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Your instant web highlighter++

Collect, Share & Discover cool highlights.


★ Drag button to Bookmarks Bar to get your own Highlighter

Without installing anything


Ctrl + Shift + B to show Bookmarks Bar.
:: Rooh it - About Us ::

About Us

Roohit is your online collection of highlights.
Save, Share & Discover highlights with people-you-trust.
Rooh [RooH] noun: A / n.f. essence / soul / spirit
Rooh it [RooH-it!] verb: A / n.f. identifying the essence / soul of a document
e.g. the act of getting to the essence of any document, identifying what is uniquely important to you by highlighting it.

Our Products:

Instant Highlighter++: Allows individuals to highlight ANY web page. Automatically saves the page for you, share it on Facebook, build collections of things you like on the web - and a whole lot more! (Think of a combination of delicious, Evernote,, and Dropbox... on steroids!)

WebPage Button: Paste a code snippet to offer highlighting functionality for your site visitors. Their highlights are posted to Facebook along with a screenshot of your website. Drives traffic for publishers. Highly Customizable. (Visualize "Like" functionality meets Pinterest-for-text and AddThis/ShareThis)

Highlights Feed (Widget): A widget that displays highlights in real time. Can be customized to show highlighhts matching very specific criterion and the look & feel of your blog/website.

Our Promise:

Consumers: we never require you to install any software, fill out a registration form or navigate away from what you are doing.

Publishers: we have customized solutions in each of our product categories to fit your needs - tell us what you desire, and our team of stellar engineers WILL DELIVER!