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Crime In Wrigleyville + Boystown

Sunday, December 08, 2013

BUSTED: 3 Victims Robbed In Separate Gunpoint Robberies; Cops Track, Arrest Offenders On Stratford

Three offenders who were on an armed robbery spree in the neighborhood around midnight are now in custody thanks to the brilliant work of our 19th district officers. At least three people were robbed in two separate incidents according to early information.

The two robbery incidents are marked on this neighborhood map.
Red lines indicate the offenders' movements after the second hold-up.
It all began just before midnight when a man who was returning from a trip to a nearby store was robbed at gunpoint in the 400 block of Barry, east of Broadway.

In that incident, two offenders pointed a "large pistol" at the victim and took virtually everything in his possession: his wallet, his phone, his groceries, some booze, some soda, and even the jacket on his back.

Officers arrived and immediately began tracking the victim's stolen iPhone. The first ping indicated that the offenders were traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound on Newport from Clark Street toward Halsted.

The robbers were fleeing down Newport after robbing two other men of their phones and wallets near Clark and Aldine.

Officers played cat and mouse with the offenders as the get-away car weaved through Boystown. The white vehicle with Michigan plates was brought to a stop on Stratford Place, just east of Lake Shore Drive.

The three occupants were arrested and positively identified. Proceeds from all of the robberies were found in their vehicle as were two handgun-style pellet guns.

The first victim provided descriptions of two suspects:
1) male, black, late teens, 6' tall, black jacket, armed with a gun
2) male, black
No description is available for the third offender.

Chicago Police Department case number HW562803 for one robbery. The case number for the other robbery is TBD.

It is not yet clear if tonight's offenders are responsible for the armed robbery that occurred early Saturday morning in the area of Cornelia between Halsted and Clark.

Well done and thank you, officers.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

BREAKING: Robbery @ Gunpoint 400 block of Barry 5 Minutes Ago

Full story is now online HERE.

UPDATE: 12:15AM—Suspect car stopped now at Stratford and Lake Shore Drive. — Multiple guns recovered.. Developing...

FREEZER BURNED: Robbed At Gunpoint, Victim Waits Over An Hour For Police

A man was robbed at gunpoint, apparently in the area of Cornelia between Halsted and Clark at 3:45 this morning.

The victim then waited for over an hour as his call was reassigned twice and the third unit got ensnared in a disturbance that they thought may have been related.

After waiting an hour, and calling 911 at least one more time, the victim decided to walk to the police station.

According to the initial 911 call, the victim was robbed of a phone and money by two offenders. They are both described as black men, one of whom wore a white cap and black leather jacket.

The exact location of the robbery is not yet clear.

The victim's call was assigned to a unit at 3:52AM, then re-assigned a couple of minutes later, then re-re-assigned at 3:59AM.

On the way to the victim's location, the re-re-assigned unit encountered a disturbance at the Circle K/Shell gas station that they though may have been related to the robbery. The individuals in that incident were sent on their way shortly after 5AM.

At 5:07AM, the robbery victim walked into the police station to file a report.

CPD case number TBD.

These are the things that happen when officers do their best, but there aren't enough of them to properly handle calls. Crimes do not muster proper police responses. Suspects who are not searched for remain free to strike again. And these two will strike again.

Another man was robbed in the same general area on Tuesday, although not at gunpoint.
Image: Web Weaver

Friday, December 06, 2013

CPD REPORTS: 3 Sex Crimes Alleged Inside Center On Halsted Since '09

Last week, the Inside-Booster community newspaper published a report about the number of crimes that have occurred at 3656 N. Halsted, the address of the Center on Halsted.

Max Pagan, 37, was accused of sexually abusing a juvenile
inside the Center on Halsted last year. In an matter unrelated
to the COH, Pagan was arrested again last month for allegedly
molesting a child under the age of 5.  He is being held without bail.
CWB has been provided with more than 60 pages of police reports that document crimes that have been reported at the Center. We will be sharing some of those reports with you in the coming days.

To be clear, we believe the Center on Halsted and most other social service agencies in our neighborhood provide essential services that should be located here. Our disagreement is with the agencies' public denials of any connection whatsoever between a limited number of their clientele and crime in our neighborhood.

We also strongly disagree with most of the services' policies regarding cooperation with the police. While they all profess to have strong and healthy relationships with the police department, CWB can tell you with certainty that many police officers in our district disagree with those assessments.

Police report documentation shows that neighborhood agencies' co-operation with the police department has ranged from full co-operation to selective co-operation to roadblocking.

Today, we will share with you the official details of three sex crimes that are alleged to have occurred inside the Center on Halsted. As you can imagine, some of what follows is graphic and may be difficult to read.

Copies of the complete police reports are available on our Google Drive. 

The police department blacked out some portions of the reports to protect parties and personal information. We have provided these public records exactly as they were given to us. Please remember that allegations do not equal guilt.

Criminal Sexual Assault — December 3, 2009 10:30AM
A 20-year-old woman walked into a hospital emergency room complaining of abdominal pains. There, she told police that
after a verbal altercation with her [21-year-old] ex-boyfriend, he pulled her by the back of her shirt into the mens bathroom [at Center on Halsted], pulled her pants down to her knees and...sexually assaulted her for 20 minutes. [...] Victim and offender continued arguing after which offender left building to unknown location.
The disposition of the case is not known.

Criminal Sexual Abuse — July 26, 2012 between 3PM and 4PM
Officers conducting a routine "premise check" at the Center on Halsted were stopped by a person or persons whose identity is not revealed in the police report.

The officers were told that a 36-year-old man allegedly touched a juvenile male inappropriately. The alleged offender, identified in the report as Max Pagan, was standing outside of the Center on Halsted.

According to the police report, in a follow-up interview, the underage victim told officers that he
was in the bathroom when [the] offender who is a stranger to him approached and grabbed victim's cell phone while…the victim was holding it in his hand. Victim pulled his hand away from offender. Offender being a 36 year old adult male, began to caress victim's chest in a sexual manner and offender stated to victim "are you scared?" Offender then proceeded to slide his hand inside the victim's pants through the waist-line and attempted to fondle [the victim].
The victim fled. When asked what he thought the man was going to do to him, the victim told police, "he was going to sexually molest me."

At that point, the alleged offender was banned from the Center on Halsted and was escorted out of the building.

Online records indicate that Pagan, the alleged offender, was arrested for criminal sexual abuse in early August of last year. The disposition of the Center on Halsted case is not known.

However, Cook County Sheriff's office records indicate that Pagan was arrested again last month. He is currently being held without bail, accused of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against a victim under the age of 5 years old.

Criminal Sexual Abuse — September 25, 2012 9:15AM
According to the police report, a female victim fell asleep inside the COH. She awoke to find a man "standing over her fondeling [sic] her left breast, at which time [she] stated, 'keep your hands offme [sic]."

The alleged offender replied, "Bitch, I'll touch if I want to," prompting the victim to scream for help.

COH security followed and detained the alleged offender for police.

The disposition of this case is not known.
Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office

UNDENIABLE: Report Reveals Facts About Crime At Center on Halsted

The Inside-Booster community newspaper's November 27 edition features a front page story by former Chicago cop Bob Zuley that exposes some cold, hard facts about crime at the Center On Halsted (COH).

To be clear, CWB does not and has never blamed COH or any service organization for "all of the crime" in our neighborhood.

Our position is that these service organizations play a very important role in our neighborhood, but they need to become better neighbors who actively assist the police to root out bad elements.

Unfortunately, their position is that they don't have bad elements. As the Inside-Booster story points out,
Tom Elliot, spokesperson for the CoH told ABC7 news [in August] that, "…I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services."
At a community meeting two weeks ago, Maura McCauley, the city's director of Homeless Prevention, Policy, and Planning, said, "We have no concrete evidence that social services bring crime to the community."
Those are simply untenable positions. A small portion of people who come here on the premise of seeking aid are committing crimes in the area. Just like a small portion who go to most establishments do. The problem is in the agencies' denials.

The Inside-Booster lays out the numbers:
[A] Freedom of Information request shows reported crimes that include 32 batteries, 41 assaults, three robberies, 32 thefts, seven narcotics crimes, three sex offenses, and 38 trespassing cases.
Zuley points out a very important reason to get a handle on crime in the Halsted-Waveland-Addison area.
The proximity of a senior citizen residence presently under construction on the same block underscores the importance of highlighting the crimes that have been reported at the CoH…
Some of neighborhood service agencies believe that when bad things happen on their premises, they are better equipped to handle the problem internally than the police department. We beg to differ.

The Documents
CWB has received copies of official records that support Zuley's story.

Some of the documents, such as a 38-page list of police responses to the COH are a little technical. We are working on a reader-friendly summary of those reports.

We have also received 61 pages of Chicago Police Department reports that document many serious crimes that have occurred at COH. We will begin sharing some of those with you today.

The police reports reveal alleged gang affiliations of reported offenders. They also show that the Center staff has assisted with the detention of some offenders. Presumably, the COH spokesman did not receive word of his co-workers' activities.

Inside-Booster's newspapers have been covering Lakeview news at the community level for 108 years. Most of their reports, including Zuley's story about COH, are not available online. Copies can be found in local retailers. For example, the Barry Regent cleaners at Wellington and Broadway had a stack earlier this week.
Image: Center on Halsted

BLOTTER: Light Activity In A Slow Week

Monday, December 2
7:44PM: A fight is reported inside the Center on Halsted. Participants are then said to have "moved it outside on to the sidewalk." Police arrive and restore the peace. No report.

Wednesday, December 4
1:43PM: A woman reports that a man on a bike reached out and tried to snatch her purse near the intersection of Newport and Lakewood. The bicyclist fails to make contact and pedals away. Description: Male, Hispanic, 20-25 years old, 5'8" tall, slim build, gray hoodie, black pants, on a dark colored bike.

2:31PM: A resident in the 800 block of Roscoe reports that two men jumped out of a dark colored Mercedes and stole deliveries from a neighbor's porch.

Thursday, December 5
10:35AM: A man in the 400 block of Briar tells police that a neighbor who was very unhappy with his leaf-blowing activity poured a cup of hot coffee on him.

2:56PM: A man says that he was robbed at gunpoint near Waveland and Clark in Wrigleyville. Police cannot find him upon arrival. Dispatchers call the victim back and he reports that he got into his car and is trying to track the offenders down. He'll call back when he finds them. Offender description: Male in a gray or brown Chevy Impala. CPD case number, if any, is TBD.

3:13PM: A witness says they see a man running up Clark Street near Wrightwood with a woman's purse or wallet. No victim comes forward. No report.

3:18PM: A group of "children" is reportedly fighting near Broadway and Wellington. Officers arrive, but see no fight in progress. Contact is made with at least one person with an address of record in Aurora. No report.

9:43PM: A CTA driver is "struck in the head with several beer cans" while driving an eastbound Addison bus near Racine. Victim is treated by a CFD ambulance crew. No arrest. Offender description: Male, white, early 20's, black hair, long sideburns, light clothing, last seen eastbound on Addison from Racine.

10:07PM: Two men have just stolen a Christmas tree from a front yard in the 3600 block of Sheffield. No arrests.

11:05PM: A man is seen walking along, checking for unlocked car doors near Cornelia and Seminary. He is last seen trying to break into a white vehicle. A member of the Clark street entertainment detail arrests the apparent offender several minutes later outside of Deuces and The Diamond Club on Clark Street in Wrigleyville. Description: Male, white, black hoodie, black pants, black backpack.

Friday, December 6
5:39AM: Two trespassers refuse to leave the parking garage at 3224 N. Halsted when asked to do so by the complex cleaning crew. Two arrests.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

TIP: Take Care Of Your Back Side

Four numbers make all the difference.

Is your address posted and visible on the back side of your home or garage? If not, we highly recommend getting that done.

The back sides of homes all look the same, unless you happen to know which one you live in.

Police officers spend quite a bit of time in alleys and having your number posted will help them find your place should you ever need them there in a hurry.

Posting your address in the back will also help them accurately radio the location of problems that they encounter.

Just the number is good. If you can add the address, even better.

You can pick up a set of numbers at no charge by visiting Alderman Tom Tunney's office or the 19th district's CAPS office.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

HUSTLED: Readers Ask About Rumored Prostitution Sting

A couple of readers have asked us if we have any info about something they read in a Boystown bar magazine this week.

In a letter to a legal affairs columnist, a man alleges that he was swept up at Halsted and Roscoe in a major prostitution sting:
[A] really cute guy pulled up in a car and began to hit on me. He then asked if I wanted to hook up and when I said “sure,” he asked me how much. […] At that very moment, a bunch of cops appeared from nowhere and arrested me…and my friend… for prostitution! 
When I got to the police station, they put me in a cell. There were about 25 other guys in the cell, all charged with prostitution and all set up by the same hot guy!
We can tell you that we have heard of exactly one prostitution arrest since we started this blog. That is a CPD vice unit bust of a in-house call operation at Surf and Broadway in late October.

Screen shot of arrest data that indicates a prostitution sting in 2011.
Chicago Data Portal
We have searched the city's crime database, the CPD ClearMap site, and even the CPD's online photos of recent prostitution arrestees.

According to all of those resources, the only other prostitution arrest in our area this year was a single arrest on April 2nd near Belmont and Sheffield.

There is no evidence of any prostitution sting in our area since 10 arrests were made over the course of 12 days in February 2011. One of those arrests received a mention in RedEye.

The other prostitution stings or special enforcement operations in the area that we can identify in city records dating to 2003 are:
• August 11-15, 2011—Seven arrests in the area of Clark-Belmont-Sheffield-School.
• September 23, 2006—Seven arrests on Belmont between Halsted and Seminary.
• June 3, 2006—Eight arrests spread across Halsted, Brompton, Aldine, and Belmont
• November 19, 2005—Seven arrests across Halsted, Belmont, and Aldine
• May 7, 2005—Seventeen arrests in a variety of previously-mentoned places.
• January 28, 2005—Nine arrests in various locations.
There were a significant number of prostitution arrests throughout the area in 2004.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

TASTE OF SPRING: Robbery Near Police Station As Temps Hit 50°

Officers stopped two suspects, but came up empty-handed in their hunt for a strong arm robber who struck directly across from the 19th district police station at 9:45PM Tuesday.

The victim, who lost his gray iPhone5 in the attack on Reta Avenue, had no trouble locating a police officer.

Unfortunately, the offender got a jump on the cops. He was last seen running southbound on Reta Avenue, then westbound on Cornelia toward Clark Street.

He is described as male, black, 5'11" to 6'1" tall, 23-25 years old, with no facial hair. He was wearing a black ski hat, a puffy black down winter coat, black gloves, jeans, and dark-colored shoes.

CPD case number is TBD.

BREAKING: Strongarm Robbery Across From Police Station—Cops Hunting Offender

UPDATE: Details are up.

Happened around 9:50PM. Details when appropriate on CWB.

GOIN' MOBILE: Burglars Target Cell Store & Eyewear Shop Overnight

Burglars punched the front door lock of the Mobile Generation Verizon Wireless store at 1022 W. Belmont overnight.

Officers arrived shortly before 4AM, but initial indications are that the burglars did not access the interior.

Virgin Mobile in the 2500 block of Clark in Lincoln Park was struck by an overnight burglary crew that pried open its back door on October 23.

CPD case number, if any, is TBD.

Round Two?
About 15 minutes after the Verizon break-in attempt, police were dispatched to a burglary in progress at Luxury Eyesight, 3808 N. Clark.

Officers found the back door pried open. The thieves are believed to have taken the store's computer.

CPD case number is TBD.

Lighter Side
Monday, December 2, 11:02AM: Police were dispatched to the scene of an assault that had reportedly just occurred in the 700 block of Waveland. The "victim" reported that her male neighbor threatened to put his foot up her butt.
Image: Yelp

SMOKIN': Theft, Burglary Reports Down; Robberies, Rapes Up In 2013

We're getting close to the end of the year and we caught some tidbits on the news about how much crime is "down" in Chicago this year. 15% or something? Reeeemarkable.

How does our neighborhood stack up? Here's a quick look. All stats come from the city's Data Portal and reflect annual totals as of November 20th of each year.
• 13,965: Total crimes reported in our district as of November 20 last year
• 12,238: Total crimes reported in our district as of November 20 this year
That's 1,727 fewer reported crimes. 319 of the 1,727 can be attributed to a stunning 44% reduction in marijuana-related crimes.
• 727: Cannabis-related crimes in our district as of November 20 last year
• 408: Cannabis-related crimes in our district as of November 20 this year
Amazing. The battle to curb marijuana use costs state and federal governments $20 billion a year according to one economist, but the 19th district has managed to slash pot cases by nearly 50%. What IS our secret?

It's enough to make one worry about the future of the neighborhood's seemingly vibrant head shop industry.

Other district-wide and local drops came in the categories of theft and burglary. Possibly because all of the reformed potheads were able to get off the couch and get real jobs instead of stealing from the rest of us.

Wrigleyville and Boystown has bucked the "down" movement in two serious crime categories. Robberies and criminal sexual assaults have climbed on the neighborhoods' police beats of 1923, 1924, and 1925.

Robberies are on pace to hit a record high for the third consecutive year.
216: Robberies on beats 1923/24/25 last year
226: Robberies on beats 1923/24/25 this year. 
13: Criminal sexual assaults on 1923/24/25 last year
19: Criminal sexual assaults on 1923/24/25 this year.
One other number is "down" this year. That's the number of police officers who are assigned to our district.
476: Police officers assigned to our district as of March 4, 2012
372: Police officers assigned to our district as of last month.
That's a 22% reduction in officers. Now, police executives would like for you to believe that having 22% fewer police officers available to file police reports does not artificially reduce the level of reported crime.

They are the same executives who would like you to believe that common thieves and pot smokers have left our neighborhood in droves while street robbers and the thankfully sparse rapists come here more often.


Side Note
Our favorite police executive charade lately is the CPD's boast that Chicago is pacing to have fewer homicides this year than any year since 1965. 

That sure does sound good. Although, the city also has 835,000 fewer people living in it this year compared to 1965. Soooo, that means the murder rate is actually worse than in 1965.

The interior of a state-of-the-art 1965 ambulance.
But pay no attention to that. Please.

There's one other very important factor that police executives fail to acknowledge when making their homicide comparison to 1965. That is the unimaginable advances in emergency medicine that we enjoy today compared to 48 years ago.

How many people who were shot in Chicago this year would have died if they had to be treated with the medical knowledge and technology of 1965? Bunches, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Ambulance Image:

Monday, December 02, 2013

CALENDAR: December Meetings of Interest

• The CAPS Meeting for police beats 1923, 1925, and 1934 (yellow on the map) will be held at 7PM this Wednesday, December 4, in the 19th district police station.

• The CAPS Meeting for police beats 1924 and 1933 (pink on the map) will be held at 7PM next Thursday, December 12, in Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Follow the signs or ask at the front desk for directions to the meeting room.

• Southeast Lakeview Neighbors' monthly meeting is scheduled for 7PM next Monday, December 9, at Second Unitarian Church, 656 W. Barry.

SWEET: Google Page Can Locate, Lock, Wipe, & Ring Your Android

Maybe we're just out of the loop, but this was a new one for us.

We learned this weekend that Google offers a web-based phone location service for any Android device that is logged into a Google account.

We've tested the site repeatedly and have found it to be highly accurate, as you'd expect from Google.

In addition to tracking your phone's location, the Google site allows you to force your phone to ring at max volume for five minutes (Yay! It's in the couch cushions!) as well as lock and wipe your phone remotely.

There are plenty of apps that do these things and much more. But we've bookmarked the Android Device Page because it doesn't require us to remember additional passwords or text secret codes to do the basics.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

WRIGLEY: Several Arrests, Man With Gun Escapes

The Wrigleyville police manpower sponge sucked up the district's resources as usual overnight. One offender with a gun escaped capture:

12:50AM—Fight outside of Sluggers, 3540 N Clark.

1:14AM—One arrest for stealing from the bar at Deuces and The Diamond Club, 3505 N Clark.

1:45AM—Five men fighting in front of John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark. At least one arrest.

1:52AM—Fight in front of Moe's Cantina, 3518 N Clark.

1:55AM—An off-duty officer reports a battery in progress at the intersection of Eddy and Seminary streets. One person is seen retrieving something from a silver Ford SUV.

Officers determine that a group of four men and women "jumped" another group on the street. Two females are arrested, the other offenders escape toward Clark Street.

One of the men who got away is armed with a handgun.

Two victims who "got beat pretty good" are treated by an ambulance crew.
Image: New Grounds

Saturday, November 30, 2013

RECAP: News & Notes From A Holiday Week

A woman who reported that someone stole her purse from a Boystown bar and then drove off with her car has been reunited with her vehicle.

Residents of the 3800 block of N. Racine reported a "suspicious vehicle" parked curbside with its hood up at 9 o'clock Thanksgiving morning. Officers tracked down the owner.

The people who reported the suspicious vehicle told officers that it had been parked in the same spot for nearly a week, long before the owner claimed that her car had been stolen.

Saturday, November 30, 12:13PM
Police were called to the Center on Halsted for at least the third time this week.

Gosh. That's so strange since the Center's spokesman told ABC7 this summer that
I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services.
This time around, police were asked to remove a "transgender female" from the premises. Officers arrested the offender for trespassing. CPD case #HW553129

Saturday, November 30, 7:03PM
The Circle K/Shell service station at Addison and Halsted called police to report that a man who previously stole from the store had locked himself in the store's rest room.

An officer made contact with the individual, a 21-year-old white male, 5'10" tall, 220 pounds, wearing a red coat, whose last known address is the former location of the Broadway Youth Center: 3837 N. Broadway.

Manpower Issue
How short-handed is our police district? So short-handed that four of its 15 police beats did not have cars assigned to patrol them this morning. Among the areas with no beat cars on the a.m. shift Saturday was beat 1924, which covers the heart of Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Needless to say, when a district doesn't have 26% of its beats covered, things get very busy for the officers who are working. Dispatchers ran out of cars to handle calls several times during the shift.

The beats that had no assigned officers this morning are colored red in the map.

Quote Of The Month
A lot of the offenders are not from this district…My thought is to put a wall around the district and stop all the crap from coming in.
That is Commander James Jones of the neighboring 20th district, speaking the truth to a community meeting, according to a story on DNAInfo.

If our commander were to offer a thought like that, he would be labeled 15 kinds of an "-ist."

PS—The bulk of our offenders do not live in our district, either.

THIEF WELLINGTON: 3 Robberies in 10 Days Near Brown Line Stop

Chicago Police logged three robberies over the course of 10 recent days near the Wellington Brown Line station, according to city records. The Wellington station sits on the Illinois Masonic Medical Center campus.

It is not clear if the robberies are connected or if the spike is a coincidence.

One possibility is that an increased police presence one stop north at the Belmont L station is pushing robbery offenders to safer waters.

The three recent robberies near the Wellington stop are:

• A strong arm robbery on the street at Wellington and Sheffield at 1AM on Saturday, November 16. CPD case #HW536769 
• An aggravated robbery on the sidewalk on Sheffield south of Oakdale at 2:30AM on Saturday, November 23. CPD case #HW545560 
• A robbery with a handgun at Wellington and Kenmore  at 10:50PM on Monday, November 25. The case number is HW548204.
By comparison, the immediate area of the Belmont station has recorded just two robberies in November.

According to CPD records, beat 1933, which includes the area bordered by Halsted, Lincoln, Belmont, and Diversey, has recorded 47 robberies so far this year.  At this point in 2012, it had logged 39 robberies.

Friday, November 29, 2013

CWB TICKER: November 29, 2013

This month's to-date robberies are below 2012 and 2008 numbers as of November 20th according to city records.

Two alleged robberies with handguns in Wrigleyville this month have gone unrecorded on "official records." (See HERE and HERE).

The city has released the following information regarding robberies in our neighborhood since the last CWB Ticker update. Our original reports of incidents are linked via the case numbers, when available.

CASE: HW529876
DATE: 11/11/2013 7:30:00 PM

CASE: HW536313
DATE: 11/16/2013 6:15:00 PM

CASE: HW537588
DATE: 11/17/2013 10:40:00 PM

CASE: HW541217
DATE: 11/20/2013  3:46:00 PM