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Nutrition Value

Nutrition Value

nutrition value information and resources

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Does baking apples take away the nutritional value?

Posted September 22nd, 2009 by nutrition value | No Comments

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Brie Bella asked:

I like to cook my apples in the microwave and eat it, but someone told me that it takes away all the nutrition. is this true?

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Calorie Restriction

Posted September 18th, 2009 by nutrition value | No Comments
John C White asked:

Calorie restriction is an integral part of any weight loss plan. Unless you plan to spend hours each day exercising, this is the only method that assures you of losing inches from around your waist. So if you are to have the success you want, you need to get this right.

That being said, when dieters apply this method, there is a mistake that many tend to make: they restrict their calories too much.

On the surface, you might think that the more you restrict your calories, the faster you will lose weight. If burning fat was like siphoning water from a large barrel, then this would be the case. Unfortunately your metabolism does not work this way.

Why too few calories is bad

When you restrict your calories too much, you slow down your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently. This is because your body interprets this as starvation and reacts by not only slowing down the metabolizing of food, but also it is predisposed to storing any excess as fat. As such, making sure that you maintain a fast metabolism is a major part to quick weight loss.

To ensure that this does not happen, you need to know the appropriate calorie amount that will help you to lose weight consistently without slowing down your metabolism.

Your Calorie Restriction Guide

The best way to do this is by using your basal metabolic rate or BMR as a guide. This value represents the amount of calories you need if your were to spend your entire day lying still in bed. Since any movement requires the burning of calories, using this value as your maximum calorie intake will assure you that you will lose weight.

To calculate this value, you can use a BMR calculator. Once you determine your value, use it as a guide for determining the amount of calories you need to consume on your diet. This calorie restriction, along with your exercise program, will have those fat cells steadily shrinking, enabling you to eventually get in beach body shape.

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Topical in Nutrition Value on September 17, 2009

Posted September 17th, 2009 by nutrition value | No Comments

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Facts About Daily Calorie Limits and Appropriate Food Portions

Posted September 16th, 2009 by nutrition value | No Comments
Alexandru Matei asked:

The health hazard due to obesity is increasing day by day. The food that we normally consume is converted into calories and it provides energy to perform our routine activities. The extra calories which aren’t burnt get settled in our body as fat which leads to the increase in weight which can lead to obesity and this usually serves as the gateway for various diseases.

Obesity is due to our bad eating habits and irregular physical exercises. In order to reduce weight various dieting techniques are suggested. The daily calorie limit is calculated to find the amount of calorie intake which is necessary daily for our bodies. The daily calorie limit varies from every person based upon their body height, weight and the metabolic activities.

The calorie guidelines are sorted based on the amount of calorie burnt during the entire day by the person who tends to lose weight. When you follow the Daily Calorie limits guideline you need not undergo starvation. Instead you can spread out your meals into four or fives times in a single day. Therefore your energy level is not pushed down and you will remain active through out the day. You might like to try the calorie shifting diet that is mainly based on this theory of eating up to 4 or 5 times per day to accelerate your metabolic rate thus burn fat a lot faster.

When you do not exceed your calorie limit each day then you have succeeded 90% in reducing weight. Planning does not work absolutely. You should keep track of the calorie value of the food and then find the calories burnt every day. There are special menus for the members in the websites who go for Daily Calorie Limit to lose their weight. You need not spend much on these foods as they take part in your daily diet. Try to find the calorie content of the food by checking the label and use them accordingly. The minimum number of calories needed can be calculated from the current weight.

It is not advisable to start with strict dieting techniques initially because they may be tough to follow and you will easily quit off the diet which is not good. Daily Calorie Limits is one of the basic diet technique followed by most of the Online dieting websites to lose weight in a healthier manner.

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Are there any kinds of ice cream that have actual nutrition?

Posted September 16th, 2009 by nutrition value | 1 Comment
Madelyn asked:

Is frozen yogurt really yogurt? What about Tofutti ice cream? Is it good? I really like ice cream, but there’s absolutely no nutritional value in it. Is there an alternative that might at least nourish me or privide a serving of some food group?

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Nutrition Label Question?

Posted September 15th, 2009 by nutrition value | 3 Comments
Dyllon C asked:


(Whichever Link works)

That is a picture of my nutrition value.
Here are some questions I dont know how to get:
2.If you eat the entire bag or container, what percent of the daily value of fat have you eaten?
3.If you munch one serving, what percent of the daily value of saturated fat have you eaten?
4. If you eat one serving, how many grams of dietary fiber have you eaten?
5.How many servings would you need to eat to reach 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C?


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Does head lettuce have any nutritional value?

Posted September 14th, 2009 by nutrition value | No Comments
epic_laydown asked:

I know it has fiber, but I’ve read that other lettuces with deeper green colors have more nutrition….and since head lettuce has a light color, it has very little nutritional value. is this true?

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Topical in Nutrition Value on September 10, 2009

Posted September 11th, 2009 by nutrition value | No Comments

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nutrition information for ralphs famous ices?

Posted September 9th, 2009 by nutrition value | 1 Comment
lushaa asked:

there is a dead link in the website for the nutrition information for ralphs ices. i reall want to know what the facts are for the sguar fre water ices.. or at least one item on the menu. apparently some of the storefronts list the nutritional values, but none near me. please if anyone knows any information on it, id love to know.

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Why does whey protein foam when shaken and mixed? Nutritional value?

Posted September 7th, 2009 by nutrition value | 1 Comment
Lance asked:

I mix my whey protein powder (optimum nutrition) with various juices and liquids. It tends to create ridiculous amounts of foam. Drinking foam is just disgusting to me. I was wondering if I should drink the foam. Is it bad? Good? No different from the liquid? I know milk and egg white foams but why?

Note: Waiting for the drink to unfoam is not an option. Trying another brand is also not an option. I just want to know whether or not the foam has any nutritional value and why it foams.

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