Top 10 Reasons to add the Bookmarklet to Your Favorites Bar

  1. is one of the 25 Most Popular apps on Google Toolbar.
    There’s a good reason why everyone is using it.
  2. It’s extremely easy to add: just drag
    to your favorites, and you are done!
  3. Highlight any page instantly: just click the bookmarklet!
    No need to worry about remembering to type in “” before a URL, the bookmarklet does it for you!
  4. Sharing a web-page? before you share it (rooh means soul/essence)
  5. No more copy-paste and emailing. so you can save and collect it.
  6. Do you forget where you read things on the web? is your online clipboard with instant memory of #hilights.
  7. Do you write a blog & refer t0 other web-pages? so you can auto-blog to their relevant sections.
  8. Highlight what you find relevant! Forget about the unnecessary fluff that so many blogs or articles have… get straight to the point.
  9. Forever forget about the key strokes “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” – we make them obsolete on your browser.
  10. Do you really need a tenth reason? Just do it!
Click on pen to Use a Highlighter on this page
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