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Indian Money School|Karanam Srikanth|Maven enterprises

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indian money school
  indian money school
               "Earn Real Money 24/7 With Your Own
                 Internet Business - It's Like Having A
                    RESERVE BANK At Home!"


It Doesn’t Matter, If You’re Brand New To The Internet or Unable To Write Proper English, You Can Still
Make Money With My Proven Methods Of

indian money school
Yes, It’s As Simple As That

Dear Future Indian Online Genius

Did you know that the internet is a treasure house, just waiting to be tapped?
And I can tell you exactly how to get it. I should know I have my very own successful E-business!

Are You Using Your Talents, Abilities And Skills To The Fullest?

I look at it like this. Every modern human being is intelligent, industrious, creative and fiercely independent. He or she loves to assert himself or herself, make his or her presence felt and make a mark in this world.

Make a critical, objective appraisal of yourself.  Do you really think that the work you are doing now is all that you are capable of doing?  Is it the case of “this far, no further”?  Come on, you can do better than this.  You have always known that you had it in you to take the plunge.  So what on earth are you waiting for?  Believe me, it’s really the case of NOW or NEVER.   You can either face the risk of staying put, gathering moss and rust, letting your roots sink further and deeper until finally when circumstances demand that you take the plunge, but it will be too late; or you can give your eyes a rub, give your head a shake, put your best foot forward and what you are now, will soon be history.

So if you are planning to strike, you might as well strike when the iron is hot.  So take that sledgehammer or whatever is your favorite tool, brace yourself, and go for it with a will.  But just a word of caution, remember that the iron is hot and we don’t want to burn our fingers, do we?

You Can Fulfill Your Dreams!!!

You are about to discover the internet marketing video package that I wish I had found when I was wondering, how to turn all those useless information out there into a successful and highly-profitable Internet Marketing Business.

What Are These Money Earning Methods 
And How Do They Work?

Believe me, these “magic" techniques aren't something brand new, invented yesterday afternoon, and tried by 5 people who swear on their remote controls that it works. I have used it for years and earned real hard dollars. These techniques have worked for me, and there's no reason whatsoever why it wouldn't work for you. These videos are the products of tough toil for many years. Making of these videos were relatively easy when compared to the amount of money and time I have used all these years to get productive results. In other words what you’re getting is real gem, no fluff or unworkable things.

indian money school

maven enterprises How to find good domain names related to your business and why a domain name is important?
maven enterprises More than Six Hundred proven methods on making money online.
maven enterprises Understanding new web 2.0 technologies and demonstrating some hot methods to link to prospective clients/visitors.
maven enterprises How to build links for your website without any effort – You’ll find and learn linkbaiting, one way links and   Search Engine Optimization techniques.
maven enterprises The real cause of google bomb and how to avoid being on google’s blacklist and earn 24x7 without any blocks.
karanam srikanth The root of internet marketing problems - You’ll find out what causes internet marketing failures in first place and how you can tackle it.
karanam srikanth How to build lists – You’ll find out how easy it’s to obtain tons of email addresses to reach out to your prospective customers. 
karanam srikanth How to fool search engines to get real traffic?  Did you know that top internet marketers use many techniques to achieve top rankings in the search engine results? 
karanam srikanth Effective blogging methods and monetizing your blogs.
karanam srikanth You will learn how to use different Pay Per Click search Engines and online.
karanam srikanth How to Write Newsletters for promoting your Website or Blog.
Press Releases for Online and Offline Traffic.
indian money school Articles where to place them and how to use them.
indian money school Viral freebies are a new way of getting traffic to your Money Making Machine.
indian money school How to get instant traffic by doing video marketing.
maven enterprises You will get Complete resources on how to do a keyword research for your money making machine?
maven enterprises Plus a whole lot more as I unravel many internet marketing secrets on videos. 

Does It Really, Really Work?

Now, you might have a burning question in your mind. Are all these all steps very elaborate and complex and do they take hours to apply and years to learn. Not at all! As with most really good and effective things, this is also very simple. You can put these techniques into practice in real good time. And get this: all it takes to learn it is to watch the video once. That's right. After only one viewing, you'll be able to perform the procedure yourself.

You’re About To Discover
The Secrets Of Earning Money Online

Chances are that, right now your mind is filled with such thoughts as “I can't do this! “I don't know anything about internet marketing” or “All I'm going to end up doing is making a fool out of me” or “I just don't have the time for all these stuff”!

And why wouldn't you have those thoughts? Internet marketing, specifically making money with the help of the internet has not become a conventional thing in India. Some of you may be afraid about many internet scams out there. Even some of you may be worried about a little bit of both.  Plus, all of us have so much going on in our lives that we just can't devote a great deal of time or effort into internet marketing ventures.

That's why I want to help you.  I had been where you are now.  I was also confronted with the same situation and I had the feeling that I just wasn't' capable of pulling it off. In fact, I had many failures until fine morning I started to earn real money.

maven enterprises

Do You Know What I Learned From Those Experiences?

I found out that I am not only capable of making money online, but also capable of earning money consistently which I couldn’t even dream of before, the kind of money that made me to have a FIVE STAR life, the kind of money that made me to acquire properties and villas at premier locations.

And so,

You can also earn the same amount of money, if not more and have a princely living. You can learn how to do all of this faster and easier than you may have ever imagined.

The key to online success is within your reach.  Keep reading to learn how it can be yours.

I Used to Be Just Like You!
Worried About Internet Marketing- Whether It’s Really,
Possible To Make Money Online

A few years ago, I had to start my online ventures with a lot of confusion with no money in my hand. I just started it by lending money from my friends, and then tried out some internet marketing. I really wanted to do   a good business out of it, but except for a few mediocre earnings, it was not sufficient to make both ends meet.

To make things worse, some of the programs I joined were outright scams. After all these experiences, my initial reaction was negative. Just like you, I thought this was something I couldn't do.  There was just no way in front of me than evading out of those friends, who gave me money. To be frank, I failed 22 times.

And From There, It Was All Success

Why Should You BELIEVE Me?

Why An Online Video Training?


It’s possible for you to register a domain and spend a lot of time and money to run a website. Yet, you may go through the trial and error method and still finish frustrated like the many, who have not got proper guidance and finally sink their business. In contrast, what you get here is just, apply-setup-and earn the real Money. Yes, you’re going to just plug-in my success with my online video training.

I have compiled all the information I gained into videos. Just follow the instructions, and the money is yours- Child’s play!

Can You? Follow the simple instructions given in my online videos. Then That’s All You Need!!!

This video program is designed in such a way as to grab the concepts very quickly and put in to action without any delay. You can talk to me, one-on-one, as and when you please, in case of any clarifications. In a nutshell, I’ll do everything possible to make your earnings grow. That’s the sole reason why I have limited this program to hundred members. My aim is to give individual attention to all my members.

Believe me, there is nothing to hide here. And when I say this program is limited to very few on a first-come-first serve basis, I just really mean it.

Now, This Is Very Important!!!

I do appreciate those guys who are raring to go. I have packed the bonuses keeping these quick decision-makers in mind.

Fast Action Bonus #1 (Priceless Value)

For the first 35 private members who sign up, here’s what they get:

  • A product of their choice, which means they’re going to fully loaded, right from the start. 
  • A website designed by us for selling the product.
  • A domain name and hosting (500 mb).
karanam srikanth
FAB#2 (Value Rs 25,000/- Each)

For 36- 70 private members that sign up here’s what they get as bonus:

  • A website designed by us (no product).
  • A domain name and hosting (500 mb).
maven enterprises
FAB#3 (Value 6,000/-)

For 71 to 100 private members that sign up here’s what they get as bonus:

  • A one page website designed and developed by us of their choice.
  • A domain name and hosting (500 mb).
maven enterprises

And There's No Need To Spend Lacs Of Rupees (Or More)
To Get The Individual Training You Might Need
To Maximize Your Earnings.

maven enterprises

The other major thing most people dislike about training courses is the fact that if you ever need help you're pretty much stuck. You're on your own.

Many companies sell additional 'coaching programs' (and there's certainly nothing wrong with that) but most people don't want to invest more money to help carry out a plan of action.

Because of this, we've added something unbelievably valuable to Indian Money School by having a private coaching & mastermind community online. Need help with anything in the course? Go online and get the help you need. From me personally, my staff, or from other owners of the course.

This Money-School Is Guaranteed To Evolve. And You'll Get Every New Version And Update FOR FREE... FOR LIFE

maven enterprises

There's nothing worse than investing your money in a training course that becomes outdated in a short amount of time. Let's face it, while many proven Internet Marketing strategies *will* always work for many, many years, some stop working. And at the same time new ones are discovered all the time.

When you get your copy of Indian Money School you'll receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES to the course. If anything is added to the course you'll get it FREE. If anything is modified or tweaked you'll get it FREE.

Think of it as possibly the ONLY money-generation course you'll ever need to buy. As practically ANYTHING related to generating money on the Internet changes or evolves, you'll get this cutting-edge information FOR FREE.

Now you'll never get 'stuck' again with something you don't understand or can't get to work for you. Help will always be just a mouse-click away.

And the value of this, private community goes way beyond just getting help or sharing money-generation ideas. There's potentially a small fortune for you to make by partnering with others in the community and taking advantage of certain income opportunities.


You get FREE ACCESS to this community for the LIFE of the product. No set-up fees. No monthly automatic billed fees. NOTHING. It's 100% FREE to you when you get your copy of Indian Money School.

Other Than These Specific Bonuses

"The Inner Working of Indian Money School "VIP Seminar"
(A Rs 20,000/- Value)

Admission To The Two Day “Money School” Success Conference )

A live, in-person event only for those who sign up now!
Starting right here at Indian Money School Headquarters at Hyderabad.

karanam srikanth

This kind of access has never before been granted to anyone who wasn't one of my top-shelf, deep-pocket clients.

That's a full VIP tour of the workspace. Meet the crew... ask specific questions and get direct, unfiltered answers to anything. Discover secrets of how an 7 figure business
handles copywriting... SEO... logistics... launches... branding... live events, and more!

But it's more than that... Go off on your own... snoop around... pull someone aside and grill them...

Learn what we do... how we do it... and how to best utilize your own talents... and the talents of others.

If you've ever had a “small business” —thinking you'll always be a 1 or 2 man operation—this very well could be the easiest way to break through it for good.

Then on day 2 it's time for advanced marketing training with me and the rest of my team. We'll cover everything from product development, to sourcing... Joint ventures to
hiring... and so much more...

And that's just for starters! Let's add...

Streaming Live Interactive
Q&A Sessions

(Priceless Value)

7:00 PM, Every Business Day in January
You'll never be more then a few hours away from me answering your personal questions live.

karanam srikanth

Take your success very seriously, so i've cleared my entire calendar. Each day, I'll be ready, willing and fully prepared to help you blast away any obstacle that blocks your success.

These special, live sessions will be interactive Q&A sessions, where you ask me questions and I give you answers to your specific challenges, issues, and opportunities.

You’ll also gain priceless insights as you see the problems and queries your classmates are dealing with — and as you see how I help them quickly and easily solve each one.

And again: I’ll make these mp3s and a transcript of this session available to you to listen at your convenience.

Plus they'll be indexed and cross referenced so you can immediately skip to the questions and answers that are most relevant to you.

Indian Money School DVD Package (Value Rs 10,000/-)

If you miss out any sessions, all videos will be in a downloadable format. Mp3s will be available and transcripts also will be made available. All videos will be delivered in the form of DVDs after the course is finished along with DVDs of two- day seminar.

karanam srikanth

Don’t Miss Out On Life Just To Save Money…

Don’t Tire Yourself Out…
Just Let
Your Money Work For Itself…

“My Iron-Clad Promise To You”

I personally guarantee you will find my Indian Money School the best training you've ever received.

I personally guarantee these principles will apply to you and your online business today... and tomorrow.

I'm so sure of that, I'm willing to offer Two unbeatable guarantees.

GUARANTEE ONE: Sign up. Once the program starts. Download the learning material... the homework assignments... even the free videos and tools. Take a week to examine them all. If by the end of those 7 days you feel you got in over your head... just call or write for a quick refund before we send out your bonus package. I'll give you the DVD Package just for taking the time.

I ask for you to do this quickly because your seat will ultimately go to someone else.

GUARANTEE TWO:Take the whole course. the streaming sessions... turn in all your homework... implement real changes to your business...

Then, when we’re done ... when you can fully evaluate the transformation that has taken place in your business … when you’re actually beginning to taste the fruits of your new success, YOU DECIDE.

You must be utterly blown away with the things we’ve done together to obliterate every issue that’s holding you back. As long as you've done your part. You must actually begin to see the results in greater freedom …and increased profits.

Otherwise, just let me know before the last minute, of the last hour, of the last day of your course and I’ll happily refund every penny you paid.

I'm that sure my Indian Money School will do wonders for your business... wonders for your life, that I'm taking all the risk.

I said it was iron-clad and I meant it!

And that’s not all; this video package is a sure shot recipe for online success. You’ve got to view it to believe it. And even then you’re not going to believe that a video can so exhaustively bring to light so many powerful methods to earn money online. If you really love money, then these videos are your ticket to success. There’s much left to say, because once you view it, you will do the talking! 

karanam srikanth