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The Angry Man’s Post at Just a Thought from Near the Sand Hills

The Angry Man’s Post

November 25th, 2009

Just blogging along, you know, wanting to develop a sense of purpose for this blog. I am not quite sure why but I have a sense of anger at the political world now and in a sidelong view at the world in general. I am coming to know what my mother was all about. She was cynical about the world in general, not always fairly, but understandably she had a knack for bringing everything to the bottom line. The general stupidity of people regardless how refined or how self righteous they thought themselves to be was distilled in her mind down to a few fine points. One of the finer points in particular she loved to utter concerning men and women relationships…”Its all just part of the great pecker chase!!” she would utter at the oddest moments. So in the final analysis it came down to basic, very basic, almost caveman rational and motive: survival of the smartest and strongest and then survival of one of the two. In her mind all motives were suspect!

Another of the finer points could be stated the way one doctor I know put it: He boiled it down to two basic rules-money (power) and sex. So with mom there were two main motives for anything men and women did. They were either trying to get more money, hence power, and/or get sex and more of it.

If you understand the basic philosophy of magic or the art of Illusion you will grasp what I am trying to say shortly. The Illusionist entertains us, his reason for doing so are not obvious; but, then again that is the object right to keep us from seeing the obvious, yes? We can assume whatever we want and he certainly depends on us to do just that....assume with his help. He hypnotizes the subject on it the audience or possibly both...? He does the impossible...or did he? Is it possible to pull a rabbit out of a hat or grab a card out of thin air? Did he truly saw that woman in half? He convinced me, did he you?

So have a little understanding of why I am angry, it is one thing to be an entertainer and to entertain me with illusions and mis-directions;and, quite another to be the most powerful leader on earth using the tricks of the trade to lead a nation. A politician campaigns on making a change where change is needed, he touts transparency, he says he will make a difference, if elected.

"Sincerity is the face of the soul, as dissimulation is the mask"~ S.Dubay

The Illusionist will attempt to convince us that his performance is the reality

; we are to see what he wants us to see and we are to believe that he has done what our senses tell us is not real.
He says I have cut the woman in half, I have pulled the rabbit out of the hat, and this card I plucked from thin air.

I have promised you things, changes, new agendas and because I said I did them you need only believe and they are done!

The stimuli plan would create jobs and all I know has been created are the numbers, check the government web site and note the fiction figures. He has promised transparency and then accuses news agencies when they point out his lack of transparency. He promised a new day by with drawing from the control of special interests groups and closing political control down for the lobbyists; can you say Acorn, Move, can you say Czars?

Its the illusion of mis-direction...point out problems this administration has created and you hear "Bush...Cheney...Right wing terrorists...Then the more people protest the tax and spend policies the more we get. They are for the middle class and yet the middle class will go to jail if they reject government run health care. Cap and trade is a cap and tax or more like Cap and Jack the middle and low income people...everything we do will be taxed...

Can we grasp in one setting those who have an agenda which to thinking person is obvious yet to most it remains hidden. This reminds me of the Illusionist, remember the magicians purpose is to mis-direct our attention. So there are those who will perform magic right in front of our eyes; oh, we see what they are doing, and the magic is not in the trick but the trick is in why we believe we havent been deceived. They told us we didnt see what we saw and we believe them; for, when we turn to our brother they are also incredulous in that they can not believe they have also been deceived and so we deceive ourselves in order to not believe we have been deceived…… wonder I am feeling a little angry…

I reserve the right to amend and modify this article as needed.

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