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e cigarette reviewsConsidering I have been a smoker for over twelve years, smoking an average of a pack a day or more, no longer smoking tobacco has been quite an accomplishment for me. This is why I have decided to write these e cigarette reviews. I quit smoking several times over those years, however I always returned to the addictive habit. I tried various methods to quit smoking, the gum, the patch, and just plain cold turkey. Although I admit I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into the gum or the patch because I think, like many others may have noticed, they are not enjoyable to use. The patch makes your skin itch and the gum taste like crap. Not to mention, I still smoked while trying both, which is not advisable by any means.

When I discovered the electronic cigarette I was pretty skeptical as I am with most new stuff I see that may look like a gimmick. I did a little research and online found one that looked like it was a good deal. I bought it because it was cheap and figured it was worth a shot anyways. It arrived 5 weeks later, since I signed up for the free trial money back they were offering, and that’s how long it took. This was kind of annoying being that I was motivated to try it and stop smoking right away. The electronic cigarette I received was not very well made, and was a pain to deal with. I decided at this point that I was not going to give up on e-cigarettes just yet. After going through this experience and trying a good variety of electronic cigarettes, I have seen how different they all are, and how much they vary from brand to brand, it inspired me to write electronic cigarette reviews for others. Now others have written in their reviews to SneakyReviews.com for an even bigger variety of testimonials on this site. With the help of several of my good friends, we try and keep everything up to date to give everyone the best opportunity to make a good decision before making that purchase. We hope you like the reviews!

The technology involved is great. You start with a cartridge filled with water, nicotine, and optional flavors. Then you screw that cartridge into a battery cartridge which is rechargeable. On average, each e cigarette cartridge lasts about the same as 1 pack of smokes.

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Updated as of August 15, 2011 Now with 10 Top E-Cigarettes!

Below is a brief explanation of some of the best electronic cigarettes that we have so far. We try to be as fair as possible with these electronic cigarette reviews but we do apologize if we happen to put several of them on a pedestal simply based upon a majority of opinions. We would not recommend any of the following electronic cigarettes if we thought they were a scam or an inferior product.

1. www.V2Cigs.com <— Visit Official Site

V2 Cigs has some extra options you may not see with many other electronic cigarette providers. They also have some good flavors and a nice vapor puff. Very well priced starter kits make it easier to afford for someone who is just starting, out with out demanding a huge investment. V2 Cigs also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all V2 Cigs batteries.
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2. www.EverSmoke.com <— Visit Official Site

The EverSmoke makes a great electronic cigarette. It comes with a sweet carrying case that is similar to the size of a standard pack of cigarettes. You can charge your e cigs with it as well while your out and about doing your normal daily activities. No longer will you need to worry about finding a place to plugin your e cigarette to charge the battery. EverSmoke offers a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee just like many others. Free shipping is always a nice option too.
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3. www.SouthBeachSmoke.com <— Visit Official Site

South Beach Smoke makes a pretty good quality 2-piece electronic cigarette. Simple to use with some flavors that make this another enjoyable e cigarette. They are giving away $100 free gas rebate for ordering any of their starter kits and they even have a refer a friend program that will credit you for $25 for each friend you refer as well as a discount of 10% off each for your next purchase. Lifetime warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and Worldwide shipping also available.
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4. www.SmokeFrii.com <— Visit Official Site

The Smoke Frii electronic cigarette has an excellent product. Starter kits they sell are a little under priced in my opinion compared to others of it’s quality. If you are looking to get a friend or family member an e cigarette as a gift, this is a great e cigarette for the price. They claim they are better on their site with out much for details and funny enough they actually are! The batteries are comparable to White Cloud’s and last for a long time. Not as fancy looking but hey you may not care much when saving some mulah right?
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5. www.WhiteCloudCigarettes.com <— Visit Official Site

White Cloud Cigarettes is a very high quality electronic cigarette. It is light weight, batteries last longer than any other e cigarette I have tried. A bit pricey right off the bat but they have a 2 year warranty available that practically pays for itself in the long run. White Cloud is also the closest to a tobacco cigarette as far as throat hit compared to any other e cigarettes fin my opinion. The vapor is also very similar to real smoke.
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6. www.GreenSmoke.com <— Visit Official Site

Green Smoke offers a completely revolutionary product. They offer some amazing flavors (just added a few more recently too) as well as some good thick vapor. It really simulates the smoking experience well. They have competitive pricing, a 30-day money back guarantee with one year warranty, and free same day shipping.
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7. www.TheSafeCig.com <— Visit Official Site

The Safe Cig is a good e cigarette that has shown to be high quality and durable The Safe Cig is a strong electronic cigarette that has a consistent vapor and good long lasting battery life. The Safe Cig is also one of our favorite e cigarette brands.
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8. www.ApolloEcigs.com <— Visit Official Site

The Apollo E Cigs e cigarette starter kit comes with everything needed to get one switching over from tobacco cigarettes. Much like the Smok Cigs this starter kit too comes with it’s own handy dandy re-charger cigarette case looking carrier. It will also hold extra cartridges and a spare battery for when your on the go. With the Apollo E Cigs electronic cigarette you get your thick vapor producing atomizer with a good variety of smooth flavors. All the typical warranties and guarantees apply with Apollo E Cigs so you will feel safe with your choice trying this e cigarette.
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9. www.MyLuci.com <— Visit Official Site

The Luci electronic cigarette has a variety of benefits for their customers. Not only do they have a full starter kit priced very well they also have disposable e cigarettes for dirt cheap if you just want to try it out first. They have a lifetime warranty on the atomizer and their other accessories are not nearly as pricey as most others. They have a 30-day money back guarantee and provide free shipping on orders over $100. It is also a nice looking e cigarette, all black with the tip lighting up when you puff on it.
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10. www.SmokeStikUSA.com <— Visit Official Site

Smoke Stik has been around for some time now and has built a good name for having a quality electronic cigarette. Even celebrities such as Katherine Heigl and Leonardo DiCaprio are Smoke Stik users. David Letterman actually tried it live on his show. Smoke Stik has some cool options to customize your e cigarette with different skins to change the look and even have a popular one for the ladies that is pink. You should definitely be considering them in your e cigarette adventures. They offer a lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.
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We hope you enjoy reading all the different e cigarette reviews here on SneakyReviews.com.

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