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About Us

Roohit is your online collection of highlights.
Save, Share & Discover highlights with people-you-trust.
Rooh [RooH] noun: A / n.f. essence / soul / spirit
Rooh it [RooH-it!] verb: A / n.f. identifying the essence / soul of a document
e.g. the act of getting to the essence of any document, identifying what is uniquely important to you by highlighting it.

Our Products:

Instant Highlighter++: Allows individuals to highlight ANY web page. Automatically saves the page for you, share it on Facebook, build collections of things you like on the web - and a whole lot more! (Think of a combination of delicious, Evernote,, and Dropbox... on steroids!)

WebPage Button: Paste a code snippet to offer highlighting functionality for your site visitors. Their highlights are posted to Facebook along with a screenshot of your website. Drives traffic for publishers. Highly Customizable. (Visualize "Like" functionality meets Pinterest-for-text and AddThis/ShareThis)

Highlights Feed (Widget): A widget that displays highlights in real time. Can be customized to show highlighhts matching very specific criterion and the look & feel of your blog/website.

The People

Rohit Chandra

Serial Entrepreneur - earliest Social Network, first Curation service, Inventor

Founded earliest Social Network ( with millions of users. Inventor with half a dozen issued patents (including Personalized URL in use by > 2 billion web users); half a dozen more patents pending. Founded technology services company with revenues in the millions of dollars. Founded media company - produced and hosted over-the-air Talk Radio show on Entrepreneurship (Sapne Salamat). Founded international real estate investment and rental property venture. Wall Street day trader: retired ;) Travelled to about 50 countries. Ran in San Francisco marathon, rode century (100+km) on bicycle in Tour of Napa. Avid photographer, even dabbled with stand-up comedy. Been written up in over 300 major global publications – Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times… Been interviewed, profiled, simulcast… live on TV to over 100 countries across the world. Authored and published articles read by millions of readers in mainstream media, and built technology used by hundreds of millions of users.

Beerud Sheth

Founder Elance, CEO GupShup, MIT, IIT

Beerud founded Elance, the world's largest online services marketplace. He played various leadership roles at different stages of the company's growth, including product & business strategy, product management, marketing & business development, and he remains on the board of directors. Beerud is a co-founder of GupShup and is responsible for the overall strategy, execution and growth of GupShup. Under his stewardship, GupShup has grown into India's largest mobile social messaging service reaching nearly 60 million users in India, and has served the marketing needs of over 500 large brands and 25K small businesses.Beerud earned an M.S. in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology & a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, where he was awarded the Institute Silver Medal.

Sandip Gupta

ex-CEO Ensim, Advisor Emeritus

Sandip was the President of Netmagic Solutions. He served as the CEO & President of Ensim Corp. He joined Ensim in January 1999, and led the growth of Ensim by establishing strategic alliances with leading independent software vendors, hardware vendors and systems integrators. Mr. Gupta was instrumental in raising venture capital and developing long-term relationships with customers. He serves as a Member of the Board of Advisor of Tenzing Managed IT Services. He served as a Director of Ensim Corp. He served as a Member of Advisory Board of Akimbi Systems Inc. Mr. Gupta holds a B.Tech. and an MBA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University.

Saurabh Khetrapal

Founder, Founder SalesPortal

As a serial entrepreneur, Saurabh has been involved in several private ventures over the past 16 years. His projects have spanned across several industries, with a keen focus on information technology. As co-founder of, an IT services company, Saurabh ran sales, business development, and marketing for the company until its acquisition by TMP Worldwide (then parent company of Saurabh is the owner of several patents and other intellectual assets. Film and art are also a large part of his life. He has written and produced several short films and is currently involved in various film and photography projects. He is also passionate about economic and social progress in the developing world, particularly in providing educational opportunities to the under-privileged in Africa. Saurabh received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Lawrence University in Wisconsin.

Hadi Taheri

Alliances, Stanford

Hadi is skilled in mathematical modelling, with applications in the areas of investments, finance, and marketing. He has experience in quantitative institutional equity investment management. He has 4 degrees from Stanford University, including a doctorate in engineering-economic systems (now MS&E). Due to his educational background, he approaches problems from first principles, and has substantial experience in software development and project management.

Our Promise:

Consumers: we never require you to install any software, fill out a registration form or navigate away from what you are doing.

Publishers: we have customized solutions in each of our product categories to fit your needs - tell us what you desire, and our team of stellar engineers WILL DELIVER!