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★Rooh.it Drag button to Bookmarks Bar to get your own Highlighter

Without installing anything


Ctrl + Shift + B to show Bookmarks Bar.
  • Everything you highlight is automatically saved & pinned
  • Stumble upon relevant highlights from people you trust

Your instant web highlighter++

Collect, Share & Discover cool highlights.


Drag this ★Rooh.it Button to your Bookmarks Bar

..and click it on any page

To Start Highlight

Ctrl + Shift + B to show Bookmarks Bar.

Have you ever...

  • Searched online?

    ..and found the info you seek scattered across multiple pages? (Just highlight them.)

    Roohit auto-saves the useful snippets & organizes them by tags. Easily retrieve them - anytime, anywhere.

  • Bought something online?

    ..and compared various products/prices/features on multiple websites?

    Highlight the things most important to you. Combine and see them ALL together.

  • Researched a health issue?

    Highlight your matching symptoms and possible causes.

    See them in one place.

  • Created a tinyURL?

    Roohit automatically creates one - for you - for every page you highlight!

    Share the page: "with your highlights."

  • Wanted to Tweet part of a web-page?

    Automatically tweet your highlights with a tinyURL to "your highlighted page."

    (Even auto-compresses the text to 140 characters).

  • Shared a webpage on Facebook?

    Now share it with "your highlights" and a thumbnail-picture of the highlighted page.

  • Received a link in your email?

    ..and struggled to find what they want you to see on that page.. a real friend would Rooh (means soul) it.

    Give them the gift of Roohit – and make your life easier!

  • Copy-pasted text?

    Roohit automatically copies the highlighted text for you.

  • Copied parts of many pages?

    ..to save/collate your findings..

    Yup, Roohit automatically does it for you.

  • Proved your argument using the Internet?

    Highlight your "proof" ☺ and show it to anyone!

    (even non-Roohit users)

  • asked someone to "check this out"?

    Get to the point, show them what's important, so they don't have to struggle with trying to find it on the page!

  • Worked on a Group assignment?

    How much simpler life would have been if you could have highlighted & collaborated back then?

    Share the benefits of this wonderful, free service with your friends..

  • Repeated a Search?

    ..to find results you previously found useful.

    Use Roohit to build your Collection of "my-useful-info-on-the-web."

  • Wanted to see what people-you-trust found useful?

    Now you can, thanks to Roohit. Fight info overload, and stop wasting time reading all the clutter.

    Read Only Others' Highlights

  • Researched anything online?

    Think about the last time you were looking for a job, a new home, a car, or anything else..

    Just Rooh it after every search.

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