Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Highlights

So you just finished reading the latest entry on your favorite blog.  Of course, you used your handy Highlighter and made a bunch of colorful streaks throughout the text.  Now what, you ask?  Today we explore the Top 3 things you did not know you could do with your highlights.

3. Tag

You’ve made thousands of highlights but are frustrated because you wish there was an easier way to sort them.  Well, there is.  Next time that you highlight, simply mouseover any highlight and write in your personalized Tags in the Tag Bar provided on the popup command menu.

Adding Tags to a Highlight

Use this powerful piece of technology to make searching and sorting your highlights easier and more efficient.  Take advantage of the Tag system to stumble upon other relevant content members of the community have similarly labeled.

2. Private

We understand that part of the beauty of is our strong community of users.  Through our users and our open technology many people are able to discover new sources of information to help them in their everyday lives.  However, we know that at times you just want to keep your highlights to yourself.

Don’t be scared away; simply make your highlights private.  When highlighting, mouseover any highlight and check the Private box to keep those highlights for your eyes only.  Worried that you’ll change your mind later?  Simply go to your Collection page, select the highlight and click on the Public button on the Header.  Likewise, you can change Public highlights into Private ones from this same Header Menu.

Make Highlights Private

1. Comment

Ever make a highlight and then completely forget why two hours down the line?  Never again!  Take advantage of the Comment feature to further personalize your articles.

Simply mouseover any highlight and click on the Comment link of the popup command box.  Type in anything you’d like and it will be instantly saved for you to view in the future.

Add Comments to a Highlight

You can also make comments on existing highlights by viewing the highlight in your Collection page.  Take advantage of this extra level of customization to make your experience richer and more efficient than ever before.

Click on pen to Use a Highlighter on this page
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