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Features List

No sign up, no download, works for everyone!

Clips Highlights
Everything you highlight is automatically clipped and saved in your My Highlights collection
Saves Pages
Every page you highlight is automatically saved for you
autoPost to Facebook
With 1-click share your highlights to your Facebook Wall, complete with a tinyURL to your highlighted page
autoTweet to Twitter
Automatically converts your highlights into 140 character long Tweets, including a tinyURL to your highlighted page
Instantly makes a tinyURL that links directly to the highlighted page (e.g.,
My Collection
See all your highlights together – categorize, tag them, rate them, share with others, annotate and much more
Select any subset of highlights and see them as one page with highlights and context intact
Instantly email embedded highlighted pages, or just a Micro-Bookmark URL, to anyone
Contact List
Seamlessly import, maintain, autoComplete and autoPopulate your list
Post to Any Website
Easily share highlighted pages through social bookmarks, social networks and social media sites
autoPublish to Blogs and Websites
Automatically post anything you highlight to your blog or site using a trusted peer-to-peer mechanism
Social Discovery
Stumble upon what other like-minded individuals are reading and view their highlights
Web Based
No special software, no download, no installation
Plain and simple
Clips Highlights
Saves all your snippets and clippings

    All highlights are clipped and collected automatically in one place

  • When you search (using Google etc.) the information you seek is scattered across multiple pages. Highlight the pieces that interest you as you surf
  • See it all on your "My Highlights" page. Use it as your personal vault to categorize and tag each page, mark favorites, rate content and organize it all
  • Automatically restores your highlights when you revisit a page
Saves Pages
Personal Library cum Vault: stores ALL highlighted pages

    Every highlighted page is archived for as long as you want it

  • Enjoy access to both a catched and a source copy of any page you highlight
  • View and share any subset of your highlights
autoPost to Facebook
Share with your friends

    Instantly share your highlights on your Wall

  • Easily post highlights to your Facebook Wall along with a tinyURL to the highlighted page
  • Your Friends can see the page complete with your highlights
  • Enjoy and share a free Facebook app
autoTweet to Twitter
Tweet highlights with 1-click

    Mouseover to send your highlights to Twitter

  • Automatically sumarizes highlights to 140 characters so you don't have to
  • Includes a tinyURL to link readers back to your source material
  • Fast, easy and very convenient
tinyurl: easy share

    Automatically creates a tinyURL for every highlight

  • Personalize the URL to anything you want
  • Pages glitter with your highlights
  • Go directly to the highlighted portion on the page
  • Links don't expire or 'break'
Email from right there

    Integrated technology enables you to email highlighted pages with just 1-click

  • Highlights display in email with full context (no more copy and paste)
  • Add public or private comments
  • Auto-completes to addresses from your contact list
Post to Any Website
Post to any Social Network

    Microshare: Post a link that shows the highlights

  • Mouseover a highlight and select the sites to share on - post it without leaving the page you are on
  • The link will display the page complete with highlights
  • Easily share the most relevant content
autoPublish to Blogs and Websites
Widget that streams your highlights to your page

    Widget displays highlights and comments automatically

  • Make a highlight anywhere and immediately publish it on your blog or site
  • Distinctly display your highlights
  • Personalize the look and feel to match your site
Social Discovery
Social Bookmarks: wisdom of crowds

    See what others are highlighting - let them weed out the junk

  • Enjoy the option to have recommended highlights, or highlights from people you 'Follow', emailed directly to you
  • We maintain your privacy, no one knows what you are highlighting
  • Look to your own peer group to see what is interesting
Web Based
No Download, No Installation

    Access all of this from any computer, anywhere, anytime

  • Type before any web URL to start highlighting
  • No special software needed
  • Participate in the patented Social Discovery and Collaborative Highlighting features
Absolutely, complete, toally FREE

    Fast and free - no gimmicks, no hassles

  • Highlighter is super fast despite complex engineering
  • Free for consumers, non-profits, and charities
  • Powerful, easily integrated solutions exist for Business Customers