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Automatically publish highlights of any website, directly to your Blog

  1. autopublish screenshot 1

    This is what a default widget looks like

  2. autopublish screenshot 2

    Here's an example of a WordPress site with a personalized maroon widget

  3. autopublish screenshot 3

    This is how easy it is to personalize the look & feel. Make changes on the left, see the changes instantly take effect right next to it.

  4. autopublish screenshot 4

    You can also add this to ANY social network such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, PlackPlanet...

  5. autopublish screenshot 5

    Quick & dirty examples of widgets in different colors, sizes etc. - sorry for putting some ugly ones here ;)

  6. autopublish screenshot 6

    This is what a Highlighted page looks like (you can choose the color of the highlighter pen anytime)

  7. autopublish screenshot 7

    An example of a WordPress blog with the related WordPress plugin - Highlighter BUTTON - on it




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