Ten Benefits of Rooh.it

You’ve heard of Rooh.it but how much do you really know about one of the newest (and we like to think, coolest) curation solutions out there?  Today we’d like to tell you a little more about what makes Rooh.it so special.
  1. Collect (remember) what you like on the Web: The Rooh.it highlighter makes saving and remembering the most important pieces of your Online world faster and easier than ever before.  Today, more people read their news on the Internet than on print newspapers.  Having a powerful live tool like the Rooh.it highlighter allows any user to instantly clip the sources that they love and save them forever.  Even better, they can share them across their existing Social Networks, inviting any connection to explore the world through their eyes, or their highlights in this case.
  2. No sign-up: At Rooh.it, we understand that the last thing anyone needs is another user name and password to remember.  This is why we made our service accessible with no sign-up required.  Rooh.it simply just works with your existing Internet  browser on virtually any webpage.  How does it remain personalized to you?  Simply sign-in with your existing email address and Rooh.it recognizes what highlights to display.  Do not worry, at Rooh.it we value your privacy; your password and username are never saved on our servers.
  3. No installation: No sign-up would not be complete without no installation!  Rooh.it technology works with your existing system without the need to add anything.  No installation means no worries of viruses or other potentially harmful additions to your computer.  Simply type rooh.it/ before any URL, or use our handy Rooh.it bookmarklet shortcut to activate the Rooh.it highlighter instantly on virtually any page.
  4. Fast: Time is money and nobody understands that better than the Rooh.it Team.  That is why our engineers have worked tirelessly to not only provide a powerful product, but an efficient one as well.  Rooh.it tools are all optimized to work quickly and seamlessly in order to make all users’ experience as productive as possible.
  5. Free: They say the best things in life are well, free.  Rooh.it is no exception.  Take advantage of all the tools and solutions offered by Rooh.it at no charge to you!
  6. Easy: Fast and Free solutions wouldn’t be much without the simplicity to use them.  We are proud of the fact that our solutions are efficient and simple to use.  We are confident that any Internet user can pick up any of our products and take advantage of the power behind them.
  7. No copy/paste: Rooh.it solutions are in place to provide a better alternative to the ancient copy/paste mentality.  Never again lose the context of what you share or struggle with broken shared links.  Simply use the built in features of Rooh.it to instantly share your highlights & pages across your email or existing Social Networks.
  8. Consolidate all your search findings: If you have used the Rooh.it highlighter your know how addicting highlighting your favorite material can be.  Lucky for us, Rooh.it provides an excellent way to organize and save the collection of highlights we create.  Simply visit your personal Collection Page on the Rooh.it site and  view, consolidate, delete, tag & do much more with your personal highlights.
  9. Collaborate: We understand the Internet is a Social Environment and have tailored Rooh.it to enhance the connections you have already established Online.  All of our solutions are built to flawlessly interact with your Social Networks in order to help you better collaborate and share with the people you love.  You can invite others to view what you are reading by sharing your Rooh.it highlights or display your’s and others’ findings using the Rooh.it Widget.  The possibilities are endless.
  10. Browser agnostic: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, it doesn’t matter.  Take advantage of Rooh.it on what ever browser you prefer.  Remember, it just works!
Click on pen to Use a Highlighter on this page
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