic. Summary: “Sequel to Damaged. After finally ridding the world of Voldemort, Harry and Severus set off to start a family. But are they really as safe as they thought they would be?”

Forced Intentions, by Jinx
Snape/Harry; NC-17. Summary: “Dumbledore informs Harry of some bad news. Voldemort is dead, and Snape who was once a spy is calling in his favors.”

Forgotten Encounter, by Alliekatgal
Harry/Snape; R. Summary: “An accident during Potions class reveals a secret Harry has been keeping. Is Snape to blame?” Harry is pregnant.

The Golden Dragon Series, by Teigra
Harry/Snape. Summary: “It’s the summer before Harry’s seventh year. Sirius is now free, but very ill. This will go though to the end of seventh year.” Latest story in the series is WIP.

Goodbye to You, by Demented Angel
Harry/Snape, R, chaptered fic. Summary: Severus pushes Harry out of his life and later has to face the consequences of his actions.

Grateful, by lotrwariorgodss
Snape/Harry, other pairings mentioned, NC-17, ~ 25,000. Warnings: in the post, AU. Prompt/Summary: The Wizarding World is a dangerous place for anyone who’s different. But change is coming, and it only takes a tiny spark of life to set off a wildfire. Prompt - It’s illegal or frowned upon to be gay in the wizarding world. Harry as 16/17 in the fic, secret relationship with Professor Snape. All hell breaks loose when it is discovered.

Hangover and Other Secondary Effects, by darkmoore
Harry/Snape; NC-17; chaptered fic. Summary: “After taking an anti flu potion and having a drink, Harry discovers that some dreams might have adverse effects. Did he really have sex with a total stranger?”

Harry Potter and the Founder’s Rite, by Mione5
Snape/Harry, R, novella. Summary: What would Harry have done if after destroying Voldemort most of the wizarding world turned on him? There are only a few who believe in him. Can they change the veiw of the Wizarding World or will Harry loose everything he has gained?

He Who Knows Best, by Aria
Harry/Snape; R; mention of MPreg. Author’s summary: “Sev and Harry bonded 15 years ago thanks to a soul-binding spell administered by Dumbledore. How will Dumbledore surprise them on their 15th wedding anniversary?”

Here With Me and My Heart is With You Always, by Teigra (sings_in_rain) (or here and My Heart is With You Always)
Snape/Harry; Part of the Hate & Love series. Fic 1: PG-13/R for now… NC-17 later. Summary: “Severus finds Harry in the shower, after getting up really late for class, complaining that he hasn’t been feeling well for a while.” Fic 2: PG-13. WIP. Summary: “Harry wakes up & Severus is missing.”

How Sev Spends His Summer Hols, by sevs_lil_secret
Snape/Harry; NC-17; WIP. Summary: “What is sexier than Severus on a vintage Harley? The same Harley with both Sev and Harry on board. Harry learns so much about the enigma he loves known as Severus Snape, when the man takes him with him to meet his friends in the US and to attend a motorcycle ralley in the Black Hills of South Dakota….” Harry is pregnant by Snape.

It Could Only Happen to You, by alliekatgal
Harry/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Severus attempts to dispel the notion that Harry could become pregnant. After all, that could never happen. Ever. Really.”

Less Hate, by Occasus
Snape/Harry; PG-13, one-shot. AU-ish (Sirius is alive). Summary: A one-off can have concequences in the wizarding world. Harry Potter finds that out the hard way.

A Lesson on the Importance of Proper Wand Safety, by Willidan
Snape/Harry; R; novella. Summary: Harry got carried away one evening. The consequences will stay with him the rest of his life.

Little Feet, by Scorpio
Snape/Harry. PG; one-shot. Summary: “A quiet before the storm. *smirks*”

Little Miss Mary, part 2, part 3, part 4, by Athea
Harry/Snape; NC-17, AU; novel-length. After Death Eaters attacked the Dursleys, Snape brought Harry to somewhere safe, and dressed him like a girl. Harry wears a butt plug. Warnings: Underage (this is the biggie), cross-dressing, kinky shoes/clothes, sex - lots and lots of sex, character deaths (just the Dursleys), bestiality (if wolf and dog count), odd pairings, Mpreg, pagan rituals.

Losing You to Matthew, by Gauriel
Snape/Harry, PG-13, short. Summary: Harry and Severus’ new son divides them instead of bringing them closer together.

The Lost Son, by Lachesis #
Harry/Snape; PG-13. Implied MPreg. Author’s summary: “There’s always a Dark Lord… When Harry’s future and present collide, his son must avoid writing himself out of existence.”
Sequels: The Ripple Effect and The Vanishing Twin: part 1, part 2.

Love, Actually, by alisanne
Harry/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Holiday: leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure. That is, unless your name is Harry Potter, and the person you are trapped with is one Severus Snape.”

Minor Inconvenience, by Scorpio
Harry/Snape. Summary: “In which Harry bonds with the toilet-bowl, Severus fails to poison anyone and the advantages of a good support bra are discussed.”

Obligations, by T-chan (revised version)
Harry/Snape. NC-17. Summary: “Being a ‘Bearer’ is a sacred duty. You have to fulfill it. No matter the cost.” (alternate summary: “After the war ends a hero is asked for more.”)

Of Cradles and Blue Butterflies, by faynia and stormypup (or here)
Snape/Harry, PG-13, ~10K words. Summary: Babies are born when they want to be, even if it is too early.

Only 5 Before, by Jes Parker
Harry/Snape; R. Summary: “Harry discovers he’s pregnant only to find that if hopes to live to see the birth of his baby, he needs to bond with his soul mate. Only problem is, his soul mate doesn’t know.”

The Pendulum of Choice, by Rushlight ##
Various pairings, mostly Harry-certric; G to NC-17; novel-length. When Hogwarts is on the brink of being destroyed and the only two survivors are Harry and Albus, the latter sends Harry to travel through alternate universes. In Episode Eight: Emissary Harry Two is pregnant.

Perfect, by Michelle
Harry/Snape; NC-17. Summary: “Part of “From Dusk til Dawn Challenge 184: Snape’s old flame shows up at Hogwarts trying to win him back. Does Harry surrender meekly. or fight like a true Slytherin to keep his man?”

Ruminations: Coming Home and Ruminations: Labor & Delivery, by Kidlet
Snape/Harry; PG-13. Part of the HP/SS Fuh-Q-Fest Wave VII at For the password join the kardasi-security yahoo!group.

The Savior of the Wizarding World, by Chantal Malfoy
Harry/Snape; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 25: Harry is kidnapped! While he is held captive by Death Eaters and Voldemort, he is impregnated. Who impregnates him? What happens next?

The Shameless Bad Ficlet, by Darth Stitch
See As You Wish outtakes above.

Shattered Hearts, by Eriador117
Snape/Harry; NC-17, chaptered fic. Sequel to Shattered Souls. Summary: “Harry and Snape think their troubles are over, but they are only just beginning. Take a dash of interfering house elves, a pinch of dodgy DADA teachers, vial of illegal potion and stir well…” Warnings: Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations, MPreg, Non-con, Character Death, OOC-ness.

Snapercup’s Baby, by Darth Stitch
See As You Wish outtakes above.

Some by Virtue Fall, by Dacro
Harry/Snape; Draco; R. Summary: “Draco knows what he desires. However, a binding ceremony, an old school-mate and an unborn child stand in his way.”

Soulmates, by JE (or here)
Harry/Snape, chaptered fic, PG-13. Summary: “Harry goes to Hogwarts one last time to end it all, but things don’t happen the way he plans.”

Talks and Silence, by alexis_sd
Snape/Harry, NC-17, ~14K words. Warnings: Post DH, EWE, MPreg, Character Death (not Harry or Snape). Summary: Talking to someone, even when they don’t talk back, might help a person to understand themselves and those around better.

Thicker Than Water, by swtalmnd
Snape/Harry, NC-17, short. Warnings: AU, chan (11), manipulation, implied mpreg. Summary: Snape comes across Harry in a vulnerable moment, and devises a plan to tie Harry’s loyalties to him.

Unique, by Redrum (lobo_solitario / anumula)
Harry/Snape; PG, one-shot. Summary: “Harry questions himself and his lover helps him overcome his fears.”
Sequels: Having to Defend being Unique and Happy Endings.

Unnatural, by Lexin and Tidmag (also here or or here) #
Harry/Snape; NC-17, novella. Summary: “Far far away in an alternate universe, hermaphrodite Harry Potter gets into trouble. That’s not ordinary trouble, but Trouble.”

Unnatural - Extended, by Chamaeleo (requires password; link to the main page)
Snape/Harry. Read Unnatural by Lexin and Tidmag first! Summary: “Far far away, in an alternate universe, Severus Snape does something he later wishes he hadn’t. Still, into each life some rain must fall.”

Unnatural Selection, by RaeWhit (joanwilder)
Snape/Harry, Harry/Neville, NC-17, long. Warnings: Rimming, mpreg (conception only), voyeurism. Summary: After the war, it’s Harry’s own choices that place him in unimaginable circumstances.

The Vanteerian Charm, by DracosMinx (the_minx_17)
Harry/Snape; NC-17; chaptered fic. Summary: On Harry’s 17th birthday he wakes up to find he has wings… beautiful, black, feathery wings. The wings aren’t the only thing that changed overnight either…

When Did You Last See Your Father? by Eriador117
Snape/Harry, NC-17, short. Warnings: Mpreg, sexual situations, under 18, AU. Prompt: A rumour (surprise me) gets Snape and/or Harry in trouble. Both are probably (still/again?) at Hogwarts (or see each other on a regular basis). They need help with solving the problem…

Where others fear to tread, by Riffraff
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novel-length. Warnings: sex with a minor with dubious consent. Summary: Snape calls in his debts in an attempt at saving himself from an impossible choice.

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+ Draco Malfoy

Being Free to Be Me, by Loui
Harry/Draco, NC-17, WIP. Summary: Seventh Year AU. HBP never happened. Harry defeated Voldemort at the end of sixth year and has decided that he is not going to hide who he truly is any more. Cross-dressing. (Rated for future chapters and later mPreg). Warnings: OC, Major Fluff, mPreg, OOC, Sexual Content, Twincest, Character Death — NOT Harry or Draco. It starts out with just cross-dressing with breast implants but Harry eventually becomes a hermaphrodite.

Black and White, by LadyLilyPotter (or here, as Inwonderland)
Harry/Draco; R, discontinued WIP. Summary: “Seventeen year old Harry Potter didn’t know it was possible for men to get pregnant. But when the signs come together and the truth is revealed… how will he cope? Where is the father? Who is the father? And what’s this about a new Dark Lord?”

Born of Hate Born of Love, by Kathi C (or here)
Harry/Draco. WIP. Summary: “Through Lucius’ machinations, Harry and Draco are forced to bond and produce a child. Will they figure out what he is up to and foil his plans?”

The Bound Prince Series, co-authored by Slashpervert and Sayingsorry_hh
Consists of: Harry Potter and the Bound Prince, Harry Potter and The Secret Keeper, Harry Potter and The White Queen, Harry Potter and The Beloved Incubus, Harry Potter and The Serpent King, and Harry Potter and The Dragon’s Treasure. Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. Warnings: in the fic post. Summary: Our story begins with the simple premise of “what if” something changed in the bathroom scene so that Harry and Draco talked instead of throwing hexes. It also takes the assumption of unvoiced attraction between the two. Draco takes a chance and kisses Harry. Once sparked, their mutual desire and exploration becomes the driving force in the alternative ending to that of Half-Blood Prince. Draco’s “mission” from Voldemort turns out to be more complex than that presented in canon and their solution even more difficult. (MPreg happens in Book 3)

But I Have A Penis, by Florahart (or here) #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, ~ 11,000 words. Prompt: Written for dragon_charmer, who wanted a bunch of things, including: seduction, hurt/comfort, dirty talk, Parselsmut, teasing, UST, happy endings, and well-written MPREG.

Cobra, by Blue Yume (or here)
Harry/Draco and others. R. Discontinued WIP Summary: “Harry is joining Voldemort?! He is in love with Draco?! He wants to have his baby?! Harry willingly helps Voldemort gain control of the wizarding world, for the chance to decide his own future.”

Dragon Lily, by megyal
Harry/Draco, NC-17, one-shot. Warnings: mpeg, fluff, OOC-ness. Summary: Written for friend of mine, who asked for fluffy mpreg H/D, and one where Draco has some sort of high position. Not much canon-compliant.

Edge of Seventeen, by makun (link to the user page, scroll down to get to the story; you’ll need to be registered)
Harry/Draco; NC-17, chaptered fic, WIP. Summary: “It’s the last night before graduation. Harry begins to finally accept that he must ‘come out’ sooner or later. What happens when Draco Malfoy is willing to take that challenge? But is it just a one night stand to Draco or a ‘coming out’ of his own?”

Escapology, by ChaCha Chica
Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, NC-17, long. Summary: Severus has to house Harry at Christmas, only it gets far more complicated…

Fairer Lodg’d, by Carawen Javolia (or here)
Harry/Draco. R. Summary: “An unlikely union, and Draco’s realization that not everything can be forcefully obtained.”

Happy Christmas, Harry Potter!, by Nimori (or here)
Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco implied; NC-17. WIP. Summary: “When Harry and Lucius lose what’s most important to them, they unexpectedly gain something precious.”

The Letter, by Sunny de Lucca (or here)
Harry/Draco; PG-13. Summary: “Draco gets a letter, which in itself surprises him even more than what it says.”

Indago:Reborn, by LdDurham
Harry/Draco +Snape, NC-17, novel-length. Summary: Sequel to “Indago“. Harry and Draco are older and wiser… but still vulnerable. Slash, D/s, violence, mpreg, Mental torture, Implied Non-Con. Harry and Draco marry in this story. Is followed up by Indago: 3. I’m putting it here ‘cos I suspect it’s Harry who’s pregnant ‘cos he’s a submissive species, and I guess it’s Draco who’s the father. I might be mistaken; I haven’t read that far. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Love by Accident, by pottermalfoy24 (or here)
Harry/Draco; R, discontinued WIP. Summary: “Potions work is very delicate. Just one wrong move can create the most amazing effects, including things no one would ever think of.”

The Man in Draco’s Bed, by Cyane Snape
Harry/Draco; R, one-shot. Author’s Summary: “Lucius is hysterical…actually he would rather be dead. Draco has arrived at Malfoy Manor just in time for the Christmas Holidays…with his new husband, Harry Potter-Malfoy. The Malfoy Code of Honor? demands that Lucius protect his new son-in-law and Voldemort is coming for Christmas dinner!”
Sequel: Grandpa’s Little Angel (R).

Maybe Baby, by Frances Potter (dragon_charmer) (locked)
Draco/Harry; PG, chaptered fic.

A Moment in Time, by Shadow Bandit
Harry/Draco; R, novel-length. Summary: “During his seventh year, Harry learns that his life can change forever in a single moment in time.” Harry wrongly sent to Azkaban; Draco helps him escape and one night of passion leads to MPreg; a few years later the Order realises its mistake and Harry, with twin boys, returns to Hogwarts to face Voldemort.”

No One Warned Us About This, by Madameceleste70 (or here)
Harry/Draco; PG to NC-17. Summary: “A series of drabbles about postpartum blues. It’s a few of those embarrassing, sleep-deprived, bitchy, sex-starved moments that come with the postpartum period.” Author’s Notes: “This is an entry into the Postpartum Blue challenge at hp_mpreg. The first 4 drabbles are PG; the last is NC17.

Of Dungeons And Conversations, by Cosmic
Harry/Draco; PG13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Summary: “Harry and Draco are held prisoner by the Death Eaters in a dungeon. How do they spend their time?”

One of Your Fathers, by Dacro & Co (full info via the link)
Harry/Draco; PG-13. novella. Summary: “After a trip to the healer about his case of the ‘flu’, a pregnant Harry tries to figure out the best way to tell Draco that he’s going to be a father.”

The Path to Parenthood, by Loui
Harry/Draco; NC-17; long. Summary: “Post-war story, Draco/Harry relationship, Mpreg.”

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, by Knightmare
Harry/Draco; NC-17, long. Response to keikokin’s Draco/Harry challenge: Draco and Harry have both run away from their horrid home lives, or make it post-Hogwarts and they’ve run away from the wizarding world. They wind up getting jobs at the same place and are forced to work together to get money. How can get along and help each other while realizing their mutual attraction? Bonus points if Lucius finds out and gives his blessing. Or they decide to go back because of MPREG, or that they want to get married. Harry is comfortable in his job, secure that he is safe from the wizarding world. Until a certain blond shows up and turns his world upside down.

Under Fingertips, by RurouniHime
Harry/Draco; R, series. Summary: “It’s been a month since he saw his lover, and Draco’s had it with the disappearing act.”

Unexpected Results, by PadfootLivesOn (you’ll have to register) (or here; registration needed)
Harry/Draco, NC-17, chaptered novella. OOC warning. Summary: “Draco and Harry have a one-night stand, and Harry gets pregnant. Harry is in love with Draco, but he thinks Draco doesn’t love him, so he doesn’t tell him that he’s pregnant. What happens when Harry gets captured by Death Eaters and goes into labor? Read and find out!”

Unlikely Beginnings, by Christine and Carrie (or here)
Harry/Draco; Ron/Hermione. WIP. Summary: “A spur of the moment liason leaves both parties with more than they bargained for, while hairy armpits, dirty secrets and the blatantly obvious help to blossom humble beginnings into a relationship to remember.”

What Family Means, by Winsome
Harry/Draco; Harry/OMC; NC-17; WIP (on hiatus?). Summary: “Harry spends the summer at a whorehouse and returns to Hogwarts very different. Draco fancies himself in love with this new effeminate boy. MPREG.” A deeply depressed Harry spends his summer working in a brothel. When he returns to Hogwarts very much a changed boy, Draco Malfoy cannot help but be attracted…

What He’s Always Needed, by Minerva-Severus-Dumbledor
Harry/Draco; R; chaptered fic, sequel to Learning to Love a Veela.

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+ Lucius Malfoy

As Sharp As Sunlight, by Amanuensis (or here) ##
Snape/Sirius; Draco/Hermione; Lucius/Harry. NC-17, novella. Summary: “A squicky fate awaits our heroes after their defeat. Can anything be salvaged?”

Beyond Expectations, by Jendra (look in the files section, you’ll have to join the group to read it)
Harry/Lucius; NC-17; novel-length. Sequel to Jade Green Eyes, which you should read first, otherwise you won’t understand anything.

Call it Love, by Pissed off Eskimo (scroll down to find it)
Harry/Lucius; R (?); Rape warning. Summary: “Lucius Malfoy has finally gotten his hands on his five year obsession, Harry Potter.”

Duet, by LinW (Nesting Hedwig)
Lucius/Harry. R. Part of the Beloved Enemies Harry/Lucius Fuh- Q-Fest. 89. Harry and Lucius have a secret relationship. Lucius is still a Death Eater (you decide whether it’s willingly or not), and Voldemort is still around. No one, none of Harry’s friends, none of the Death Eaters, not Voldemort or even Dumbledore, knows about the relationship. Somehow, Lucius gets Harry pregnant. Lucius is very possessive and protective over Harry, and resorts to “kidnapping” him and hiding him in Malfoy Manor. Draco, suspicious, searches for and finds Harry in his rooms at the Manor. What will Draco do? How does Lucius react? And what about poor pregnant Harry?

An Eye for an Eye by Isis #
Harry/Lucius; NC-17. Summary: “Lucius invokes an ancient wizarding law; Harry pays the price.”

Fait Accompli, by Amanuensis #
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Sequel to Droit Du Seigneur, you should read it first. Summary: “Harry and Draco have dealt with some of the consequences of their wedding night. Now they deal with more”

Family Trees, by LinW (Nesting Hedwig) (or here)
Lucius/Harry; Snape/Harry. R. Part of the Beloved Enemies Harry/Lucius Fuh- Q-Fest. 117. Lucius is escorting his grandchild - Draco’s kid - onto Platform 9-3/4. When he is doing so, he spots Harry with two children. They’re clearly twins… and they’re also clearly Malfoys. How did Harry end up with Malfoy looking children? Are they his…or someone else’s? And why is Harry raising them himself?

Losing Sleep in a Waking Dream, by Veritas (moltensulfur)
Harry/Lucius; NC-17; novel-length, completed. Warnings: Non-Con, Mpreg, Character Death. Summary: “In Harry’s sixth year, Voldemort has discovered how to manipulate Harry’s dreams. Fed up, Harry seeks out Snape to continue his Occlumency lessons, but Harry can’t stop thinking about the visions that Voldemort–with the assistance of Lucius Malfoy–has been sending. Sequel to Conjugal Visit.”

Memories are but Memories, by Yih
Harry/Lucius; G. Summary: “When Harry loses his memories, what is his lover suppose to do?”

The New Heir, by alliekatgal
Harry/Lucius, Harry/Snape, NC-17, chaptered fic. Summary: “Harry is forced by wizarding law to provied a new heir for Lucius after causing Draco’s death.”

Pet, by LinW (aka Nesting Hedwig)
Harry/Lucius; R/NC-17. Summary: “After the defeat of the Light, Lord Voldemort gives an injured Harry Potter to Lucius Malfoy as a pet.”

Protecting Harry, by ravenrosebud
Snape/Harry, Harry/Lucius implied; R, one-shot. Summary: During seventh year things change, Voldemort is destroyed, Harry spends a lot of time in the dungeons and Snape continues to keep him safe no matter what it takes.

The Words I Need To Hear, by Cyane Snape
Harry/Lucius; NC-17. Summary: “Harry Potter found the love of his life. But he has a problem. His one true love isn’t willing to make a commitment, or so he believes.” Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 3.

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+ Tom Riddle / Voldemort

Beltane Walk, by Lantana
Harry/Voldemort. R. Summary: “What happens when the Valentine intoxication fades?” Has a prequel, Sweet Surrender (see below).

Having My Baby, by pamr
Harry/Voldemort; Harry/OC. NC-17; WIP. Summary: “Harry is smothering - he leaves Hogwarts to his cost.”

Just Enough Warmth, by Lee () (link to the main page)
Harry/Voldemort; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 32: Harry is either captured by Voldie or goes to him on his own (perhaps as a spy). He falls in love with the Dark Lord and agrees to have his baby. Voldemort may turn good — or not, but Harry should be happy in the end. Bonus points for having Voldemort look young and handsome again. Summary: “Harry is pregnant with Voldemort’s child and the two of them are on the run.”

Sweet Surrender, by lantana
Harry/Voldemort. Summary: “Harry’s playing hard to get. Voldemort is tired of waiting.” This is the prequel to Beltane Walk, above.

+ Bill Weasley

Just Tie A Knot, by Lin W (Nesting Hedwig)
Harry/Bill, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Voldemort; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 94. Summary: “Harry unknowingly gets pregnant by Bill Weasley but is captured by Death Eaters. When he escapes, he runs from the Wizarding World. Everyone is looking for him.”

+ Ron Weasley

The Deal by LeoZodiac
Harry/Ron, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, R, novella. AU: Voldemort never existed, Draco never went to Hogwarts he actually went to Durmstrang, Harry’s parents are still alive, and he is the youngest of their three children, Potters and Malfoys don’t get along but are not as bad as Weasleys and Malfoys, Potters and Weasleys are best friends. Summary: Voldemort never existed, but Harry is introuble when his boyfriend dumps him after knocking him up, and his parents throw him out. But all is not lost when a certain Blond comes with an offer he might not be able to refuse.

Mastering the Art of Misconception, by sparkysparky (locked)
Harry/Ron, NC-17, short. Summary: Yura asked for something involving a one-off shag, a confused!Ron and mpreg. I hope this managed to get all of that plus porn into a fic.

Nightmare, by Florahart
Harry/Ron, PG, short. Warning: MPreg; don’t panic, as it’s a little cracked. A/N: This was another prompt that didn’t come to me the standard way. Shocolate said something about clowns in the delivery room, and I said I was taking that as a fic prompt.

The Nymphrodite Story, by Altaorion (orionsixwings)
Ron/Harry, NC-17, long WIP. In another world, Harry Potter was not just a wizard. In this other world, Ronald Weasley became a Knight. The only hope for their world’s survival is love. Will their love be enough?

Retrieved From the Darkness, by caliadragon (or here)
Harry/Ron. R. Summary: “Harry remembers, while locked in the dark.”

Sympathetic Magic, by shedoc10
Harry/Ron; R; chaptered fic. Summary: “Harry and Ron discover there is more to their friendship than anyone knew.”

+ other

(Blaise Zabini)

His Daughter’s Father, by Constant Vigilance
Harry/Draco; R, novel-length. Author’s summary: “Harry is raped. Draco makes the consequences bearable.”

(Sirius Black)

Perfect, by [TBA]
Sirius/Harry, PG, short.

Weird Discoveries, or How Sirius Black Got under Harry’s Skin, by Gateway Girl #
Harry/Sirius, NC-17, short. Warnings: Cracktastic new take on mpreg. Canon-compliant through GoF. Summary: Harry falls for Sirius … and then things get weird.

(James Potter)

Love Is Love, by velveteen-dragon / Blair
James/Harry, possibly Sirius/Remus, R, WIP. Summary: After the death of Lily, James comes to realize that harry means a lot more to him that just being his son. INCEST, MPREG, SLASH, JPHP. no flames cause I honestly did warn you. Grammar-unfriendly.


Life After Voldemort, by Terri
Snape/Harry, adult, long. Summary: “Is there hope for a life after the defeat of Voldemort?” Both H and S are pregnant.

Our Lives Are Not Our Own, by Teigra (sings_in_rain)
Harry/Ginny (no preg), Harry/Lucius, Harry/Shacklebolt, Harry/Dumbledore, Harry/Severus - Harry Pregnant all the way though, one with each father, challenge fic. NC-17, WIP.Summary: “Harry Potter is the saviour of the Wizarding World, and for that act, he must now give that very world four children.”

The Pain of Misunderstandings, by Betsanne
Harry/Snape/Remus, NC-17, novella. Summary: Harry Potter is in love Severus and Remus, who are involved with each other. He has one night with them and leaves when he thinks that it was a mistake. As a result, Harry gets pregnant. Will he tell them? Is there any hope for Harry and the ones that he love?

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Undisclosed Paternity

Boy Who Lived: Father To Be, by Sweet Mercy
Remus/Harry, but has references to Draco/Harry, Sirius/Harry, and DT/Harry; R; discontinued WIP. Summary: “One day in the summer after Harry’s 6th year, an article appears in the paper that turns his world upside down. Knowing that most of what was said in the article was true, Harry fears seeing his friends and the rest of the Order. But, just like everything else, life has to go on, and Harry returns to school to face the music.”

The Dog Too?? by toyapalooza
WIP. Summary: “Harry Potter has boobs? After a night of passion he finds himself in the family way, but what’s wrong with Fang and why does he suddenly dissapear?”

Healing Old Wounds, by Nikita (also here)
Harry/Snape; completed. Summary: “Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts many years after a tragic incident. Can old wounds finally heal?”

One Night, by PissedOffEskimo
Harry/Draco; chpatered fic. Summary: “Draco can have only one heir. What will he do when a one-night stand leaves Harry pregnant with his child?” Not really undisclosed ‘cos it’s revealed in the end, but it would be a big spoiler, so I’m placing it here.

Raven, by la femme
Harry/Draco, Harry/Blaise, NC-17, long, MPreg, violence. Summary: “As he leafed through the pictures that showed Raven in all imaginable poses and images Draco couldn’t believe that all the while he was looking into the familiar and often hated face and impossibly green eyes of Harry Potter.” It’s not clear so far who the father of Harry’s baby is.

A Serious Sandwich, by Lily Campbell
Harry/??; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 86: After his first summer with Sirius, Harry turns up at school pregnant and sullenly refusing to talk about it. Did something happen between Harry and Sirius? Did Harry sleep with someone as an act of rebellion against Sirius’ attempts at parenting? Or did something else happen?

Who’s the Father, by chantal malfoy
Harry/??; PG. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 76: Harry gets pregnant but refuses to reveal who the other father is, despite everyone’s speculations. When Harry goes into labor, the other father comes to Harry’s side, and it is the last person that anyone would expect. Choose anyone as the other father, except Dumbledore or Voldemort.

Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

Backwards, by Drake of Dross
Harry/Hermione, PG-13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 22. Write a story that includes this line: “Mum, Dad, my boyfriend is pregnant.” 23. Tell the story of Harry’s pregnancy from Hermione’s point of view. Summary: “Hermione’s thirst for knowledge leaves Harry up the duff.”

Forever Indebted, by Cosmic
No pairing; R. Part of Harry Mpreg FQF, Wave 4. Challenge 49: “Harry owes Snape a number of life debts. The demanded payment? One baby per life debt. The story must include this sentence: A life for a life Potter, you owe me and I intend to collect.
Harry becomes pregnant via a potion. Snape is hit with a hex that mirrors all of Harry’s symptoms.

Harry Potter and the Daughter of Malfoy, by Fyre #
Gen; PG-13. Humour. Novella. Summary: “Lucius Malfoy is a clumsy git. A pregnancy potion made by Snape for Malfoy’s wife ends up spilt on our seventeen year old hero. Harry Potter ends up knocked up. He’s really not best pleased. After all, how is he meant to save the world if he has to go on maternity leave?”

How Do You Want Me, by MOiT (you’ll have to register)
Harry/Draco; R; WIP. Summary: “7th year, Ron and Harry have a fight which throws Harry into the arms of one Draco Malfoy. Draco gives Harry a different potion than he meant, and now they have a few problems.”

Love, Pregnancy and Camel Riding, by Klynie #
Snape/Harry (past Harry/Ginny), NC-17, ~27600 words. Summary: 48-year-old Harry Potter is the victim of an accidental immaculate conception. Warnings: DH spoilers, including the epilogue; Mpreg; awkward sex between two middle-aged wizards.

Metamorphosis, by Zillah (visionshadows) #
Snape/Remus; Minerva/Poppy; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 252. One of the canon women or girls is pregnant… and about to die. Her last act is to save her baby… by transferring the baby into someone else. Summary: “In the final moments of her life, Hermione chooses to save her child.”

Potions and Pregnancy, by caliadragon
Harry/Snape; PG-13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 78 Harry is accidentally (i.e. not through sex) pregnant by Snape. No one believes that’s how it happened. Sirius goes on a rampage. There’s practically a lynch mob forming, all demanding that Snape marry Harry immediately, despite repeated pleading and protests from Harry himself. The two are married so fast their heads spin. To add insult to injury divorce is not legal in the Wizarding world. Now what?

Say Hello, Say Goodbye, by Ariana Dumbledore
Harry/Draco; Remus/Sirius; PG. Summary: “Dumbledore asks Harry to do something that just might hurt his relationships, especially with his boyfriend!” Harry agrees to carry a baby heir for the dying Dumbledore.

The Unexpected Series, by Cosmic
Harry/Snape pre-slash. PG. Part of Harry Mpreg FQF Wave 5. Challenge 108 (issued by Killgoretroutfish) – “A wizard unexpectedly goes into labour - and he didn’t even know that he was pregnant.” Summary: “A wrong-colored potion doesn’t give the intended results and Harry ends up in a delicate condition, though he doesn’t realise it. At all.”

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Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy + Harry Potter : : : : : Draco Malfoy + Ron Weasley
Draco Malfoy + Tom Riddle / Voldemort
Draco Malfoy + Other & Undisclosed Paternity
Draco Malfoy: Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

+ Harry Potter

All’s Well that Ends Well, by Mayura Nacht
Harry/Draco; R, chaptered fic. Summary: “Love potions can be dangerous and contain life altering consequences. Draco is now forced to choose between what he’s known and running away. Is his child’s life worth loosing his own? Can or will Harry help?” Author’s Notes: “This is the third story of the “Shakespearean Arc” series. To understand the entire arc you should probably read the first story, “Much Ado About Nothing” and the second story, “A Winter’s Tale“. I started this series two years ago (before book 5 had been published). This is an alternate universe where Sirius Black is still alive and the Lucius Malfoy has not been taken to Azkaban.”

The Amicus Charm, by Laura Beth
Harry/Draco; R. Abandoned WIP. Summary: “Harry had the best intentions. can anyone break the Amicus Charm before it’s too late for the boys? A sweet/fluffy slash.”

Appearances, by Twisted miracle
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. Warnings: OOC, Lucius-bashing, rock-n-roll references, eventual mpreg. Summary: Call this a classic Romance novel (only with h/d instead of het.) “The Dark Lord is gone, Lucius is finally out of prison, and the Malfoy name is in the toilet. But Lucius knows just how to redeem it….” Now quite AU as of Book 7.

Betrayal of the Raven, by Miss Lesley (or here)
Harry/Draco. R. WIP. Summary: “Draco and Harry were lovers. Someone framed Draco for a crime he did not commit. Alone, magicaless, and pregnant Draco begins a new life.”

Bound! by Draeconin
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novel-length. Summary: “To escape a worse fate, Draco requests to be bound - but it doesn’t go as expected.” Lucius is going to bind Draco to Voldemort, so Draco figures that he can’t be bound to Voldemort if he’s bound to someone else. He finds a servant/master bond, runs away to Harry for help, but because they have hidden feelings for each other it doesn’t end up as a servant/master bond, but a love bond. Bond improves both boys power. Draco gets emancipated from his parents & marries Harry for more security.

But I Have A Penis, by Florahart (or here) #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, ~ 11,000 words. Prompt: Written for dragon_charmer, who wanted a bunch of things, including: seduction, hurt/comfort, dirty talk, Parselsmut, teasing, UST, happy endings, and well-written MPREG.

Celebration, by Mystic
Harry/Draco. R. Summary: “Harry and Draco share a rare peaceful night together and get something they didn’t expect.”

Chosen of the Gods, by Darragh Tieraneaux
Harry/Draco and Ron/Hermione. PG-13. Discontinued WIP. Summary: “A Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy romance… Draco wants Harry… Harry wants Draco… They both get more than they bargained for!”

(Crying Over) Spilt Potions, by Azhure
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge:104: Snape is forced to trust Harry to take a potion to his office. Harry tries to be careful with it, but, on the way to Snape’s office, he trips and falls. There is a crack in the flask, and Harry is forced to keep his hand against it to keep it from leaking. Once in Snape’s office, he finds an identical container, pours the potion into it, gets rid of the cracked one, and goes away feeling smug for getting away with it. Soon he’s forgotten all about the incident… as well as forgetting to wash his hands.

A Different Altar, by Vera (dragons_muse)
Harry/Draco; chaptered fic; R. Summary: “In the last week of Draco’s pregnancy, he and Harry remember what brought them here and try to figure out where to go afterwards.”

Draco’s Dilemma, by Laguna
Harry/Draco. No summary given.

Felix Felicis, by akiko88
Harry/Draco, PG-13, ~6K words. Summary: What if Harry decided to use the Felix Felicis sooner? Warnings: Mpreg, language, AU.

The fine line between then and now, by dragon_charmer (Frances Potter)
Harry/Draco, PG-13, ~14K. Warning(s): Character death/disappearance; mpreg; confusing time travel scenario, MPreg. Summary: What if everything changed and you didn’t know how to make it right again?

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, by Cyane Snape
Harry/Draco, NC-17, chaptered fic. Warnings: Adult Language, mPreg, OOC. Summary: “Harry hated potions class. He was tired. He was cranky. He didn’t need Malfoy telling him what to do. Unfortunately, he should have listened when the blond told him not to add the unicorn blood.”

Genesis, by akahannah (link to part 2 at the bottom) #
Harry/Draco; R, novelette. Summary: “This year isn’t going to be like all the others. He just knows it. A Draco-centric reimagining of HBP.”

Harry and Draco Go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, by coffeejunkii
Harry/Draco, PG-13, short. Summary: Draco has a craving, and Harry does his best to fulfill it.

Harry Potter and the Abandoned Dragon, by Miss Lesley
Harry/Draco; R. Discontinued WIP. Author’s summary: “Second war begun. The light is losing Draco makes a Blood Oath with Harry Potter to protect his family. Now the war is over & the deal has ended but the Potter heirs are out there. DH, LuciusSnapeRemus, MPREG & slash”

Harry Potter and the Expectant Dragon, by Zelgadis Greywood
Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco, WIP. R, AU in that Voldemort hasn’t made his comeback yet.

A Heart So Ravenous, co-authored by Slashpervert and Aveeno_baby
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. Warnings: in the fic post. Summary: Sequel to A Love So Belated. Draco and Harry continue to recover from past ordeals as they work on building their lives together. Draco tries to find a way to please both his parents and his lover, but with dangerous consequences. Will their love survive what he has done?

How the Other Half Lives, by Professor McKitten
Harry/Draco; NC-17. 23 chapters, complete. Sequel to Never Left Behind. Post-Hogwarts, Harry and Draco start their new life together in Scotland.

In Those Days, by coffeejunkii (or on LJ)
Harry/Draco; PG/PG-13; one-shot. Summary: Closed doors, cold nights, unexpected kindness, and a little hope.
Sequels: At Night, Promises Kept , Precipice, Liminal.

In Your Eyes, by Draconis Leona (shadowpryde)
Harry/Draco; NC-17, long. Summary: They fought a war, they fought for civil rights, now Harry and Draco are tackling parenthood. First comes spells, then comes convincing others, then comes making it out alive and in one piece.

Mistakes, by SilverDragon161 (or here)
Harry/Draco; R. WIP. Summary: “Draco finds himself in a bit of a mess, lucky for him he gets a bit of help even if he didn’t ask for it, but it’s either he gets help or his father finds out.”

The Monster, by Natt #
Harry/Draco; PG 13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 27: A veela and a dementor can successfully mate and produce offspring.

The Morning (or When I Woke Up and Discovered I Was Pregnant), by Cosmic
Harry/Draco; PG-13, 3 chapters. Summary: “When Draco Malfoy wakes up to find himself very, very pregnant with no idea of how that could have happened, things happen and a relationship starts to form.”

My Own, by Runzu (link to the first post; further use calendar navigation, tags, or the “next” button)
Harry/Draco, R, WIP. Summary: “It’s set five years after Harry and the gang graduate. Oh yeah Voldemort is dead, so is Lucius. Draco and Harry live together. Draco created a popular fashion and food magazine called Posh and Trendy. Harry is on the Puddlemere United Quidditch. Harry is having some soul searching insecurities as to what happens after he dies, he can’t help it because it’s almost happened too many times. Draco has insecurities about what he really wants in life and if Harry’ll support this world changing decision.”

Not Quite As Expected, by kishijoten (or here)
Harry/Draco, with mentions of Harry/Blaise. NC-17. Summary: “Harry longs for fatherhood, and Draco strikes a bargain.”

Once Again, by Kimberjingle (site is down; might be stored here)
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Novel-length. Summary: “Post-Hogwarts. Ron and others saw Harry killed by Voldemort in the final battle. But did he? Why did Albus retire from Hogwarts the day after that fateful night? Other realms of existence are revealed to wizards when their cross-species hero comes to save them all once again from the evils of other realms. Living in two worlds is difficult, and how does one decide just where home really is? Adventures, revelations and true tests of heart lie in wait. When faced with the decision between allowing the race of wizards to exist or the species which holds his unborn child, what choice is there?”

Pending, by Seraphtrevs
Harry/Draco. Summary: “Voldie decides he needs an heir, but is unable to have one. He decides the child of his most powerful nemesis would serve quite nicely, with Draco as the “brood mare,” so to speak. Draco is Not Pleased when he discovers the plot. There’s karaoke, drunken insanity, and sex in inapporopriate places - what more could you want?”

The Prat and his Preg! by soulmateyaoi a.k.a alreolon
Harry/Draco. Summary: “Draco is pregnant with Harry’s child. Harry’s going crazy.”

The Prince and the Slave, by Shinri
Harry/Draco; Ron/Hermione; AU, discontinued WIP. Summary: “Prince Harry of Gryffindor has been forced to buy a slave. He buys one by the name of Draco. But is this slave more than he seems?”

Return To Me, by padfoot887 padfoot887 (also posted in hp_mpreg)
Harry/Draco; PG-13. WIP. Summary: “The Eve of Harry Potter’s departure is here and Draco Malfoy watches as his husband leaves for war. Post Hog. Big plot but i dont wanna spoil it. co ritten by me and a friend M-preg”

Reverso, by GeminiEmerald
Harry/Draco; R. Completed. Summary: “When the wrong spell is spoken and recollections get reversed, Draco and Harry find that pain and pleasure is in the memory of the beholder….” Sequels: 9 Months: Draco’s Diary, and Ivy Rose.

The Ridiculous Notion, by Nattish
Harry/Draco; PG-13. Summary: “Draco thinks he is pregnant, but Harry won’t believe it for a minute. Regardless, Draco prepares for their child with eagerness.”

Round Two, by Olivia Lupin (lovely_slyth)
Harry/Draco; R, one-shot.

Saving Draco Malfoy, by ddayspring
Harry/Draco; R; novel-length. Summary: “While the Wizarding world waits for Harry Potter to save them, Draco Malfoy decides to save himself.”

Snapshots, by coffeejunkii
Harry/Draco; PG-13, one-shot. Summary: Sometimes, life holds a surprise for you. Or perhaps two surprises.

Snapshots, by Elfflame
Harry/Draco; PG-13; one-shot. Summary: “Draco wakes up in a strange place, with Harry Potter watching over him, and no memory of how he got there or why he is there.”

Stairway to Heaven, by blanchemalfoy
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Summary: “At a Masked Ball, Harry meets his perfect match and they spend a magic night together.” This fic ends with H&D’s wedding.
Sequel, Just a Step from Heaven, is about their married life (including MPreg).
Unrelated one-shot Head or Tails where Harry and Draco are (married but) separated, and try to overcome their grief at losing their child. Summary: “Two years is a long time. But is it long enough to tear apart love? Unknown distances, time, and unbearable amounts of pain split Harry and Draco in two. Can things be fixed? Or will it end forever?” (you can read these fics in the Files section here. You’ll have to join the group.

Ten Clichés, by ddayspring
Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, R, short. Summary: Cliché–anything that has become trite or commonplace through overuse. There are reasons clichés are clichés.

Things That Change, by Ociwen (eutychides) (link to the last chapter, the previous chapters are linked from there) ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novel-length. Summary: After Hogwarts, everything changes.

A Third, by Occasus
Harry/Draco; PG-13. Summary: “Draco has a special present for his husband, Harry Potter.”

To A Lifetime, by Lyon’s Own
Harry/Draco, short chaptered fic. Summary: “To the end of war…To Love…To a lifetime of more than has been….HarryDraco Nongraphic Slash. General fluffiness and a bit of angst. PostHBP final confrontation resolution.” Not grammar-friendly.

You and I, by EbonyMage
Harry/Draco; R. AU. Discontinued WIP. Summary: “In a world were Wormtail was discovered as a traitor, where the Potter’s were never martyred and the Malfoy’s fierce opposers of Darkness. Here in this world were there was never a Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy find themselves battling for the greatest glory of all. The glory of love. Against all odds they must learn to rely on each other as they walk down a path leading to pasts long forgotten and discover who it is they are inside. On a journey shrouded in darkness and uncertainty they learn that destiny has a price and that only fate can show you the way.”

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+ Ron Weasley

Best Sex Ever, by Akutsuin
Ron/Draco. R. WIP. Summary: “Some best sex ever leads to something unexpected.”

Can’t Blame The Mistletoe, by MadByrd (or here)
Draco/Ron. PG-13. Sequel to Yuletide Interlude (see below). Summary: “At the Yule Ball, Hermione makes a discovery.”

Family Secrets, by Keara
Ron/Draco. Summary: “Draco goes into heat…”

Mismatch, by Lillian
Ron/Draco. Summary: “A blunder in the Potions Classroom leads to an unexpected complication for Draco and Ron.”

One Daiquiri Too Many, by peeping0×0tom
Draco/Ron; PG-13. Summary: “Draco’s diets aren’t working. *grins evily*” This story is an answer to the “Who’s Your Daddy?” challenge from hp_mpreg.

Spring Saturday, by seraphina_snape
Ron/Draco; PG-13. No summary given.

Yuletide Interlude, by MadByrd (also here)
Snape/Harry; Draco/Ron; NC-17. Summary: “Harry wants to go to the Yule Ball. With his snarky, sexy Potions Master.” There’s a mention of Ron getting Draco pregnant.

+ Tom Riddle / Voldemort

Obedience, by aeowen (or here)
Draco/Tom Riddle; NC-17. Summary: “It involves an altar. This plot bunny wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it. It attacked me. I swear.”

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+ Other and Undisclosed Paternity

(Charlie Weasley)

new Good Breeding, by RaeWhit (joanwilder)
Charlie/Draco and a surprise/spoiler pairing, NC-17, ~31K words. Summary: A year after the war, the Ministry takes steps to reverse the dwindling pureblood population by enacting the Pureblood Marriage Law. A year later, they introduce the Male/Male Pregnancy Program. No one is exempt. Warnings: in the fic post.


By Those He Trusted, by Laguna
Harry/Draco, Crabbe/Goyle/Draco; R (?).

(Fenrir Greyback)

Anathema, or How Draco Malfoy Has Puppies, by Ociwen #
Fenrir Greyback/Draco/Harry; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “frogslayr wanted Fenrir/Draco/Harry non-con mpreg. This is as close as I get without sporking myself to death.”

(a ferret)

The Misadventures of Draco Malfoy, Ferret, by Saber Shadowkat (link to the last chapter, the rest is linked from there; or here) #
Harry/Draco; R, chaptered novella, completed. Warnings: Multiple beastialities, MPreg. Summary: Snape turns Draco into a ferret for his own protection. He would’ve been safer with the Dark Lord.


The Complicated Courtship of Dangerous Beasts (part 1, part 2, part 3), by rillathegrape (locked)
Remus/Draco/Charlie, Remus/Charlie, Remus/Draco; NC-17. Summary: “Remus has been talked into spending the summer in Romania, where a magical accident leads him to both a no-strings-attached fling and a very complicated affair.”

Mail-Order Husband, by Florahart (locked)
Remus/Draco; NC-17; one-shot. Part of the Lusty Month of May in , May 5. No actual MPreg, but it’s all about it.

(Undisclosed Paternity)

The Basket Case, by Stray (grey_hunter) (alternate links)
Harry/Draco; NC-17, completed. Summary: “Draco Malfoy, age 24, living his life in well-earned comfort and respectability with his wife Pansy Malfoy in his home Malfoy Manor, Denialland. The only thing he lacks in his life is an heir. Reality bites him in the arse. Harry/Draco slash, mpreg, stupidity .”

Take the Tiger by the Tail, by Aidan Bard
Harry/Draco; R, chaptered fic. Summary: “Draco is offered a fair exchange: two lives in exchange of his own and his mothers’. Of course, it is only fair if your name is Lucius. And just when Draco thinks his situation couldn’t be any more complicated, he has to deal with one Harry Potter and a whole gang of Gryffindors.”
Sequel: The cost of service.

Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

Are You In Love Yet? by Constant Vigilance
Draco/Neville; PG13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 274: Incorporate plot elements of the fairy tale Beauty And The Beast into an Mpreg fic. Summary: “Draco is cursed. Neville teaches him to save himself.”

First Comes Demon, by Kat and Tzigane
Harry/Hermione, Draco/Snape; Summary: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Snape with a baby carriage… whoops. Got that backwards. Warning for fluff and smut. Who knew we did that!? We must not be feeling well…” Draco self-conceives with a spell in Pt1.

Hexed!, by Randominity #
Harry/Draco; R, novella. Harry’s reckless hex creates unforeseen and disastrous consequences for Draco Malfoy, and he’s forced to help clean up his mess.

Practicing the Same Religion, by Geoviki #
Harry/Draco; R, novella. Summary: Harry thought he knew how far Draco Malfoy would go to save his family, but nothing could have prepared him for what he would witness this time.

The Switch (and Flick), by Cosmic
Harry/Draco; PG13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Summary: Ginny Weasley is unknowingly pregnant. After accidentally switching bodies with one Draco Malfoy, she is no longer pregnant - instead he finds himself with ‘a bunny in the oven’.

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Severus Snape

Severus Snape + Harry Potter : : : : : Severus Snape + Sirius Black
Severus Snape + Remus Lupin : : : : : Severus Snape + Draco Malfoy
Severus Snape + Tom Riddle / Voldemort : : : : : Severus Snape + James Potter
Severus Snape + Albus Dumbledore : : : : : Severus Snape + Rubeus Hagrid
Severus Snape+ Other : : : : : Severus Snape: Undisclosed Paternity
Severus Snape: Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

+ Harry Potter

Alcohol, Spells & Reporters, by Chienne & D. Lee
Snape/Harry. PG-13. No summary given.

All About a Wedding, by Lantana (or here, no password needed)
Harry/Snape; NC-17. Summary: “Harry and Snape get married.” Part of the HP/SS Fuh-Q-Fest Wave VI at For the password join the kardasi-security yahoo!group.

As You Wish outtakes, by Darth Stitch #
Snape/Harry; R, series of one-shot outtakes from the As You Wish universe: AU, As You Wish x-over; WIP.

At Least It’s Not “Serena”, by Amanuensis
Snape/Harry, implied MPreg, ficlet, crack!fic. Rated L for Loopy.

Beautiful, by Reddwarfer
Harry/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Severus wants his husband home. NOW!”
Sequels: Only to you and Always.

The Child of Love by Athea (also as Harry Potter and the Child of Love)
Harry/Snape; rating ? A prophecy says Snape and Harry are to marry and have a baby.

Dear Harry… by angstymalfoy
Snape/Harry; PG, one-shot. Warnings: MPreg references, OOC!Snape. Summary: Harry gets a letter from Severus, asking him to take him back.

Dependency, by Lilliinfields
Snape/Harry. WIP.

Domestic Bliss, by Amanda Saitou
Harry/Snape; R. Summary: It’s been five years since Voldemort was destroyed, and Mr. and Mr. Potter-Snape are now free to enjoy a life of their own.” Part of the HP/SS Fuh-Q-Fest Wave VI at For the password, join the kardasi-security yahoo!group.

The Domino Effect, by Dr Jeckell and Mrs Hyde (aka taran_swann and magdelena1969)
Snape/Harry; NC-17, chaptered fic. Warnings: Sexual Content, Non-con. Summary: “Harry discovers that when he kills Voldemort, all of his Death Eaters will die as well through the bond that they share with the Dark Lord through their Marks. Harry vows to do anything it takes to allow Severus Snape to escape that fate.”

Don’t Muck It Up, by Sweet Melody
Snape/Harry, R, short. Summary: Postwar, Harry gets some advice from someone close to him. But will Harry listen to reason? Harry is seventeen.

Dream Life, by ivylady
Snape/Harry, NC-17, short. Warnings: Slash, Mpreg, bottom!Snape, graphic sex. Summary: Harry Potter and Severus Snape are finally living their dream life.

Echoes, by Cosmic (or here)
Harry/Snape. PG-13. Summary: “The cries of a young child echoed through the corridors.” Snape has a daughter but few know the secret behind her existence. Harry is confused and Hermione decides to step in.”

Effects Series, by Nemesis
Hard Side Effects (NC-17), Soft Side Effects (PG-13), After Effects (PG-13), Main Effects (PG-13), Effects of Curiosity.
Snape/Harry. Summaries: 1) Severus tries to perfect an ancient potion and ends up with some not-so-pleasant side effects. 2) Severus tries to perfect that potion. Of course, he doesn’t get it right. More problems, sweet dialogue, and St. Mungo’s scenes. 3) Severus isn’t coping too well with his pregnancy. 4) Severus just can’t stop thinking about that potion… Of course, he screws it up again. Now what?

Everything and Nothing, by Carawen Javolia
Harry/Snape, mentions of Harry/Lucius; PG 13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 331: Dark!Harry has taken over the world and needs an heir. He orders Snape to make a male pregnancy potion. When Snape produces the potion, Harry makes Snape drink it and then leads him off to the bedchamber so that they can actually make the heir. Bonus points if Harry took over the world just so that he could get his Snape. Extra bonus points if Snape wanted Harry the entire time and was intensely jealous of whoever he thought would actually become Harry’s consort.

Forgotten Life, by SyberSnake
Harry/Severus, R, discontinued WIP. Summary: Quidich accident side effects to a familly life. HarrySnape Slash. Mpreg. PostWar.

Gut Feeling, by Gingertart.
Snape/Harry, NC-17. Summary: Snape has stomach-ache. Lupin interferes. A dose of Potter is better than Pepto-Bismol. Snape is in trouble but so, ultimately, is Voldemort. Harry discovers sex magic and Snape finds a family. Written as part of Wave 12 Dusk-til-Dawn FQF.

Hearts’ Ease, by Jadzia7667
Snape/Harry, Sirius/OFC; R/NC-17, chaptered fic. Warnings: AU, Sirius is alive, Mpreg.

I Thought It Was The Flu, by HarryRndRobin
Snape/Harry; R; finished. Summary: “Severus thinks he is sick, but finds out it’s much more than he anticipated.”

Life, by Sybersnake (also here)
Harry/Snape; R, ficlet. Warnings: violence, rape. Summary: “Sometimes life is Hell.”

A Life More Ordinary, by Lexin (also here or or here (requires password)) #
Harry/Snape; NC-17, novella. Summary: “Snape is told some bad news, and it goes downhill from there.”

new Master Green Eyes, by fbowden #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, 33,000 words. Warnings: off screen mpreg, angst, romance. Summary: ‘The small face was haunting, the jaw length black hair hanging limply to frame it. With a shock, Harry realised exactly who the child bore a striking resemblance to.’

OMG! Not Another MPREG!, by Mahaliem #
Snape/Harry; R, one-shot. Summary: Harry and Snape fall in love, have a baby, and live happily ever after – NOT! (except for the baby part which is, unfortunately, true).

Once More Into the Breach, by soobiebear
Harry/Snape; NC-17. Summary: “Harry dies, but leaves one task unfinished in his life.”

One Drunken Night, by Sybersnake (also here)
Harry/Snape, Snape/??, R, discontinued WIP. Warnings: violence, rape. Summary: “One Drunken Night, with little consequence.”

Potion Pummeling, by Hel Bee (or here, no password needed)
Snape/Harry; R. Summary: “Based loosely on one of the old challenges. Harry Potter gives Rita Skeeter an exclusive. Warning: MPREG and cliched fluff!” Part of the HPSS Fuh-Q-Fest Wave VI at For password join the kardasi-security yahoo!group.

Prince Expectant, by Chazpure (or here)
Primary: Severus/Harry; there are numerous minor pairings; NC-17, 42K words. Content: slash, het, oral, anal, masturbation, dubious consent, orgies, sex magic, mind/mood altering substances, male pregnancy, h/c, schmoop.

Recollection, by Taleya
Harry/Snape; WIP. Summary: “Three years after walking out, Harry is forced to re-face the past, and a certain potions master….including a child he never knew he had.”

Scenes Prior to Marriage and Scenes Prior To Birth, by Jadzia7667
Snape/Harry; PG, one-shot. Summary: HP/SS - in which a series of scenes illustrates events leading up to marriage.

Sensitivity, part 2, by Shallow Blackkoda
Snape/Harry; NC-17. Summary: “Severus and Harry disagree about the nursery decorations for their unborn wizard.”

The Shameless Bad Ficlet, by Darth Stitch
See As You Wish outtakes above.

Snapercup’s Baby, by Darth Stitch
See As You Wish outtakes above.

Snowdrop, by faynia
Snape/Harry, PG-13, 13K words. Summary: When an experimental potion goes wrong, Harry does everything in his power to make it right.

Tango At The End Of Winter by Kaatje7 (or here)
Harry/Snape; R; WIP. Author’s summary: “Sequel to Dance In The Dark Of Night. The Dark Lord has been defeated; Harry and Severus return to Hogwarts to start a new life together and help rebuild the wizarding world, but will Sev’s past allow them?”

Their Destiny, by Marie-J (or here)
Harry/Snape; NC-17, discontinued. Summary: “Some prophecies have to be fulfilled, even if the two persons who have to do that are not really willing to do that at first. But Dumbledore is here to make sure that Harry Potter and Severus Snape accomplish their sacred duty.” Dumbledore forces Harry to marry & impregnate Snape.

Then There Were Three, by Stellahobbit
Snape/Harry; PG. Summary: It’s got clichés, it’s got major plot-holes, it’s confusing and unbeta’d. If it were more purple, it’d be a set of Dumbledore’s bed socks. It’s my gift to loupgarou1750 because she’s been sick.

(Thoughts of) Christmas in July, by SchemingReader
Snape/Harry, PG, short. Author’s Note: cordeliav’s Prompt: “Snape is pregnant, and Harry is convinced that they need to both find a religion to covert to, so that their child is brought up within some sort of community of faith. So, he goes shopping for a religion. Snape is . . sceptical of the entire process. Hilarity ensues.” I don’t know about hilarity, but Snape vomits, and I know there is a fannish audience for that.

What A Difference A Day Makes, by Millefiori
Snape/Harry; NC-17. Written in response to the story/challenge In a Delicate Way, by McKay.

When the Cat’s Away, by Babbling Brook
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novel-length. Severus is the one pregnant. Summary: After a two-year trip abroad, Harry Potter returns to discover the Ministry has stuck their overly pointed noses where they don’t belong, proving the adage, when the cat’s away, the mice will play….

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+ Sirius Black

Adjustments Series, by Nikita
Snape/Lupin; Snape/Sirius; Lupin/Sirius. NC-17. Summary: “Snape is sent to bring Lupin back to health, but the tables are soon turned on the potions master when Lupin learns of a few interesting secrets.” Written for the Master and Wolf Fest and answers Challenge #51: Lupin finds out that in a moment of madness brought on by having been cooped up in the house for so long, Sirius had sex with Snape. Now Snape is having the baby that should rightfully have been Lupin and Sirius’.”

All This Time You’ve Been Hiding in My Heart, by Pokari
Snape/Sirius; R.Discontinued WIP. Summary: “Severus is pregnant for the last 18 years, and he isn’t a Death Eater. Lucius is a spy for the light and Sirius had a big problem here.”

Careless (NC-17), Careful (PG-13) and Caring (NC-17), by Adrienne
Snape/Sirius, Snape/Lupin. Sequel to In a Delicate Way, by McKay.

The Expanding Man, by Undun ##
Snape/Lupin, Snape/Sirius implied; NC-17. Summary: “Sirius Black is dead but he is still ruining Severus’ life, and Remus is in it up to his neck”. Answers challenges: 33) Severus was devastated after Sirius’ death. Why? How could Remus help? and 51) Lupin finds out that in a moment of madness brought on by having been cooped up in the house for so long, Sirius had sex with Snape. Now Snape is having the baby that should rightfully have been Lupin and Sirius’.

Expecting, by Titti (or here; link to the main page)
Snape/Sirius. PG-13. Summary: “Severus realises he is carrying Sirius’s child. Prequel to Unlikely Fathers (see below).

How did that happen? by Shamenka
Snape/Sirius. Summary: “Sev can’t remember, Sirius can’t remember either - now they’re gonna be daddies.”

LPHP Second Dose: A Story in Twenty Eight Snippets, by Tavalya Ra
Snape/Sirius; PG-13; chaptered fic. Summary: “Severus Snape and Sirius Black were experimenting- and this time it really was with potions. Not OotP compatible.”

Rumors, by Drake of Dross
Snape/Sirius, Snape/Lucius, Sirius/Lupin; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 91: Snape is pregnant. Sirius Black is oddly quiet as the gossip flies. Summary: “A simple argument spins entirely out of control. Severus is up-the-duff but refuses to let Sirius acknowledge his culpability. Everyone wonders who the father is, but Sirius is quiet and Severus tells lies when he tells at all.”

Unforgivable, by Tavalya Ra
Snape/Sirius; PG. Summary: “Despite the defeat of Voldemort and their love for each other, Sirius Black and Severus Snape’s life together is still marred by sorrow- but from an unexpected source. (Snape/Sirius slash and implied MPreg.)”

Unlikely Fathers, by Titti (link to the main page; or here) #
Snape/Sirius; Harry/Draco; NC-17. Summary: “When Sirius finds out that he’s the father of Severus’ daughter, he learns that old feelings still exist. Resentments and twenty years of hatred are difficult to overcome. In this climate of changes, Draco and Harry become friends first, and lovers later.”
Sequel: Sweet Arrival (Harry/Draco, Snape/Sirius; NC-17; or here) Summary: “Severus and Sirius decide that it’s time for a new addition to the family. Vicky, Remus, Harry and Draco are there through this journey.”

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+ Remus Lupin

Alchemy and Atalanta Fugiens, by Ellid
Snape/Lupin; PG-13. Summary 1: “Summary: Defeating the Dark Lord requires the unobtainable. To get it, Severus and Remus must do the unthinkable.” and 2: “Birth can be comic as well as painful.” sequel to“Alchemy.”
Sequel: Kodachrome (locked).

The Bargain, by Akinaria
Snape/Lupin, NC17, chaptered fic. Summary: “Severus Snape cannot live with the consequences of his actions and sets out to make amends. A goddess changes the rules on him however and now he has much more to worry about than guilt.”

Choices To Live With, by Tainted Pink
Snape/Lupin; NC-17/R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 155: Snape and Sirius compete for Remus. At first, anything Snape offers Remus is doubled by Sirius, but by chance Snape finds out something that Remus really, really wants: a baby. Snape knows that Sirius is very rigid in his sexuality/masculinity, and would never agree to carry a baby (which is necessary because Remus cannot).

Citizen Snape, by Lydia Lovestruck (or here) #
Snape/Lupin, Snape/OC, Snape/Ron (UST), Ron/Lucius, others. NC-17. Summary: “Based on a rather specific challenge by Myrddin Ambrosius, who wanted to see a variation on the usual Severitus Challenge. Basically, after the Fall of Voldemort, Ron Weasley discovers an old secret, a shameful betrayal and the truth about his best friend’s parentage.”

Conceivable Visions, by damselthirteen
Snape/Lupin; R; discontinued WIP. Summary: “A drunken one-night-stand leaves Snape pregnant with Lupin’s child. Matters are complicated by talk of prediction, prophecy and wizarding saviours, throwing the two old enemies into a mutually despised situation.”

Cruel Intentions, by Titti (or here, link to the main page)
Lupin/Snape; NC-17. Summary: “Severus’s life is changed by Dumbledore’s meddling. Will he and Remus find happiness? Will they find their child? This is a response to a very specific challenge by Myrddin Ambrosius.”

The Family Way, by pikkalam_sri
Snape/Lupin, NC17, ~10,700 words. Summary: Post-War; Severus free but social pariah w/ many enemies; Remus social status improved after lycanthrope laws lifted, but threatened because of relationship with Severus.

Fools; or, The Choices We Make, by Ellid
Snape/Lupin, PG-13, short. Summary: They’re having a baby during a war. What sort of fools do that?

Gift of the Magus, by Arionrhod and Scribbulus Ink (or here)
Snape/Lupin; hard R, chaptered novella. Summary: “Severus Snape never expected to find himself facing a shotgun wedding - especially not with himself as the pregnant “bride”. The question is, can he learn to trust Remus in order to make their marriage a real one? Set post-war”

Jerusalem, by Busaikko #
Snape/Lupin, NC-17, ~9K words. Summary: And was Jerusalem builded here, among these dark Satanic mills? (William Blake). Prompt: For severity_softly’s second prompt, “Post-War AU where Remus wants to have a child; Severus has reservations.”

Lost, by Tiger Of The Fire
Snape/Lupin, other pairings; R, novel-length. Summary: “Severus lost three things close to him in his life, one left him and the other two were taken away from him without his knowledge. Of course, Harry doesn’t really know, yet things get turned upside down when someone appears that he seems to know.”
Sequel: Darkness (WIP).

Of Fertility and Falsehood, by elucreh
Snape/Lupin; NC-17, one-shot. Mentions of Mpreg. Summary: Remus tweaks a spell for male pregnancy to suit his purposes.

Of Mutual Benefit, by Ellid (link to ch.1; further links are at the bottom) #
Snape/Lupin; NC-17, chaptered novella. Summary: “Severus and Remus strike a bargain that will benefit them both. Too bad they didn’t count on some of the complications.” Note: this is HBP-compliant, and is set about three years after the end of the War. It is for scribbulus_ink, who wanted “mpreg romantic comedy about S’s pregnancy and all the changes w/o parody or turning S. OOC. R dotes.”

The Olive Branch, by The Goblet (click “next” for the following chapters) locked; or here)
Lupin/Snape; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 14, 99. Snape was not successfully rescued during the Shrieking Shack incident. Moony had better uses than lunch for the stray two-legger wandering into his territory.

Secret Keeper, by Ellid
Lupin/Snape; R; one-shot, sequel to McKay’s “In a Delicate Way.”

The Wolf’s Trap, by Drachengreif and Padawan Vesta
Snape/Lupin, hints of future Harry/Snape; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 14, 127, 327

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+ Draco Malfoy

Hymnus Nativitas, by Femme
Snape/Draco; NC-17. Discontinued WIP. Darkfic. Summary: “A Saviour falls. A war ends. And remnants of a shattered Order go underground.”

Midnight Stroll, by Smutty Buddy
Snape/Draco; NC-17. Summary: “Draco is strolling one night, patrolling the halls. is he aware of what will meet him in the shadows of the school?”

+ Tom Riddle / Voldemort

Altered States, by Lore
Snape/Lupin, NC-17. Summary: The Dark Lord had one last, desperate plan, and it’s up to Remus and Severus to circumvent it.

Coil of the Serpent, by Lady of Arundel (or here)
Tom Riddle/Snape. R/NC-17. WIP. Summary: “A new look at Voldemort’s first rise and fall from power. What if Voldemort’s crusade against the Light was driven not just by a thirst for power, but out of the desire to protect those he loved and creating a better world for everyone?”

Devotion, by Bernice (iibnf)
PG-13. Written in response to McKay’s In a Delicate Way.
Sequel: Not Wisely, But Well.

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+ James Potter

The Blood Connection, by Vicountess Babbles-On
Snape/James; PG-13, long. Severitus challenge fic; chaptered. Summary: “A tale of families. Nothing more will be said. Read to find out.”
Sequel: Blood is thicker than water.

Butter Mountain, Curdled Mountain, by Rinsbane ## (locked)
Snape/Harry, brief past Snape/James, NC-17, ~19K words. Warnings: Snarry Severitus, i.e., incest. Orgasm denial. Drug (potion) use. Chan (sexual awareness year 4, observed and ordered masturbation years 5 & 6, no touching). Dub-con. Mpreg (all 10 words of it). Summary: Life as a zero-sum game. If Snape has nothing else, he will at least have Potter.

Ocean of his Heart, by Drachengreif
Snape/James. AU. Summary: “Severus is two years younger than the rest of his schoolmates at Hogwarts, but nobody knows. At age fourteen he gets raped and soon discovers that he’s pregnant. He does a timehalting spell on the foetus so that nobody knows about it, finishes school and vanishes afterwards, Eleven years later Sirius Black and James Potter meet him at Diagon-Alley before Olivanders wand shop. Just as Sirius starts a fight Severus son Harry leaves the shop and he looks remarkably like…”

Pensive Discovery, by nicki_wls
Snape/James; NC-17. Summary: “It’s funny what Love and Fear can combine make a good man do.”

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+ Albus Dumbledore

The Artifact, by Ravenkiss
Snape/Dumbledore; NC-17. Chaptered fic, AU. Summary: “Every two hundred years an artifact is used to determine who will give birth to a powerful wizard .”

The Power of Words, by serpentess
Snape/Dumbledore. Summary: “Severus came to Albus seeking redemption & a way out of his hellish life as a Death Eater, however, he just ends up swapping one hell for another.”

Something Only Mine, by Juxian Tang (or here)
Snape/Dumbledore. R. Summary: “Everything comes for a price. When you take something that doesn’t belong to you, you should be prepared to pay as much as it costs.”

+ Rubeus Hagrid

Forbidden Forest, by Athea (or here)
Snape/Hagrid. Summary: “Who takes care of Severus after a particularly nasty bout with Voldemort?”

A Little Knowledge, by Ravenkiss
Snape/Hagrid; NC-17. Summary: “Dumbledore wishes to speak to Hagrid about a developing situation.”

Mountains and Shadows, by Cobalt Blue Kitty
Snape/Hagrid; WIP. Summary: “Fate throws two vastly opposite souls, Rubeus Hagrid and Severus Snape, together. Love and new life soon follows. But will the wizarding world except them? Begins in the summer before Harry’s fifth year.”

Twins Separated Before Birth, by Drake of Dross
Snape/Hagrid; Summary: A fertility potion affects Severus Snape and Rubeus Hagrid. Both become pregnant by the other, resulting in fraternal not-exactly-twins conceived on the same day, with different mothers but the same parents. For fear of Voldemort discovering he has children, Snape hides his part in the events leading to Hagrid’s strange impregnation, and allows no one to find out about his own.

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+ Other

(Ron Weasley)

Love Unmasked, by T’Yanna Wiles
Snape/Ron; NC-17. Summary: “A party, a pregnancy and plans that go awry.” Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 3.

(Lucius Malfoy)

By Fair Means or Foul, by LdDurham
Snape/Lucius; NC-17, novella. Summary: “Someone wants Professor Snape as his own, but so does every other wizard-loving-wizard man out there! Let the schemes commence!” This story is an entry in >Misconceptions: Harry Potter Mpreg Fuh-Q-Fest, Wave 4.

The Growth of Fear, by Serpentess
Snape/OC, Snape/Voldemort, Snape/Lucius. Summary: “What do you do when you fear discovery, betrayal, the past and the future?” Have only read Ch1 where Snape is pregnant by Lucius.

(Fred & George)

Twice the Fun, Twice the Trouble, Twice the Danger and Twice the Tricks (WIP), by Drake of Dross
Fred/Snape/George; R. Summary: “In response to the story/challenge ‘In a Delicate Way‘ by McKay. Severus finds himself pregnant after spending a night with Fred and George.”
Sequels: Twice the Trouble, Twice the Danger.

(Charlie Weasley)

Ordinary Day, by Sybersnake
Snape/Charlie; NC-17, WIP. Summary: “Sometimes an ordinary day as well can bring surprise.”


Daimons, by LadyJayVee (or here)
Snape/OMC, other pairings, NC-17, WIP. A simple handshake changed not only Severus’ life but that of the Wizard World. Read about how the young men and women of Hogwarts grow up during a war.

Set To Rights, by Akinaria
Snape/OMC off-stage; PG; chaptered fic. Summary: “Hogwarts is rebuilt years after the war. It will never be the same again. Albus has a dream and noone is going to get out of helping to make it work. Resistance is futile. It is time to bring everyone home and teach the wizarding world how to work properly.”

Through other’s fate, by Sybersnake
Snape/OMC; NC-17, discontinued WIP. Summary: “Post-HBP A new player appear on the side of the Dark Lord. And Severus is the only one who can find out who he is and what he is after.”

(Giant Squid)

Early Morning Music, by kinky_kneazle
Snape/Giant Squid, Snape/Lupin, one-shot. Warning: Giant Squid, crackfic. Summary: “A song calls to Severus every morning, and he can’t resist it.”

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Undisclosed Paternity

Advanced Sex Education, by Cosmic
Snape/??, mention of Harry/Draco; G. Part of HP MPreg FQF, Wave 6. Challenge 4 (from Wave 5, issued by Killgoretroutfish): “A wizard professor gives his class a lesson on advanced sex-education, including an explanation of Wizard pregnancies. He himself is very visibly pregnant. How does the lesson go, and how does he handle the class?”

Daddy, look what I found!, by SyberSnake
Snape/?, PG, discontinued WIP.Summary: “Daddy, look what I found!” how can so innocent world cause so much trouble. - AU, mentioned MPREG - Snape/?

Follow Your Heart, by Lux and Ntamara #
Harry/Snape; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 67. Summary: “In the aftermath of the war, Harry searches the ruins of the Malfoy estate for the one he loves.”

Heartbeat, by Drachengreif
Snape/??; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 22: A pregnancy gets in the way of Snape’s spying. And a dash of: Wave 2 Challenge #11: While doing research, Snape rediscovers a long-lost potion, which appears to make male pregnancy possible. Unable to resist, he brews it. Summary: “A child is stolen away and steps are taken.”

In a Delicate Way, by McKay (scribbulus_ink)
Snape/??; PG. Summary: “After a jinx goes awry, Snape gets some interesting news.” There’s a whole lot of sequels/answers to the challenge set in this story. You can read all the sequels here, but they are also listed on these lists separately by title.

Mortis, per minas, by Shamenka
Summary: “When you go digging for dirt - be prepared to find some… and that it might not be the dirt you thought you’d find!”

Pleading his Belly, Birthday Presents, and Baby’s First Pictures, by Rufus
Snape/Lupin, PG-13, MPreg.

Raven’s Gift, by Alia
Snape/??; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 57, 74, 127. Author’s summary: “Severus’s son begins Hogwarts, however, the thought dead Potions Master never expected what would come next.”

Terminus, by Manic
Snape/?? Summary: “JayKay wrote this fantastic story called In a Delicate Way. This is my humble attempt to see what happens next.”

A Very Real Dream, by Drake of Dross (or here)
Snape/?? WIP. Summary: “A disturbing, reoccurring dream blurs the line between dream and reality for Severus Snape.”

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Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

The Accidental Incident, by Unbroken Halo
Harry/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Harry Potter helps put the Wizarding World back together after the war the best way he knows how. He never dreamed it would be with procreation however.”

Anything, by Drake of Dross
Pairing: n/a, PG-13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 28: A wizard invents the magical apparatus of male pregnancy. Before revealing it to the world, he tests it - on himself. Show us his motives and tell us about the magical process through which pregnancy is achieved. Summary: “Snape’s personal research project finally reaches fruition.”

Babies and Bathwater, by Violet Quill (locked)
Snape/Charlie; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: Snape makes an impulsive decision that drastically alters his life. Charlie becomes an unexpected caretaker, but as it turns out, exactly what Snape needs.

The Curse, by Restina Lovebug
Snape/Harry; R/NC-17. No summary given.

Find You, by Tiger Of The Fire
PG-13. WIP. Summary: “Sirius Black, the pride of Gryffindor, plays one of his infamous pranks on one Severus Snape. What he doesn’t know is that this prank will have permanent affects. How will Severus deal with what Sirius left behind? And will Sirius ever find out?”

Immaculate Misconception, by Lilyseyes
Snape/Harry, NC-17, ~25K words. Snarry Games entry. Genre(s): Romance, Alternate Universe. Prompt: Baby Blues. Summary: Harry managed to save Snape that night in the Shrieking Shack with healing magic but Harry didn’t know his own strength…

Learning to Live Again, by Barbara Kennedy
PG. Discontinued WIP. A/N: “This story contains male pregnancy, but it is definitely not a slash story nor is it likely to become one, so don’t ask. In this story Snape is comfortably heterosexual.” Summary: “Severus Snape is cursed by Voldemort just before his downfall. It causes Snape to become pregnant the next time he is touched, no sex involved. This will not be a slash story, so don’t expect it. Lots of angst and a little fluff. OotP references.”

A Nose for Magic, by Darklady
PG; WIP. No other info.

Prof. Snape’s delicate condition, by CBC
Summary: “After a malicious prank goes wrong Professor Snape finds himself dealing with a rather unique condition.”

Three’s a crowd, Four’s a Disaster, by Ravenkiss
Snape/Decline to say; NC-17. Summary: “Severus Snape is making a potion, things go horribly wrong.” Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 3. Challenges: #53 - Someone becomes pregnant against his will (through any circumstance you want), and someone else offers to marry him to prevent problems. #99 - Triplets, quadruplets, or more. Grammar unfriendly

You Want Me To What? by serpentess
WIP. Summary: “Severus Snape decides to leave Lord Voldemort and confesses his past to Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore does not ask him to spy, but to do something infinitely more difficult and dangerous.” Dumbledore orders Snape to carry James & Lily’s child for them.

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Others and Multiple

: : : : : Sirius Black : : : : : : : : : : Remus Lupin : : : : :

: : : : : Lucius Malfoy : : : : : : : : : Ron Weasley : : : :

: : : : Neville Longbottom : : : : : : : : Albus Dumbledore : : : :

: : : : : Other Pairings : : : : : : : : : : Multiple : : : : :

: : : : : Pit : : : : :

Sirius Black

+ Severus Snape

The Letter, by The Goblet
Snape/Sirius. G. Summary: “Snape receives a letter relating to the last Will and Testament of Sirius Black.”

+ Remus Lupin

Better Safe Than Sorry, by … [author forgot to name herself]
Sirius/Remus. PG-13. Summary: “Sirius gets pregnant.”

Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

Back in Black, by Kalena #
Snape/Sirius; NC-17. Novella. Summary: “Sirius Black is back from the dead. He’s not alone.”

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Remus Lupin

+ Sirius Black

The Last Night in the Forrest, by Eppie Black and Rae Ven
Sirius/Remus. R. No summary given. One-shot.

On My Own, by Kayem
Remus/Sirius; PG. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 27: Everyone turns their back on a single pregnant father. The boy is in a bad situation. He doesn’tknow how to deal with it or the baby. How does he cope (or not) in a hostile world?

Outcasts, by Mary Ewing
Remus/Sirius; NC-17. WIP?

Timing is Everything, by Aijin Kayem
Sirius/Remus; PG-13. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 41 Remus comes to Snape for an abortion potion (which is too advanced for Pomfrey to stock, and, as a werewolf, he can’t go through official channels like St. Mungo’s) Snape finds out that not all is well in the Lupin/Black relationship.

Untitled Werewolf MPreg, by Florahart #
Remus/Sirius, Remus/Snape. Set beginning the day before the next full moon after Sirius hit the veil. Remus finds himself pregnant. Pregnancy and Wolfsbane, pregnancy and transformations.

+ Severus Snape

Confessing a Dunderhead, by majinsakuko
Snape/Remus; NC-17. Summary: “Remus has to confess something, and deems it safer to do so when Severus is ‘relaxed’.” Implied MPreg.

Ever and Always, by cs_whitewolf
Snape/Remus; PG-13, one-shot. Warning: Character Death.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Lord Voldemort, by frogslayr #
Snape/Remus; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “A reluctant Snape tries out experimental potions on Lupin. Sirius Black watches.”

That Night, by Ceyxa
Snape/Remus, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “A miracle that should have been; a miracle that never was- Remus Lupin reflects on the arrival of his child while Severus Snape mourns the child that he lost.” This story is an entry in Misconceptions: Harry Potter Mpreg Fuh-Q-Fest, Wave 4.

An Unexpected Gift, by Florahart
Snape/Remus, PG-13, short.

Undisclosed Paternity

The Good Wolf, by Eppie Black
Snape/Remus. Response to Challenge #54: Soon after OotP, Lupin is pregnant. Though he wants nothing more than to keep his child, he is forced to conclude that the best thing he can do is have an abortion. He goes to Snape, but Snape is disgusted by the very idea. Does Snape have an alternate solution to Lupin’s problem?

Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

The Heart of the Sea, by Beth H (or here) #
Snape/Remus; R, long one-shot. Written for Cordelia_v who asked for “a story … where Snape and Lupin are turned into mermen and maybe one of them is pregnant…”

Ten Aprils, by Busaikko (link to the epilogue, the previous parts are linked from there)
Snape/Remus, Post-HBP, Complete. NC-17. Summary: “Remus preg on Greyback’s orders as part of a breeding experiment. To ensure that the baby is carried safely to term, a special version of a Timeturner is used to help him avoid the Change by enabling him to live the same month ten times, going back in time to a different location before the full moon. Severus has been sent to help him through the pregnancy, and a relationship develops from there.” Warnings: “MPreg. All of the following are at least discussed in the story, be prepared! Rape, torture, miscarriage, abortion, character death, unscrupulous experiments, childbirth.”

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Lucius Malfoy

+ Bill Weasley

A Malfoy Mystery, by Lantana
Lucius/Bill; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 97: Someone has sex with a wizard who is so drunk he doesn’t know where he is or whom he’s with. The drunk wizard becomes pregnant, causing a scandal. Now the guilty father-to-be has to get up the nerve to come forward and claim responsibility. Summary: “Lucius wakes up with a hangover. He’s had sex. But with whom? And will he be able to keep it hidden?”

+ Harry Potter

Bless His Scheming Heart, by cameowitch
Harry/Lucius; NC-17, 4-chapter fic. Summary: “Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy were not speaking and Severus Snape had had enough. Getting these two to talk again would take some work.” Lucius is pregnant with twins.

Other and Undisclosed Paternity

House Arrest, by Icarus Malfoy
LM/SB, R, novella. Summary: AU. Slash. M-preg. Being with child is the only way to stay out of Azkaban. It just so happens that upon his arrest, Lucius Malfoy was pregnant. He is put under the custody of Dumbledore who leaves him at Grimmauld Place with someone else who should also be in Azkaban.

Pretium Superbia -The Price Of Pride-! by Restina Lovebug
Lucius/Voldemort, Lucius/Snape. Summary: “Voldemort decides to use Lucius as a tool in his neverending fight to gain power as a dark lord. Lucius pays a price no proudblood should endure.

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Ron Weasley

+ Draco Malfoy

Coils of Gold, by Crymsyn (or here)
Harry/Snape, Ron/Draco; NC-17. Author’s summary: “The death of one Dark Lord brings about the rise of another. Harry Potter finds himself kidnapped and under someone’s else power.”

Paternity, by Scribe (also here or here)
Harry/Ron, some Ron/Draco. NC-17. WIP. Summary: “Harry, Ron, and Draco are all stuck at Hogwarts for the summer. A magic volatile magic induced encounter with Draco leads Ron to realize his love for Harry, but also brings about a sticky situation. Can Ron and Harry find happiness, when the Malfoys see an opportunity to advance at their expense, and that of a yet unborn innocent?”

Reunion series, by Icarus (link to the main page; or here) ##
Ron/Draco; R. Summary: “Ten years after their steamy romance, ten years of complicated, messy lives, two men find themselves at loose ends… and together again. I wondered why so many have teenage love affairs end in marriage. So I wrote this story of two who went their separate ways, then met up again, ten years later. What would it be like?”

+ Other

(Hermione Granger)

Hysteria, by Attackfish
Ron/Hermione (yep, het Mpreg), short. Summery: When Ron says something mildly insensitive to Hermione, he isn’t prepared for the consequences.

What To Do When You’re a Wizard Expecting, by Jen
Ron/Hermione; PG; short, chaptered. Summary: “Ron and Hermione are married and pregnant….Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

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Neville Longbottom

+ Draco Malfoy

A Broom Cupboard Baby, by vanillafroggie
Draco/Neville; PG-13. Summary: “Neville is pregnant. Snape protects his own.” This fic was written in response to the “Who’s Your Daddy?” challenge of the hp_mpreg.

Out of the Bag, by Breslin (or here)
Draco/Neville; R. Sequel to: The Cat and the Ferret. Summary: “Malfoy’s sick little game turns all too serious when Neville gets pregnant.” This fic is part of the ‘Gardeners Delight’ Neville Fuh-Q-Fest.

+ Other

(Charlie Weasley)

Uncertain Plans, by Sunny de Lucca (also here or here)
Neville Longbottom/Charlie Weasley; R. Summary: “Neville Longbottom has difficulties at school while hiding his pregnancy, and finds it next to impossible to break the news to the other father.” This fic is part of the ‘Gardeners Delight’ Neville Fuh-Q-Fest. Challenge: #75

(Remus Lupin)

Family Planning, by McKay (scribbulus_ink)
Remus/Neville; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Neville and Remus both have needs. The question is, can their needs be fulfilled with each other?” Warnings: Spanking, rimming, partially clothed sex, mild bdsm, mpreg.

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Albus Dumbledore

Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

A Necessary Evil, by Kai (or here) ##
Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco, Snape/Lucius, Snape/Dumbledore. NC-17. Summary: “After the Final Battle, Albus is pregnant (!) and Lord Voldemort is almost-dead yet again.” Author’s Notes: “This is a horror story. If you have a weak stomach and/or hate experimental fiction, then flee now. I mean it, folks. No fluffy, third-person, limited POV bunnies here! Some readers may find the subject matter and my treatment of it quite offensive.”

A Second Chance, by Jaree
Pairing: None. PG-13. Summary not given. WIP Dumbledore impregnates Snape into himself (to give Snape a 2nd chance for a happier life)

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Other Pairings

(Percy Weasley + Severus Snape)

A Sudden Case of Caring, by frk_werewolf
Severus/Percy, NC-17, short. Summary: Percy and Severus, soon to be parents.

(Percy Weasley + Oliver Wood)

Blessed Event, by monkeyshine
Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood. NC-17. WIP. Summary not given.

(Albus Potter + Scorpius Malfoy)

A Curse in Disguise, by betelin-notecor
Albus/Scorpius, PG-13, ficlet. Summary: Al hated sex because of what came afterwards.

(Oliver Wood + Marcus Flint)

Celebrating the Holidays, by Fyre Faerie
Multifandom, each part has it’s own set, Marcus/Oliver for HP. R. Author’s Note: “Here’s my holiday present to all of my lists. Sorry for those who don’t like some of the fandoms and/or pairings. Just skip the ones you don’t like.”

(Gilderoy Lockhart + Severus Snape)

Justifiable Reasons to Move a Scottish Castle to Brazil, by Dancing Moon
Snape/Lockhart; G. Summary: “Lockhart has returned! And he brought quite the surprise for Professor Snape.”

(Rubeus Hagrid + Severus Snape)

Twins Seperated Before Birth, by Drake of Dross
Snape/Hagrid; Summary: A fertility potion affects Severus Snape and Rubeus Hagrid. Both become pregnant by the other, resulting in fraternal not-exactly-twins conceived on the same day, with different mothers but the same parents. For fear of Voldemort discovering he has children, Snape hides his part in the events leading to Hagrid’s strange impregnation, and allows no one to find out about his own.

(Dobby + Ron Weasley)

Love Potion No. 12507935639, by snitchnip_chill
Ron/Dobby, with cameos by Aberforth and Goat; PG-13.

(Peter Pettigrew + Voldemort)

Rupert Draconis Pettigrew, A Short Life, by Eppie Black
Summary: “An account of the first year and a half of the life of the boy who would be Draco Malfoy.”

(? + Voldemort)

Untitled, by Shockwave
Voldemort/? R.

(Voldemort + Harry)

A Conversation in the Waiting Room for the Purpose of Killing Time, by crucio_4_coffee
Tom/Harry, PG-13, short. Summary: You look as if you’ve never seen a pregnant wizard before.

(James Potter + Sirius Black)

What Cannot Be Undone, by Tainted Pink
James/Sirius; James/Lily; R. Summary: “The wizarding world looks down on homosexuality, and James Potter knows he can never reveal the truth about himself to anyone. His life is turned upside down when he is attacked by an unknown assailant. The aftermath of the attack threatens to destroy James in every possible way, and leads him to a desperate decision.” Author’s Notes: This story is an answer to the “Who’s Your Daddy?” challenge from hp_mpreg.

(James Potter + Severus Snape)

Gifts, by Richan MMI
Snape/James, Harry/Sirius, MPREG, PG-13, novel-elngth. Summary: “What if Harry’s parents had really survived the night that Harry defeated Voldemort? What if Sirius Black had really been their Secret Keeper, and they had been betrayed by Peter anyway?”

(Viktor Krum + Hermione Granger)

Best Laid Plans: The Switch, by Missyetigoosecreature
Viktor/Hermione is the main pairing, R. Summary: “The war’s over, life is a lot moreordinary these days, and Harry and his friends are all grown up and married. Ginny and Neville, Harry and Hannah, Ron and Susan, Viktor and Hermione. There’s only one thing missing in their seventeen year marriage, as far as that last couple is concerned. A baby. It seems that using magic to help begin a life, like ending it, is no feat to betaken lightly. When the others set out to offer a bit of assistance to Viktor and Hermione, they find that the best laid plans don’t always go right.” Viktor Krum is the one who’s pregnant.

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Advanced Sex Education, by Cosmic
Snape/??, mention of Harry/Draco; G. Part of Harry Mpreg FQF, Wave 6. Challenge 4 (from Wave 5, issued by Killgoretroutfish): “A wizard professor gives his class a lesson on advanced sex-education, including an explanation of Wizard pregnancies. He himself is very visibly pregnant. How does the lesson go, and how does he handle the class? Author’s summary: “Snape is forced to hold Advanced Sex-Ed and tell the students about male pregnancy – when he himself is seven months pregnant.”

And Then There Were Three, by swtalmnd #
Snape/Draco, Snape/OMC, Snape/Harry, Snape/Harry/Draco; NC-17, novel-length. Summary: Snape asks Draco and Harry to participate in the first round of his Petitioner’s Courtship as a favour, and they both allow themselves to consider his suit more seriously than anyone expected.

Announcements, by Eppie Black
Sirius/Lupin, Lily/James, Lucius/PP, Snape/Sirius. Excerpts from the Daily Prophet - In the One For All and All For One Universe.

As Sharp As Sunlight, by Amanuensis (or here) ##
Snape/Sirius; Draco/Hermione; Lucius/Harry. NC-17. Summary: “A squicky fate awaits our heroes after their defeat. Can anything be salvaged?”

The Baby-Invasion of Hogwarts and sequel The baby-invasion of Hogwarts 2: LOVE ‘N’ POTIONS, by Cosmic
Harry/Draco/Snape, Ron/Hermione, Seamus/Dean, Ginny/Neville, and many more; PG-13. Summary: “This story was written for the harrypottermpreg Fuh-Q-Fest. Challenge # 02. Someone has put a potion into the pumpkin juice at the Halloween dance — and it isn’t a contraceptive potion. Now students all over Hogwarts are turning up pregnant. (Girls can be included or not.) Bonus Points if you explain: Who put the potion in the punch and why? & What are the mechanics of the potion?”

Brother, Where Art Thou? by Firestorm17
Weasley/Malfoy. R. Summary: “Draco Malfoy is a bastard, literally.” Sequel: He Ain’t Heavy. Summary: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

But I Have A Penis, by Florahart (or here) #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, ~ 11,000 words. Prompt: Written for dragon_charmer, who wanted a bunch of things, including: seduction, hurt/comfort, dirty talk, Parselsmut, teasing, UST, happy endings, and well-written MPREG.

The Completely Cracktastic MPREG Fic The Moste Potente Swore She’d Never Write, by TheMostePotente
Snape/Sirius, Harry/Draco, Snape/Harry implied, Snape/Draco implied, R, one-shot. Summary: “Snape and Draco are pregnant. Sirius and Harry are the unlikely fathers. Misery and snarkery ensues.” Kinks: Cracktasticness, snarkery, men giving birth.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades, by Lantana
Snape/Harry/Dennis Creevey, R, short. This story was an entry in Misconceptions: HP Mpreg Fuh-Q-Fest, Wave 3 Challenges: 61. The Sorting Hat can do more than just decide on the right house for each person. And: 111. Because so many people died in the war, steps must be taken to prevent severe inbreeding. Each person of childbearing years must have a child with at least two other people (either carrying the child or impregnating the other person). How is this accomplished? Are volunteers requested? Is force used?

Home For the Holidays, by Eppie Black
Sirius/Remus, Harry/Draco.

Life After Voldemort, by Terri
Snape/Harry, adult, long. Summary: “Is there hope for a life after the defeat of Voldemort?” Both H and S are pregnant.

One For All and All For One, by Eppie Black
Sirius/Remus, James/Lily, Snape/Sirius.

Only One Way to Find Out, by Dacro
Harry/Draco, Ron/Neville, PG-13, short. Summary: Ron needs to talk to another wizard who’s recently been pregnant. Unfortunately, his only choice is Malfoy.

The Prefect’s’ Bath, by lilyseyes
Snape/Harry, NC-17, one-shot. Prompt #11.) mpreg, both Harry and Snape preg (only one was ’supposed’ to be that way), both due in few weeks. Both trying to get it on, having trouble from clumsiness for obvious reasons. Plenty of bitching, bickering & blaming from both Harry & Snape. They both end up satisfying each other, nice ending but not too fluffy. A plus if one of the foetii causes an unwanted distraction at an awkward moment. Prefer light kinks only apart from the mpreg.

Reaching for Rainbows, by Missfortune
Harry/Draco/Ron. NC-17. Harry lost his magic in the Final Battle and now has nothing to do with the Magical world. He works in a Muggle travel agency. “A magical bond has formed between Ron and Draco as a result of the final battle with Voldemort. Harry then finds himself as the third partner in their strange threesome where tensions strain and feelings grow in strange ways.”

Should I Trade This Life For Another, by Madame Celeste (also here)
Harry/Snape; R. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 15, 24, 63. Summary: “As he is giving birth, Severus thinks back on how he and Harry arrived at this day.”

The Supposed Tale Of Unrequited Love Series, by Deirdra (jess_the_bytch)
Harry/Draco; Snape/Lupin; NC-17. WIP.
Stories so far: First There Were Three. Summary: “This story takes place in the Marauders’s sixth year. They have a secret relationship and Snape finds out. Hmm. I wonder what the greasy git is going to do.” Then There Were Two. Summary: “Sirius betrays his lover and his friends, can Remus find love after Sirius is gone? Will he and Severus reconcile?” And Last There’s Just One. Summary: “The story continues for Remus and Severus as the years draw on, new relationships bud and old friends die.” So Now You Learn To Deal. Summary: “After Dumbledore’s death everyone has to go on with their lives. This is how they begin to live after the war.”

Survival of the Species, by romaine
Draco/Harry; Scorpius/Albus Severus is the secondary pairing, NC-17, novella. Warnings: creature!fic, MPreg. Summary: Draco approaches Harry on the 9 ¾ platform, after their sons have boarded the Hogwarts Express, and invites him over for tea. The discussion they have leads them on an adventure that neither could have expected. HPDH compliant. (Draco and Scorpius pregnant, with the latter’s pregnancy implied in the last chapter).

Two Weddings And A Funeral, by Lantana
Harry/Draco, Harry/DD (mentioned), Draco/DD, Lucius/DD; NC-17. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 2. Challenge: 87, 332, 311. Summary: “On their wedding night, Draco finds out Harry has been raped. He takes revenge, but never had he thought these would be the consequences.”

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Harry Potter

+ Draco Malfoy

Life With Love, by Gabrielle Potter-Malfoy
Harry/Draco; discontinued WIP. Summary: “Sequel to ‘Darkness Approaches Slowly’ it will contain a bit of Fem slash Her/Star.” Absolutely grammar unfriendly. I won’t bother trying to find out whether it’s Harry who is pregnant or Draco.

Long Strides to a Short Walk, by EmeraldGrey
Harry/Draco; PG-13 to NC-17; discontinued WIP. Summary: “A bet gone wrong, a love gone sour, a mistake made right, and a right wronged…”

No Matter What, by Chaeli.meep.
One-shot Harry/Draco. Summary: Draco contemplates his life so far, then falls into restless sleep, with interesting ‘dreams’. Tiny little bit of an mpreg, but only in passing. Grammar unfriendly.

+ Remus Lupin

One Good Love, by pixiestyxs
Remus/Harry, Moony/Harry. NC-17. Probably written by a 12 yr old…

Undisclosed Paternity and non-sexual conception

How Did I Get Here?, by caliadragon
AU; slash and femslash; Harry/Snape, Ron/Draco, Hermione/OFC, Lucius/Remus; NC-17. Mpreg, Character Death, Rape. WIP. Author’s summary: “What if the Malfoys were not what they seemed? What if they were also spies?” Harry has suffered at the hands of Voldemort and goes to stay with the man he loves, but never dreamed he loved Harry back.” Messy, OOC, melodramatic; grammar isn’t good either.

The Other Harry, by Tomikin
Harry/Snape; NC-17. Discontinued WIP. Summary: “A kidnapping of a seven year old harry (he is 15 now), by a cult of mutated wizards, leaves Harry’s body mutilated. Watch, eight years on, as the consequences of an AU world spill into our own.” Only 1 ch at ISF & ATower. Harry only “may be” pregnant. Not updated since Aug 2003. No clue whether Snape is his partner.

You Knew I Was a Wizard, by Viscountess Babbles-On
Harry/ “I’d rather not say straight off”. No other info given. WIP. Horrible juvenile mess. And it’s Harry/OMC = Harry/somebody who was wearing a disguise.

Draco Malfoy

+ Harry Potter

Compromise, by bittersplendor
Harry/Draco; PG. Summary: ““It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? action figure.” Harry. Draco. Toy Shop.” It’s not even funny or cute.

Semper Fidelus, by Eppie Black and DogBrain
Harry/Draco. WIP. Ugh, and misspelled title ….

Unraveling Draco Malfoy, by ASmallvilleWorld
Harry/Draco. Absolutely incomprehensible babble.

+ Other and Undisclosed Paternity

The Basilisk’s Heir, by ZelgadisGreywood
R/NC-17. Summary: “Voldemort is displeased when Lucius Malfoy turns to the good side.” Author’s Notes: Creatura (from ‘Druuna: Creatura’ by Paolo E. Serpieri) a horror tale in which a human being is raped by or forcibly mated to a non-standard or mythological creature, usually with the intent of impregnating the human. Creatura pregnancies are usually intentionally fatal (though intervening factors may appear to rescue the impregnated human.) I would say it’s clear from the summary why this fic is put here, but the writing is also really bad.

It Takes More Than Potions, by … [author forgot to name herself]
WIP. Summary: “Snape makes a discovery about Lucius which causes him to take Draco under his wing.” This is seriously bad cliche fic. Draco is pregnant but is the father Harry (his boyfriend) or Lucius (who’d repeatedly raped him)? It also seems to have been abandoned before the author could make up her mind.

Time’s Ebb & Flow, by ZelgadisGreywood
Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione. R to NC-17. WIP. Draco inadvertently goes back in time & is impregnated by James Potter. Juvenile bad!fic.

Pregnancy spells or curses / Non-sexual conception

That Dratted Lockhart, by [smb who forgot to name herself]
Harry/Draco eventually. WIP. Summary: “During Harry’s seventh year at Hogwarts, Gilderoy Lockhart returns for a visit (to aid in the later stages of his memory recovery) and… well, let’s just say he’s as good with a wand as he was when he healed Harry’s arm.” Painfully badly written (not even remotely funny for a humour fic).

Severus Snape

+ Harry Potter

Snape Hunt!, by Byrdie / MadByrd (snakeysnape) (locked)
Snape/decline to state; NC-17, one-shot. This story is an entry in Misconceptions: Harry Potter Mpreg Fuh-Q-Fest, Wave 4. Summary: Everybody wants Snape but who will he choose? Who does he really want? Or does he even have a choice at all? Not remotely funny, a mess of a fic.

+ Sirius Black

Sevy Eleven, by Asmallvilleworld
Snape/Sirius, WIP. Typical dialogue: “Congratulations your pregnant Sevy.” A waste of 10 minutes of anyone’s life.

+ Remus Lupin

Four Little Words, by Shamenka
This is the beginning of a round-robin fic. This is just a “prologue” thing that the author wants others to continue for her. No one has taken up her offer. No pairing as far as I can see. Confusing - did SS give birth to RL’s child in the past?

+ James Potter

A Strange Twist of Fate, by Carol
Snape/Lucius, Snape/James, Snape/Lupin, long. Summary: “There’s more to Snape’s awful attitude, with a child included. Snape is linked to Harry in a way the young man could never imagine. What will be done?” SS and JP call each other “honey”, “angel”, “darling”. How OOC can one get?

+ Albus Dumbledore

Subjugation, by Ravenkiss
Snape/Dumbledore. Summary: “Severus Snape accuses Albus Dumbledore of rape. Dumbledore claims that it is all a misunderstanding. Who is believed, the Savior or the Turncoat?” OOC evil Dumbledore fic. The first line: “The Wizongamot was in an uproar.”

With Penseive Eyes, by Shamenka
Snape/Dumbledore. R. Ugh. Awful mess. And evil!Dumbledore again.


Pari Passu, by Shamenka
Snape/OMC. Summary: “When you set out to achieve something - make sure you know where the damned goals are set:) Sirius and co discover that somethings aren’t quite as they thought they should be.” MarySue and GaryStu galore.

Snape-Snippet! by Restina Snape/MarySue
Summary: “Two witches, Keely and Restina, decides to learn male chauvinist Severus Snape a lesson after experiencing some encounters only bringing out the worst of good ol’ Snape. They impregnate him, without his knowledge. Of course Snape finds out after a while, and his wrath is not to be mocked!!! He transforms Restina into Renart, her male alter ego, while Keely must face the rest of Snape’s pregnancy as a mouse. Yup! Sevvie’s expecting twins, and that’s the least weird in this whole story! :)” I suppose everything’s clear from the summary. She must have thought it’s funny…

Snape-Snippet #2, by Keely
Companion piece to the above. Summary: “Snape has given birth to the twins and is now instead pregnant with quadruplets, Keely is not a mouse anymore and Lupin, Black and Hagrid are *also* pregnant with Snape’s and Restina’s/Renart’s children (by magic not bonking, mind you!). Restina has also turned back into her former… erm, gender, but this time she has gone back to being a bouncing two-year old! :)” 12-year-olds should not take acid/crack.

Snape’s Son, by Fyre Faerie
Snape/OMC, some Ron/Draco; PG-13. Snape/Gary Stu, and btw, Draco is their son. Messy and bad.

Everything else

Invasion of the Snape Snippets, by Keely and Restina
Snape/ more or less everybody as the story evolves, except Filch. WIP. Summary: “Lots of pregnancies, lots of madness!” This is SS/OFC (MarySue). Reading Ch1 made my brain bleed.

Snape’s Pregnancy, by Fabiola
SS/??; unrated. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 11: Severus Snape’s pregnancy is a series of ordeals. Examples: big belly, big feet, crazy hormones, cravings, sex drive, clothes fitting, dealing with work, students,death eaters, and more. The more problems, the better. (Submitted by Selua) and 90. Snape has a baby! But where the heck did he get it? Everyone wants to know, but he isn’t telling. Rumors run amuck. Appears to be written by someone for whom English is a distant 5th language.

Twisted Truth - Extended Version, by Drachengreif
SS/??. Summary: “How twisted the truth can be.” What “Extended Version”? Did the writer miss out previous chapters? Hadn’t a clue what happened. Snape is Voldemort’s son, he is also preggers - no, nothing is explained. Pointless…

Two Birds One Stone, by Shamenka
SS/?? Summary: “kind of a choose your own adventure… she asks us on the list… we supply the answers… she writes the story!” Incomprehensible but pretentious babble. Let the author choose her own adventure and don’t bother readers.

Whispers Through Time, by Restina Lovebug
Summary: “As a reckless archaeology-student unveils a secret hidden for centuries an old evil escapes. A wizard has to travel back in time to prevent the world from becoming eradicated by the demon mage Voltimore. Little does he know he’s walking straight into a trap…” X-over (Robin Hood). Severus is raped by a Robin Hood character.


It’s Just a Backache, by Darragh Tieraneaux (or here)
Remus/Sirius; G. Part of HP MPreg FQF. Wave 1. Challenge: 53. “Someone manages to keep his pregnancy a secret right up until he goes into labour. Unfortunately, labour starts at the most inconvenient moment and with only one person there to help him — and it just happens to be the clueless other father.” Worst. Dialogue. In the Universe.

Of Blood and Fire and Magick, by MadByrd (or here)
Harry/Snape. Also Dumbledore/Tom Riddle. NC-17. Chan. Discontinued WIP. An AU take on the Chamber of Secrets wherein Harry’s a Slytherin, Dudely attends Hogwarts, and Snape oozes sex appeal out of every pore. There will be a bond (hasn’t gotten that far). The ministry is forcing Severus to bond because he is classified as a magical creature and therefore not allowed to do (wand) magic of his own, and because he is so powerful he is to be bound to a wizard to control him. B/C he will go into heat and take flight the MoM is ordering an open flight and whoever mates with him in mid-air, (as a dominate) will be his bonded. As for us, it’s an insanely incoherent fic. Perhaps this fic should be under Harry + Snape. Snape is a magical creature called a Verpyre who has chosen Harry as his mate… No Mpreg for that pairing so far. But every time I remove it from the lists, there would come somebody who would suggest it again.

Parasite, by Sakura of Rureo (aka So-chan)
??? No sufficient info offered. Link to the following chapters goes to another story. WIP. One huge mess of a fic…

Two Snakes and a Lion or What the Animagus Saw, by MadByrd (or here)
Snape/Harry/Lucius. NC-17. Summary: “It’s Harry’s birthday but somebody else gets the surprise.” Gah, Harry’s “great-grandmother on his mother’s side was a High Elven princess”, making him able to conceive… Juvenile OOC smut.

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22 Responses to “Themed list: MPreg by character”

  1. charliesabsinthe on December 28th, 2007 8:47 am

    fis you might wish to add

    house arrest by icarus malfoy is an mpreg

    the summary is

    AU. Slash. Mpreg. LMSB. Being with child is the only way to stay out of Azkaban. It just so happens that upon his arrest, Lucius Malfoy was pregnant. He is put under the custody of Dumbledore who leaves him at Grimmauld Place with someone else who should

  2. painless.j on January 7th, 2008 10:48 pm


  3. Alexis on January 9th, 2008 4:22 pm

    Hi, I just wanted to mention that there was a recent mPreg fest at hd_inspired, which is a themed fic exchange community.

    I want to especially recommend romaine24’s Jolene.

    Romaine has another mPreg too - Survival of the Species

  4. Ellen Andersson on February 10th, 2008 10:15 am

    thought you might want to know that “mastering the art of misconception” (harry/ron) is friendslocked

  5. painless.j on February 10th, 2008 11:48 am

    Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Severitus on April 15th, 2008 11:33 am

    I just wanted to let you know that ‘Calling in a Debt’ by Cassandra Pierson is finished, and that it’s not a Snape Mpreg. Instead, Harry is the one pregnant. :( Anyway, just thought I’d let you know! Great new page, btw!

  7. painless.j on April 16th, 2008 8:06 pm

    Oh, thanks! Off to correct.

  8. asdjhk on June 3rd, 2008 8:40 am

    Appearances by Twisted miracle

    It’s a very good story. Draco is the one pregnant but the children and pregnancy scene happens only in the last few scenes. However it is mentioned repeatedly even in the first few chapters.

  9. Slashpervert on June 5th, 2008 4:33 am

    Oh, all those above are Harry/Draco pairings and Adult Only fics. All are complete.

  10. painless.j on June 8th, 2008 2:42 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’m deleting your comment ‘cos there’s an unclosed HTML tag there that screws the view of my page.

  11. painless.j on June 8th, 2008 2:45 pm

    Thanks, asdjhk!

  12. Nikki on June 10th, 2008 1:41 am

    Hey, I was just wondering why “The Good Wolf”, by Eppie Black, was under the Remus Lupin undisclosed paternity section. The other father is named quite clearly in the fic. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood or something.

  13. painless.j on June 14th, 2008 5:35 pm

    Well, it’s heavily implied that it’s Sirius but never said outright. Who knows, maybe he was raped by Greyback?

  14. Seorgia on June 17th, 2008 12:41 pm seems to be getting shut down or something. A large portion of the links are no longer functioning. Don’t know if you want to find alternate sources or if the mpreg site will be going up elsewhere. ^_^ Just a friendly FYI

  15. animealam on June 25th, 2008 8:01 am

    I would like to recommend:
    Immaculate Misconceptions by lilyseyes
    She’s a very good author, and this story is up par with her other fics. It’s Snarry and Severus is the one pregnant. The story is complete. Summary: Harry managed to save Snape that night in the Shrieking Shack with healing magic but Harry didn’t know his own strength…

    When the Cat’s Away by gingertart
    This is Snarry, Severus is the one pregnant. This is also an accidental bonding fic. The story is complete. Summary: After a two-year trip abroad, Harry Potter returns to discover the Ministry has stuck their overly pointed noses where they don’t belong, proving the adage, when the cat’s away, the mice will play….

  16. yarrowandthyme on July 27th, 2008 4:13 am

    I just wanted to let you know that your link to Cayne Snape’s “The Words I Need To Hear” doesn’t seem to be working, but that there is a copy on HP Fandom.

  17. painless.j on July 27th, 2008 11:08 am

    Thanks for the heads-up, yarrowandthyme!

    animealam, Immaculate Misconception is here already, but thanks for the other suggestion!

    Seorgia, it seems working fine to me. Hmmm.

  18. nitelitereader on February 16th, 2009 5:03 am

    the website has been suspended. i was wondering if anyone knew where else i could read Drachengreif’s Ocean of His Heart. please please please and thanx

  19. Cblue9 on March 2nd, 2009 1:17 am

    Thanks for sharing your rec list.

    I have to say, despite that I ended up here trough a googles’ mpreg fic search, it’s been a surprise to me to see this considering that I’m really use to read your fics at IJ.

    I have a sugestion that will answer nitelitereader’s question at the same time, the fic Ocean of His Heart can be found at this address - -, you might want to use this one instead of the older address. The page is not fancy but the fic is completed.

  20. Kinky Pet on March 14th, 2009 7:37 pm

    Hi pj! I’ve got another mpreg for the list, if you’re still updating it…

    It’s a Severus pregnant by Harry fic.

    “Rights and Rituals” by Ivylady
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: ~31,000
    Summary: Drastic measures were taken to ensue Severus’s aid to Harry. Years later, the two discover the depths of their connection.

  21. Kinky Pet on March 14th, 2009 9:02 pm

    Sorry! Forgot to give you the link:

    “Rights and Rituals” by Ivylady
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count: ~31,000
    Summary: Drastic measures were taken to ensue Severus’s aid to Harry. Years later, the two discover the depths of their connection.

  22. Salthegemini on March 18th, 2009 2:13 am

    The link to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Knightmare under ‘Harry pregnant by Draco’ is dead. It says that the journal has been deleted and purged.

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