reach Startups & Business Owners
If you want to reach an eco-system that is made up of business owners and budding new entrepreneurs this is the forum to associate with. It is listened to by an audience of Silicon Valley professionals, budding entrepreneurs with dreams and aspirations looking to learn from the masters; active business owners aspiring to attain new heights; and then the masters themselves: proven and successful business owners.

reach Thought Leaders
that come on the Show as Guests/Speakers. It’s a unique opportunity to have your marketing message listened to by this highly qualified group of proven, established, successful and reputed industry veterans via live advertising on the show and the associated website. Typically these people will have significant influence with numerous companies that they are associated, or involved with. Don’t undermine this audience!

why this Show?

  • Largest South Asian Radio Show in North America: 50,000 Watts
  • One of the Premium Shows on the Radio Station (KLOK – 1170 AM)
  • Best Reach
    • Prime Time: Saturday at Noon when most South Asians are in their cars driving, and running errands.
    • Strongest/Widest Signal: on AM radio the “reach” of the signal is highest at Noon. Shows around/after dusk are received by only a fraction of the audience. (night-time wattage drops to 5,000 Watts – dictated by FCC)
  • Only talk Show of its kind focused on Entrepreneurship and building businesses.
  • Listened to by a fully engaged audience, unlike Bollywood shows that are playing in the background
  • Informed and engaged callers
  • Live streaming
  • Listened to by “White Collar” affluent/wealthy and soon to be even more affluent/wealthy/prosperous and powerful decision makers.
  • Free Podcast available for everyone

Talk Show: with a fully engaged audience that is actively listening, and participating. Unlike songs/music shows that are listened to in the background – this is all talk – with a fully engaged listener-ship!

It’s also podcast and listened to by hundreds of listeners at a time of their choosing.

  1. Micro-Advertising for individuals (Plugs!): “Looking for a co-founder? an advisor? Intro to a specific VC? any VC? Angels?  talent? money? etc.”: Given the focus of what this show is about, we will help out pre-revenue startups, and individuals, etc. by airing your ad. on the Radio for as little as $25. Notional amount is charged to prevent abuse.
  2. Advertising for small businesses: Promote your company? Hiring? Looking to raise money? Looking for Partnerships? $100 for a 30 second spot is our operating price. Expect to get small discounts for more air-time purchased.
  3. Sponsor: a segment of the show and get repeat commercial airtime.

Current Advertisers & Sponsors:

  1. RoohIt:

1. Rooh It dot com: have you ever shared a webpage with anyone? Why not highlight it before you share it? Just type before any web url e.g. It never requires anyone to “join” any new service or “install” any software on your computer. It’s FREE & Fast. NO FINE PRINT, and totally hassle free. Try it out!

2. Rooh It dot com: is a micro-information service that allows you to highlight any part of any web-page. RoohIt then enables you to do all kinds of interesting things with those highlights. It’s fast, and Free. No Sign-up. No-Download. Try it out, what have got to lose?

RoohIt is looking for interns in

  1. marketing,
  2. web design, and
  3. web development.

Please send a resume to

  1. Stefania Wine:

We have reserved an addtional 5% of our commercial time for PSA (Public Service Announcement), this is over and beyond the $25 plug-spots. If you are a 501.(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, please request free advertising here.