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Questions To Ask A Guy

questions to ask a guy to get to know them
questions to ask a guy to get to know them

Questions To Ask A Guy

A male person is sometimes very difficult to understand and almost impossible to relate to simply because you don’t know him well enough. With that, there are various lists of questions which a lady between the age of 18 and 27 years should always ask a guy in order for her to understand him better. Enjoy reading Questions To Ask A Guy.


Questions to ask a guy to get to know him

What is your relationship with your mother?

questions to ask a guy to get to know them

This is a very crucial question and should be asked after knowing each other for some time. When asking try to make it sound casual for example “how is your mother?” because you don’t want to come off as being snoopy. The reason for this question is the basis of the behavior of a man to all the women he meets in his life. This will also help you to establish how much he respects women just by the way he talks about his mother, the more he opens up voluntarily, the more you learn. If the answer is just a one word answer it means there is trouble in paradise. Men always appreciate women who possess the same qualities as their mothers.

What are your thoughts on ladies’ body size?

Since men these days tend to be very picky and are always complaining about how fat or how skinny ladies are, it’s very important to know where they stand. This will enable you to know what he appreciates and what displeases him. A lot will be revealed about his character from this question beginning with the way he will answer, especially on plus size women. Ask this question as a by the way to ensure the answer you get is truthful and honest, and not a calculated answer.

What do you think about marriage?

This century is filled with men who do not believe in getting married. An honest straightforward answer is needed for you to establish whether the guy has commitment issues and how serious he really is about his life or if he wants to play the bachelor till the very end.

What is your favorite sport?

hard questions to ask a guy

This is the deal breaker as most guys bond mostly over sports. This question enables you to break through to the guy because the moment you vest little interest in what he is passionate about during his free time, the more you break through to him and he will feel like he can talk to you about anything. It all starts with the football ladies.

What are your hobbies?

This will always be the determinant of whether or not the guy is lazy. It all comes down to the hobby. Time is very precious and whatever a guy does with his spare time will show you exactly who he is. Hobbies such as sleeping point out a vision less character but a more outdoors guy who likes to explore new stuff shows his need to know and learn more about which is a good thing.

What was your childhood like growing up?

Since most guys hold dearest where they come from, a lot can be understood about them from this question. It shows just how much they appreciate where they came from or if they became snobs afterwards. Fond memories from their childhood should come up in this segment to prove how close they are to their roots.

What is/was your relationship with your father?

hot questions to ask a guy

Men either hold the utmost respect for their fathers or they try to avoid talking about it. The way they treat women also mostly reflects on how they saw their dads treat their moms. What is aimed here is to establish what kind of man he has grown to become. Is he more like his father or does he try not to be the man his father was? This also projects what kind of father the guy will be to his child.

What are your strengths, weaknesses and insecurities?

Men will always brag about their strengths but will rarely point out their weaknesses and insecurities. This is due to the fact that they’re very vulnerable but try to look tough and held together all the time. The weakness part should be asked subtly so as to know if the guy is willing to let others in to work on his insecurities. It all comes down to pride and letting his guard down.

What is your favorite meal?

list of questions to ask a guy

They say the key to man’s heart is food and laughter. This question opens up the good fun side of a man and also projects if he is comfortable in his own element by admitting that he does in fact love a specific type of food.

Are you a religious person?

Matters of faith are extremely important and it is equally important to know where the guy stands. If he had a firm foundation on church matters and if he is a believer; this will help you determine his true beliefs, values and principles.

Do you have anger issues?

Although this normally comes after observing him for a while, it is still important to ask just to avoid getting an ass-whooping one day in the name of you did not see it coming. It will also help you help him in situations where he cannot control his anger because of the prior knowledge.

Who cleans your house and does your laundry?

what are some questions to ask a guy

This is a trick question in order to establish the guy’s level of hygiene, which is very important.

Who are your friends?

Since a man is the company he keeps, you need to establish who is friends are because a lot can be determined about his character from them.

What do you look for in a lady?

This question is too straightforward but it also solves a lot of the mystery behind the guy since men are very specific about what qualities they want is a female person and this will help you know where you too are in life.

Do you take alcohol?

questions to ask a guy you like over text

This will help you compartmentalize him as either a guy you would like to have a drinking night out with or the one you should avoid when he is drunk. Either way it is important to know where he stands with his liquor.

Are you where you thought you’d be in life at this age?

This will help him open up about his hopes and dreams and will give perspective on what he wants in life and how serious he is about it.

What kind of music do you listen to?

questions to ask a guy on a date

It is very easy to know what a guy likes from the content he listens to or watches. Judging from most modern songs which glorify different aspect of lives and lifestyles, it is like an open clue to figuring out what the guy stands for, his Dos and Don’ts.

Who is your role model?

This will point out and enunciate his character through the person he looks up to so, it’s easier for you to understand him through someone else and know his mission and vision in life.

What do you think of racism and the LGBT community?

This will show you his perspective towards life and how he treats other people as opposed to how he would want to be treated. And it would also show if he is open to understanding the world better or has a caved view.

What do you think of weaves and wigs?

Now we all know guys can be very judgemental talking about ladies and their hair products and how fake they are. The aim here is to establish what he appreciates and to determine if he is good at complementing or is more of a complainer.

Who should pay the bill when a guy takes a lady out?

deep questions to ask a guy you like

This has been subject to a lot of debate overtime. This is to help you know if he views ladies are gold-diggers or he is a selfish guy or he is a nice fair romantic one. It will also project what he values more when it comes to other people, whether he has fixed notion that everyone wants to have his money or not.

Where would you like to settle in future?

This mostly points towards family orientation as opposed to living the wild life his whole life and just shows how dedicated he is to his cause.

Would you help out with chores in your home?

Also a trick question. This is super important as it will show you his stand on the issue of gender equality as a whole. This is when you find out if he thinks some jobs are for women and some are for men or not.

In conclusion, the above questions will hopefully help you understand guys better and relate with them more.


Good questions to ask a guy

If you happen to be eyeing a certain guy, do not fear to approach him. This may seem awkward to you but this will show him that you are actually interested in him. You should be candid and even invite him for a cup of coffee. This will provide a very good opportunity of knowing him more. You might be wondering, which are the best questions to ask him. The following are some of the best questions to ask a guy:

What do you do for a living?

21 questions game to ask a guy

In this case, you will be trying to establish what his economic activity is.This will help you know what keeps him busy during the day. In addition, you will be in a position to know what he does so that he can earn an income.

Do you know how to cook?

Some guys know how to cook while others do not know how to cook. In this case, you will be trying to determine whether he really knows how to cook or not.

How many family members do you have?

This will show him that you are definitely interested in him. If he happens to be an open person, he will tell you the number and even mention their names. This will help you know him better.

Which is your favorite car?

Guys tend to like cars. Some are even so passionate about sleek cars. In this case, you will be determining the car that he dreams about. He is likely to mention Audi, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover or even the BMW.If you happen to share the same interests, you can extend your discussion on that.

What is your favorite dish?

relationship questions to ask a guy

Each and every guy tends to have a dish that he likes most. In this case, you will be trying to establish whether you share the same interest when it comes to dishes. If you happen to like the same dish, you can extend your discussion on that.

What is your favorite movie?

You will realize that guys generally like watching movies. However, there is that movie that each guy likes. If you ask him this question, you will be trying to establish if he is likes movies and whether your favorite movie matches with his favorite movie.

Do you have a pet at home?

Many people like keeping a pet at home. Some guys love pets while others don’t. If you ask him this question, you will be trying to find out whether he loves pets or not. If he is a pet lover, he will definitely tell you.

What are your life and career goals in the next 10 years?

Guys are normally ambitious. If you ask him this question, it will show him that you are interested with his future. If he likes to further his career, he will probably tell you that he will go to school and further his studies so that he can develop himself career wise.

Are you spiritual or religious in any way?

Some guys happen to be so religious. If you ask him this question, you will be trying to establish whether he is a true believer or not. If he is a true believer, he will definitely tell you.

How do you handle people you do not like?

questions to ask a guy you just met

In this case, you will trying to determine whether he is kindhearted to everybody or not. If he tell you that he handles them as his usual friends, you will definitely know that he is friendly to all and kindhearted too.

Have you ever had a crush in the past?

It is normal for a guy to have a crush. If he open to you, he will definitely say yes. He might even tell you that he still loves his crush. This will help you know whether he has ever had a crush in the past.

If you won or inherited a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Most guys are ambitious in life.However,there are some who like wasting money instead of investing it.In this case, the answer he will give you will tell you whether he is ambitious or not.

What is your weakness?

Everybody has his or her weakness in life. If he is open to you, he will mention a few weakness. You might discover that you share the same weakness. This will help you know the areas that he should work on.

What are your strengths?

You will discover that everybody has his or her own strengths. If that guy is open to you, he will mention his strengths and you might discover that you have some strengths in common.

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Dirty/Flirty questions to ask a guy

When most women hear the word intimate, they think it is an enclosed topic of bedroom conversation. However, it is vital to note that intimate questions focus on a wider spectrum from childhood dreams to how the guy pictures you. These questions should help you understand your partner and relationship better. Genuinely ask what you want to know.

What did you notice about me when you first saw me?

serious questions to ask a guy

Here, you want to understand what drove the guy to you. Is he emotionally attached to you?

How important is physical attraction to you and is it a drive to whether you pursue a relationship or not?

Here, you will get to know the guy you are dealing with deeply. If physical beauty is the driving factor to whether he pursues a relationship or not, think again. Keep in mind; accidents happen, and physical looks change. If yours change, will he still feel romantically attracted to you?

How would you describe me to other girls?

Listen carefully to his answer. This will help you figure out if he is a player or is loyal. A loyal guy will try to make you feel you are seriously unique and incomparable.

Am I your type?

You want to understand if he is satisfied with his choice of you or he is still searching for a suitable date.

What qualities do you find special in me?

good 20 questions to ask a guy

You want to know if he admires you in a special way.

What special things have always hoped I would do for you?

There is probably something he hoped you would do but never did. This will help you understand what he needs and wishes you would do.

Do you miss your ex and why?

You want to know if he is still emotionally attached

What do you think of first each time you see me?

good question to ask a guy

You want to know what he feels for you but does not say

Would you like me to change my makeup to look better for you?

Some men are only there for the beauty and class. If he loves you enough, he will want your natural beauty.

What are our goals together?

You want to find out if he plans to have a future with you.

What do you think about marriage?

He might be the hit and run type. Before getting too serious in your relationship, find out if he is interested in marrying you and having kids with you.

What if I get problems bearing children for you?

questions to ask to get to know a guy

You want to know what his priority is. Is he interested in having kids with you or will he love you for good and worse? Can he opt to adopt or will he remarry?

What comes first? Work or family?