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★Rooh.it Drag button to Bookmarks Bar to get your own Highlighter

Without installing anything


Oops, you moved away from it..
Excellent, now Drag it up slowly
(to your Bookmark Bar)
Go ahead and mouse over the gray button
Go ahead and mouse over the gray button

Alt + V + T + B to show Bookmarks Bar.
Add to Firefox
Add to
  • Everything you highlight is automatically saved & pinned
  • Stumble upon relevant highlights from people you trust

Your instant web highlighter++

Collect, Share & Discover cool highlights.

Drag this ★Rooh.it Button to your Bookmarks Bar

..and click it on any page

To Start Highlight

Now drop it. (Not on address, but on Bookmarks bar.)

Click ★Rooh.it on any page to start highlighting it.

Alt + V + T + B to show Bookmarks Bar.

Have you ever...

  • Searched online?

    ..and found the info you seek scattered across multiple pages? (Just highlight them.)

    Roohit auto-saves the useful snippets & organizes them by tags. Easily retrieve them - anytime, anywhere.

  • Bought something online?

    ..and compared various products/prices/features on multiple websites?

    Highlight the things most important to you. Combine and see them ALL together.

  • Researched a health issue?

    Highlight your matching symptoms and possible causes.

    See them in one place.

  • Created a tinyURL?

    Roohit automatically creates one - for you - for every page you highlight!

    Share the page: "with your highlights."

  • Wanted to Tweet part of a web-page?

    Automatically tweet your highlights with a tinyURL to "your highlighted page."

    (Even auto-compresses the text to 140 characters).

  • Shared a webpage on Facebook?

    Now share it with "your highlights" and a thumbnail-picture of the highlighted page.

  • Received a link in your email?

    ..and struggled to find what they want you to see on that page.. a real friend would Rooh (means soul) it.

    Give them the gift of Roohit – and make your life easier!

  • Copy-pasted text?

    Roohit automatically copies the highlighted text for you.

  • Copied parts of many pages?

    ..to save/collate your findings..

    Yup, Roohit automatically does it for you.

  • Proved your argument using the Internet?

    Highlight your "proof" ☺ and show it to anyone!

    (even non-Roohit users)

  • asked someone to "check this out"?

    Get to the point, show them what's important, so they don't have to struggle with trying to find it on the page!

  • Worked on a Group assignment?

    How much simpler life would have been if you could have highlighted & collaborated back then?

    Share the benefits of this wonderful, free service with your friends..

  • Repeated a Search?

    ..to find results you previously found useful.

    Use Roohit to build your Collection of "my-useful-info-on-the-web."

  • Wanted to see what people-you-trust found useful?

    Now you can, thanks to Roohit. Fight info overload, and stop wasting time reading all the clutter.

    Read Only Others' Highlights

  • Researched anything online?

    Think about the last time you were looking for a job, a new home, a car, or anything else..

    Just Rooh it after every search.

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