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the mark of athena
Author: hardkore56 PM
the mark of athena
Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Percy J. & Annabeth C. - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,289 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Published: 12-14-11 - id: 7636304
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LEO Chapter 1
The day started exactly as I planned. We were getting ready to go and jason was getting antsy he must really want to see his old home and his old possible girlfriend he aparently remembered her a few weeks ago.
The ship was ready and everyone was almost ready except annebeth she was fussing about whether or not he would remember her and how she looked when she got there. I told her it was going to be a 5 hour journey and she could freshen up in her almost private cabin and on the way to greece it would be her and percy if he did remember her even though it was agenst the rules but since chiron wasn't going to be on the ship it didnt mater that they were breaking the rules.
But annebeth said that many people were giong to greece to help fight the army that going to be joining geae's giants and according to rachel they were going to be in the thousands and the giants could only be killed with the help of a god and the only one that seemed willing to help is hera and annebeth hated her for taking percy and his memories.

Annebeth Chapter 2
This day could get better or really freaking terrible. It could get better by percy remembering me or it could get worse by him not remembering me and already had a girl at the new camp and I couldnt just say nothing if he didnt remember me. If he didnt I was going to kill him and then hera.
Hera couldn't just take his memories and get away with it and i was going to beat the memories back into him as clariess would say and do and all i could think about his sea green eyes and his black as night hair and so much more.
As soon as leo told me it would take 5 hours to get there I asked him if there was any way he could make the ship go faster but he just said"I'm sorry but the magic scroll said we would be there in an uhour and it should take at least 4 hours to get there so im sorry your just going to have to wait."

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