How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married
How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

If you are interested in someone as a possible love interest but you don’t know much about them, there are things that you need to find out. Some people will not be truthful about if they have a significant other or are indeed married, so you might need to use other methods to discover the truth about them. At least one of the following steps should help you in how to find out if someone is married. This can help you to realize what this person is really like before you take the bad decision to take things further. So, please, enjoy reading article “How To Find Out If Someone Is Married“.

They wear a wedding ring

Some people will lie about their relationship status but they will not have the sense to take the wedding ring off their finger. When you are talking to him/her, look out for a ring on their left hand that should give the game away. If you live in a warm place, you might even be able to spot tan lines where the wedding ring should be. Removing the wedding ring before they come to speak to you is an even more sinister step to take because they are actually thinking of how they can deceive you.

You don’t know where they live

how can i find out if someone is married
If this person is really evasive about where they live, it might be due to the fact that they are hiding a spouse away. Perhaps you are actually in the stage of hanging out with this person but they always insist on coming to your house and won’t even tell you where the street that they live on. There could be a deeper reason behind this than just having a messy apartment that they don’t want you to see.

You’ve never met their friends

If you have never met this persons friends and definitely not their family, it could be due to the fact that they are worried about them spilling the beans that they are married! As a relationship naturally progresses into something that might be more than friendship, you should come in some sort of contact with the people that he/she hangs out with. If this doesn’t happen and they seem hesitant to make it happen, it could be due to the fact they are married. You could take this up a notch and ask to meet their friends, to see what the reaction is.

Search for them on social media

how can you find out if someone is married
Everybody nowadays is on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat.etc. and you should easily be able to find the person that you are interested in by just typing in their name. Scan their profile to find the “relationship” status or if this is set to private, look for photos/statuses that might indicate that they are spoken for. If everything is private, send them a request to become their friend. If they decline your request or block you from seeing certain parts of their profile, they would have no other reason to do this other than being married or involved with someone else.

They never show up when they say they will

If they constantly make plans with you but never stick to those plans and are standing you up with poor excuses when you ask them why, this could be because they are leading a double life. Obviously if they are married, it can be very difficult to make plans with you because they have another person in their life who they have to keep happy. Try springing a last minute date on this person, if they seem really scared at the idea then you know why!

Look at marriage directory records online

The internet is a wonderful place and if you know their full name, you can look them up to see if their married. Just type in “marriage records *where your from*” and the required information should come up. All their past marriages should come up including any current ones, which you can then use to confront them with. If he/she is super good at hiding the person that they really are, they might have even given you a fake name but this doesn’t happen very often unless they are a James Bond wannabe.

They dodge photo opportunities

how do i find out if someone is married
Everywhere you go nowadays people want to take your pictures and they often show up all over the web. If the person you are interested in is married, they are going to avoid having their photo taken with you at all costs. Think about it from their point of view – If they are tagged in a photo with a person who isn’t their husband/wife and that person sees it, he’s going to be in for lots of questions from both sides of the pond. Take a selfie of the both of you and try to upload it to Facebook/Snapchat to see how they react.

Trust your instincts

You hopefully have enough relationship experience to know how somebody behaves and reacts to you when they are single as opposed to when they are married. Do they say things to you that are a bit strange, do they just seem really sketchy in general? Trust your own gut feeling about this person – if they seem too good to be true, then perhaps they are?

Ask them

how to find out if someone is married for free
Some people are not good liars at all and might tell the truth when you ask them outright if they are married, even if they have give the impression previously that they are not. They might answer that they are not married but look into their eyes and also check out their body language to discover the truth behind their words. There are some honest people out there but unfortunately there are also people who want to experience the best of both worlds.


Now that you know how to find out if someone is married, you can use these skills to uncover the truth about that person that you are hanging out with/like. It’s really easy to discover the truth early on, so do your best to do just that. Married men/women should obviously be off limits because if they are willing to cheat WITH you, further down the line they will have no issue cheating ON YOU. Thank’s for reading article “How To Find Out If Someone Is Married“, we hope you will practice it.

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