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Your instant web highlighter++

Collect, Share & Discover cool highlights.


★ Drag button to Bookmarks Bar to get your own Highlighter

Without installing anything


Ctrl + Shift + B to show Bookmarks Bar.

Key Features

  • Clips

    Clips Highlight

    Saves the highlight in your account.
  • Save

    Saves entire Page

    ..saves a snapshot of the page as it looked when you highlighted it.
  • Collection

    to My Collection

    Retrieve all your highlights anytime, anywhere - even if the page has changed or is no longer available.
  • Organize

    Organize & Combine any sub-sets

    View selected highlights in one-shot.
  • Twitter

    Tweet Highlights

    Automatically tweet just the highlights along with a tinyURL to "your highlighted page." (Even auto-compresses the text to 140 characters).
  • Facebook

    Post highlights
    to your Wall

    Automatically share: just the highlights (with a thumbnail-picture of the highlighted page).
  • Email

    Email Highlights

    Send highlighted pages to anyone!
    (even non-Roohit users)
  • Show-off

    show-off your Highlights on your Blog/website

    ..a real time feed of your latest highlights as you make them!
  • Follow

    Follow users, sites..

    See what people, whose opinions you trust, found interesting/useful on the web.
  • Interests

    of your Interests

    Organize, manage & discover snippets of interesting content.
  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with Friends

    Work with your friends on group projects.
  • get it

    Get It Now

    FREE, Fast & Useful.