Clip + Collect + Collate + Collaborate = Curate

Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut: the Four C’s that define the quality of a diamond and what Certification it is worth.

Similarly: Curation determines the quality and value of Web content.

Wikipedia defines digital curation as: “the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets.”

  • Readers of online material want more ways to experience individually relevant content.
  • Publishers of web content want to engage their readers with more relevant content.

At, we have designed solutions to satisfy both parties; all with the underlying theme of giving users the ability to clip, collect, collate and collaborate their favorite Web content thereby giving them a level of online interaction never seen before.


Any content a user highlights using the instant highlighter is automatically clipped and saved for the user.


When you search, the information you seek is rarely found on a single page. Typically, only a part of any page is of interest, not the entire page. As you surf just highlight the relevant portions.  All your highlights are automatically collected for you.


The collection of highlights can be cherry picked from, and any subset can be combined and collated to be viewed in one shot.


With a plethora of sharing and social tools (and a very powerful new feature coming soon!) takes online collaboration to a finer level of granularity.

You can share just-the-highlights, and/or entire highlighted-pages with anyone (including users) using email, Facebook, Twitter or any other medium.


Curation is the newest trend on the Web and will be reshaping your online experience for a long time to come.  Rather than being dependent on Search Engines and computers to deliver results that are uniquely relevant to you: get interesting content delivered to you as determined to be relevant for you by human eyes. is brought to you by (Al Gore moment!) the creator of Social Networks – ok pioneer ;) Yes, our founder also created one of the earliest Social Networking websites – launched in 1997 – with several million users back then…

Click on pen to Use a Highlighter on this page
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